Fête de la Chanson 3: Boston

Bienvenue and welcome to the third edition of Fête de la Chanson, live from Boston’s Fenway Park! Tonight, 18 countries will battle to show off their best cover. Here’s tonight’s running order:

1. CA Canada (Sam R.)

“Crazy” – Alanis Morissette

2. BE Belgium (Nick)

“Creep” – Scala & Kolacny Brothers

3. ES Spain (Miguel A.)

“Nace mi fénix” – Koldo Iglesias

4. AR Argentina (Dino)

“Fragilidad” – Mercedes Sosa

5. DO Dominican Republic (Patrick)

“She Bangs” – Las Acevedo

6. GB United Kingdom (Arktosin)

“Impossible” – James Arthur

7. US United States (Artur)

“Rather Be” – Pentatonix

8. FR France (Tecku)

“One” – Matthew Raymond Barker

9. NL The Netherlands (Bas)

“Let it Go” – Willemijn Verkaik

10. PE Peru (Paolo)

“Cartas amarillas” – Gianmarco

11. PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Yo te recuerdo” – Ana Isabelle

12. NO Norway (Marc)

“The Suburbs” – Mr. Little Jeans

13. SE Sweden (Luke)

“Silver Springs” – Lykke Li

14. IR Iran (Rob)

“Those Were the Days” – Kiosk

15. IE Ireland (Sam L.)

“Ordinary World” – Aurora ft. Naimee Coleman

16. IS Iceland (Bakkasel)

“Ég er eins og ég er” – Páll Óskar

17. RU Russia (Max)

“Diva” – Philipp Kirkorov

18. AU Australia (Matthew)

“The Loco-Motion” – Kylie Minogue

Here’s a playlist so that your voting lives are easier.

The submission period for votes will be from today until 1 November. Results will follow either that day or the day after. So for now, start voting with this form.

[voting link redacted to prevent late voting]

Happy voting and may the best song win!


  • DO Dominican Republic (Patrick)
  • FR France (Tecku)
  • AR Argentina (Dino)
  • IE Ireland (Sam L.)
  • US United States (Artur)
  • NO Norway (Marc)
  • PR Puerto Rico (Jon)
  • IR Iran (Rob)
  • RU Russia (Max)
  • SE Sweden (Luke)
  • ES Spain (Miguel A.)
  • BE Belgium (Nick)
  • PE Peru (Paolo)
  • AU Australia (Matthew)
  • GB United Kingdom (Replacement voter: Avat)
  • CA Canada (Sam R.)


  • NL The Netherlands (Bas)
  • IS Iceland (Bakkasel)

UPDATE: Two players didn’t vote, those for the Netherlands and Iceland. As a result, they will serve a one edition ban from FdlC. Now, even though I ask for alternates on the voting form, I don’t anticipate two disqualifications, and on top of that, half of you didn’t give me alternates. So on the scoreboard, the Netherlands and Iceland will still get points, but they will have finished 17th and 18th because of their disqualifications.


49 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 3: Boston

  1. I just went through all of the songs, and overall this is a much weaker line-up than what we’re used to from this competition. Here’s how I ranked the songs in my top ten:

    10/12, 10/12, 7/12, 7/12, 6/12, 5/12, 5/12, 4/12, 4/12, 4/12, 4/12

    I predict that either Belgium or Sweden will win.

    Also, here’s the original version of my entry


  2. Should I had participated, my entry would probably be one of these three:

    For the USA either this

    or this

    For Greece


  3. Favourite contest so far out of all the FDLC and ETSC!

    So many songs that could be in top 10, it’s sad some will get 0 when other contests they’d definitely get points. I’m even dealing with songs that would get 10 or 12 from me in other contests but are falling down to 4 or 5 because it’s just so good.

    Also I love how both Dana International and Conchita Wurst covers are here, so coincidental both ESC winners, both LGBT superstars, and even both covers being sung in Spanish lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoy listening to one song – not including mine – while I do not mind listening to other two. The rest entries are just average, below average or bad. At the moment I am not troubling myself by ranking them…I might withdrew due to lack of interest. I will let you know all soon.


