Fête de la Chanson 1: The Songs

Hello there! Welcome to the song presentation for Fête de la Chanson 1, which will be live from New Orleans. The allocation draw just wrapped up, which means the song submission period is open! This post will be updated throughout the week as players send their entries, so keep an eye on this space.

Just a quick note, this is not the running order. That will be randomly decided once all the songs have been submitted.

Oxi – RU Russia
“Scars” – Tracktor Bowling

Nick P. – DO Dominican Republic
“El afán” – Alex Ferreira

Tim – MX Mexico
“Boys Will Be Boys” – Paulina Rubio

Tecku – AG Antigua & Barbuda
“Sparks” – Cover Drive

Dino – SE Sweden
“Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile” – Lisa Ekdahl

Luke – CA Canada
“Genesis” – Grimes

Greecelove – SR Suriname
“Mi Body E Faya” – King Gentle

Artur – LC St. Lucia
“S&M” – Rihanna

Patrick P. – ES Spain
“33” – Mala Rodriguez

Jack – US United States
“Stupid Little Things” – Anastacia

Jon – CO Colombia
“Before I Go to Sleep” – The Mills

Marc – NO Norway

“Tiger Dreams” – Karin Park


26 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 1: The Songs

  1. Hmm interesting 😉 Now I have a few days to pick sth good from the vast Russian music market 🙂
    Thanks, Nick and good luck to everyone!


  2. One question: Is there a time limit as in ETSC? F.e., does the song need to be not older than 2010?


    • The songs will be revealed as everyone sends them, so if they won’t be available during the voting period, they can get familiar with them now. 🙂


  3. I have send the Sweden song as well. I have send a song that really follows the music history of New Orleans. However, it is nothing than the already chosen entries 🙂


  4. Tim and Jon; please next time do not chose an English song for a non-English speaking country. Both Colombia and Mexico are big countries. I am sure you could at least find one song sang in Spanish. Thank you!


  5. New player here!

    Happy to be representing the northernmost state in the Americas, and will hopefully have decided on a song by Sunday. I haven’t listened to all of the songs here yet, but already know a couple (*grimes fan-boy blush* :p)


  6. I wonder how are we going to vote. Because if we are going to do it the traditional esc way (12pts, 10, 8, 7….1pt), then we will end up voting for 10 out of just 12 songs in offer?!!! 😦

    Btw, does the voting period opens tomorrow?


  7. That’s it! Argentina, the Bahamas, and Peru have been removed from the participants list due to their failures to submit entries in time. A new article with voting details will be posted soon.


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