Fête de la Chanson 1: New Orleans

Bienvenue à la premiere Fête de la Chanson! 12 countries have submitted acts for the first contest, to be held live in New Orleans, USA. Here’s a playlist for all the entries, in the running order.

1. CO Colombia

“Before I Go to Sleep” – The Mills

2. LC St. Lucia

“S&M” – Rihanna

3. NO Norway

“Tiger Dreams” – Karin Park

4. AG Antigua & Barbuda

“Sparks” – Cover Drive

5. RU Russia

“Scars” – Tracktor Bowling

6. CA Canada

“Genesis” – Grimes

7. SE Sweden

“Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile” – Lisa Ekdahl

8. MX Mexico

“Boys Will Be Boys” – Paulina Rubio

9. DO Dominican Republic

“El afán” – Alex Ferreira

10. US United States

“Stupid Little Things” – Anastacia

11. ES Spain

“33” – Mala Rodríguez

12. SR Suriname

“Mi Body E Faya” – King Gentle

Here is the form you’ll use to vote. The voting deadline is 8 September, so you have some time to get familiar with the songs. Remember that you’re only voting for your top 6, so be careful!

[Form link redacted to prevent late voting]

Good luck and enjoy the contest!

UPDATE: 11 of the 12 participants have voted and we have a winner! I’m preparing a results video right now, but I will tell you that Suriname failed to vote on time, so they will be disqualified. The results should be posted here within the next day or two. Thanks for playing everyone!


19 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 1: New Orleans

  1. I will probably cast my vote in the next few days, along with (maybe) some comments on the songs. I can say at the moment that there are two songs I really love, and only one I truly hate. The rest are okay.

    My early prediction is that Dominican Republic will win, with Colombia and Sweden close behind.

    Also, here was my runner-up, in case anyone is interested


      • How many people can vote? If it is only the participants, then the voting period could be reduced significantly. Don’t you think?


      • Only the participants can vote, so yes, it’s a little long, but that’s mostly for my sake, since this ended up being a really hectic week for me, so instead of making everyone rush to vote and wait for the results video, I would rather give people (and myself) a lot of time to vote and then the results directly after. However, if everyone votes before the end of the voting period, I’ll do my best to get the results out right after that. 🙂


      • Four people have not voted yet? Come on guys, you had so many days to rank 11 entries and vote just 5…


  2. Seeing as the results will be released in the next few days (right?), I thought I’d release my scores:

    12/12, 12/12, 8/12, 8/12, 5/12, 5/12, 5/12, 4/12, 3/12, 2/12, 0/12

    As you can see I reallyreally loved two songs, and found the rest only good to okay to terrible. I’d probably score my own entry 10/12.


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