  5. Haven’t voted yet because I think I’ll not be able to find 10 I genuinely like…it is quite poor. This is possibly my final contest – but I will vote and not pull out mid contest.
    (This is nothing against you Nick – I appreciate everything you do and the work you put in which allows the contests to happen)

    Liked by 2 people

      • Tecku. In some respects I did not like FDLC2 too; not the results, but some choices. FDLC3 not only has poor line up it includes two options which are underwhelmed in some respects and should have been avoided easily.


    • I can’t believe what I’m reading. I’ve stayed in even though there was editions of fan contests I didnt like, ETSC2 wasnt really my cup of tea, but Ill still be there for ETSC3/ Just because there’s 1 edition that you don’t like you’re going to walk away?

      For me personally this is the best edition so far of any ETSC/FDLC and I thank Nick for organising this, and all the past ones, he’s really busy and he doesn’t have to do this for us, but he does anyway.


      • No – I wasn’t very happy with the results of the last contest in regards to the winner and far too many big hits being in it. Now hearing and seeing this contest’s song choices makes it pretty evident where the contests are going in regards to quality and for me, it’s something I’d rather not take part in.

        I did say it may be my last one, not for definite. And ETSC has a higher quality of songs all round so I don’t really envision me being pretty baffled by too many of the results and songs in it. I can’t speak on behalf of Dino but I imagine it’s something similar for him too.

        And yes…I’ve already thanked Nick for the work and effort he puts in allowing it to happen.


      • What’s wrong with hits? Surely if a song is good, it becomes a hit? You’re basically saying you don’t like songs doing well in the contest that do well in real life?

        And yeah I don’t like the winners in ETSC, but I still stay. I didn’t like 2009 and 2011 winners in the real esc but I’m still a fan.


  6. I think that’s the difference between us. For me, being a hit and commercially successful does not mean the song is good itself but that just that it appeals to the masses. It doesn’t mean I never like a hit/big song, not at all.

    I’d rather everyone tried to get a song or an artist that is not as well known by every single person on earth so we can all hear new stuff. Of course it isn’t always easy and I picked Grimes when she’s a pretty big artist but she’s actually musically good with her songs being creative and her songs aren’t tired. Hearing It’s My Life by Bon Jovi in the last contest was baffling.

    I never said it’s just due to the winner but due to the general quality of songs picked.


  7. Shame on me that learned about this edition only now 😦 meh! Nice to see Iran here! Well, well! I have time to get ready to 4th edition!!
    Guys as uninvited boring guest I make some survey what kind of song you would like to see from Armenia:
    I would be very grateful if you help me to make tighter my huge list of hopefuls
    FolkHayduki (militaristic with folk influence)
    Not Folkish!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not quite sure if that’s an insult or not (are you saying its so bad that giving it to russia is a sanction? or just that its a good twist/sense of irony to send it) but either way I found it funny so… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • i wasnt actually insulted, i just didnt understand whether it was meant to be an insult.

        I don’t know what he’s like as a personality, but I really like the song, and I think he’s got a decent voice.

        Hopefully a few others will agree! 🙂


      • But this is ESC wining song cover (actually he hasn’t any nice song of own)! Well, lets forget it :))) Hope what I said won’t have any influence on voting!


  8. Am I allowed to post my “votes” too? 🙂

    01pt : Australia
    02pts: France
    03pts: Norway
    04pts: Sweden
    05pts: USA
    06pts: UK
    07pts: Iran
    08pts: Belgium
    10pts: Argentina

    Now I’ll wait for the actual results.
    Good luck everyone!


  9. 2 days suffered to remember the Russian name of the Iranian entry! And here is a funny live cover of “Dorogoy Dlinnoyu” ( With a long way) :

    It is a Russian Romance and the first versions of the song were recorded back in 1926 by Alexander Vertinsky :


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