Fête de la Chanson 2: The Results

Bienvenue à Toronto, for the results show of Fête de la Chanson! 24 states and provinces gathered to celebrate the best of North American music, and after a 10-day voting period, we are ready to present the winner.

Here is the link for the scoreboard: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/101945/fte-de-la-chanson-2-toronto



1st:  MA Massachusetts (Artur)

“All About that Bass” – Meghan Trainor: 116 points

2nd: NY New York (Patrick)

“Pressure” – My Brightest Diamond: 104 points

3rd: PA Pennsylvania (Mila)

“Just Give Me a Reason” – P!nk ft. Nate Ruess: 97 points

4th: flag of ontario Ontario (Gerry)

“Lost You” – Zeds Dead ft. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacy: 95 points

5th: OK Oklahoma (Tim)

“Addicted to You” – Avicii ft. Audra Mae: 90 points

6th: NJ New Jersey (Edisa)

“It’s My Life” – Bon Jovi: 89 points

7th: NC North Carolina (Nick)

“Sad Machine” – Porter Robinson: 86 points

8th: HI Hawaii (Fabbi)

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwoʻole: 76 points

9th: TX Texas (Arktosin)

“Really Don’t Care” – Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd: 72 points

10th: FL Florida (Marc)

“Cavity” – Hundred Waters: 68 points

11th: WA Washington (Oxi)

“Get a Job” – Gossip: 59 points

12th: AK Alaska (Rob)

“Unugaanga” – Pamyua: 57 points

13th: KY Kentucky (Andreas)

“Don’t Hold Your Breath” – Nicole Scherzinger: 43 points

14th: CO Colorado (Luke)

“Glacier” – John Grant: 43 points

15th: flag of british columbia British Columbia (Manos)

“Go” – Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds: 40 points

16th: flag of quebec Quebec (Sam-USA)

“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” – Arcade Fire: 39 points

17th: CA California (Avat)

“Roulette” – System of a Down: 37 points

18th: ID Idaho (Sam-Scotland)

“Afternoon” – Youth Lagoon: 37 points

19th: LA Louisiana (Dino)

“Zydeco Junkie” – Chubby Carrier & The Bayou Swamp Band: 31 points

20th: MI Michigan (Max)

“We Made You” – Eminem: 29 points

21st: Puerto-Rico Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Tell Me It’s Real” – Janpier Beauchamp ft. Yuber Gomez: 26 points

22nd:  Tennessee (Alex)

“The First to Let Go” – SHeDAISY: 26 points

23rd: GA Georgia (Tecku)

“Tonite” – Fozzy: 17 points

24th: OH Ohio (Fizzyfrost)

“Happy Together” – Filter: 15 points

Congratulations Massachusetts! Please send me the information for Fête de la Chanson 3 as soon as possible. Thank you all for playing and I hope you’ve enjoyed the second edition of Fête de la Chanson!


20 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 2: The Results

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  2. Surprise, surprise… 😉

    The results may be predictable, but they are pretty decent overall. Glad to see New York <3, Ontario and North Carolina in particular scoring deservedly well. I had hoped to score a little higher, but I'm still pretty happy with 10th place. Thanks to Patrick and Luke especially for your 12 points!

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  3. Congratulations to Artur and Massachusetts on their victory!
    Thanks to everyone who voted for Washington.
    Great work once again, Nick 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I don’t like the winner! 🙂 but Congratulations! I like New York managed to get to top3! Pity Colorado and California didn’t do so well. 19th place for Louisiana is not what accepted but I am glad some people liked it!

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  5. I really liked:

    1. California
    2. Hawaii

    I liked:

    3. Colorado
    4. Florida
    5. New York
    6. New Jersey (downgraded because it is a global heat otherwise it would have received full marks)
    7. Alaska
    8. Pennsylvania

    Just OK

    9. Washington
    10. North Carolina
    11. British Columbia
    12. Ontario
    13. Idaho
    14. Quebec

    I do not like

    15. Ohio
    16. Oklahoma
    17. Michigan
    18. Tennessee

    I really do not like

    19. Texas
    20. Massachusetts
    21. Georgia
    22. Kentucky
    23. Puerto Rico


  6. California knows how to react the results,
    California doesn’t know how to react these results :))))))))))))))))
    Well, Congratulations to Massachusetts, huge thanks to Cypriot diaspora in Louisiana :)) Huge thanks to Nick :)) Nick would rather orgnise also FOLK SONG Contest with European-Asian countries as-well!


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