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So I’ve noticed that there’s been some discontent about the quality of this edition. I’m sorry about that. Personally, this is the third of three interesting and unique contests that I’m immensely proud to attach my name to as manager. However, the only entry I influence is my own, which this time happens to be the song for Belgium. The other 17 songs are up to you, and it’s you guys that determine the perceived quality of each edition. So, even though some of you like Dino and Luke have expressed your disappointment at this edition, it makes me feel fulfilled when someone with an opinion like Max weighs in with the opposite view. (P.S. Dino and Luke, that’s not to discount your compliments toward me. In fact, they’re just as empowering as Max’s. 😉 )

What’s a solution to this problem? Well, I don’t want to tell you to send better songs, because better would mean something different for everyone. All I can tell you is send an entry you love every time, and try and focus on the good.

Now, the real question I want to answer is how to please the greatest number of people. And honestly, I’m not in the position to do that, so I’ve opened a poll concerning this contest’s future. Closing it will simply not happen, since we’re healthy and thriving, but maybe the way I’ve been running it has kept it from being the best it could be. So, I’m asking all the players and former players to help me out and make Fête de la Chanson the best it could be.


12 thoughts on “This Contest

  1. Nick thank you very much for giving us the chance to discuss about the format. I am not gonna withdraw from FDLC,however, I would like to suggest some improvements:

    1. No previous ESC songs are allowed to enter.
    2. Lets avoid a future FDLC3 focusing on covers.
    3. Put an age limit. There is not a point to listen to global heats like ”It’s my life” or ”Amazing.
    4. We could limit the amount of already global heats (even if they are recent ones). I know this can’t be regulated. I am not asking you to make a rule about this by disqualifying people. I would suggest some HoDs to search Youtube, instead of focusing exclusively on USA/UK media.

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    • do you mean global hits, instead of heats? First time I read it thought it was just a typo (we all make them) then you wrote it again so im not sure if you referring to something different?


  2. 1.I think have an international song contest. Ie all countries.

    2.Lax up on the artist country association rule (if they born there, or lived there more than 5 years let them compete)

    3.Let people keep their countries so they can be looking for new entries as they know they gonna have Country X.

    4.No age limit. This is just arbitary and really annoying if you find a great song but it 6 years old instead of 5 etc.

    5.I think keep the special formats as just that, like specials from time to time. I still want to see them, but clearly others don’t so just give them some normal editions inbetween.

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  3. What I would suggest:
    1. No age limit!
    2. Everyone is free to select country he wants to represent
    3. To make it different from ETSC – in each edition let’s fix genres like “folk”, “pop”, “rock” ….. /I’m not sure that everyone will love this idea/ and let songs in the same genre to compete with each other 🙂


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  4. Sorry for a late response..crazy week.

    Thank you very much for posting this. I largely agree with Dino’s points, especially trying to limit big big hits and certainly ones that have been around for a very long time. In terms of an age restriction, I’d be for it too – it doesn’t have to be 5 years like ETSC but at least 10? Of course, it if it’s a 90s themed contest, then naturally the rule would not apply.

    This isn’t a suggestion that could improve it necessarily but could be fun…if the winner/top 3 maybe of a contest were allowed first pick of their country in the next one? I think that’d be fair and a good small reward for someone winning.

    Thanks again, hope you’re well.

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  5. The one change I would definitely suggest is setting an age limit. You do not want to end up with a contest of mega-hits from over two decades ago. You could potentially consider adding a view-count cap as well (f.e. the most viewed video of the song must not have more than x number of views) but I’m not too bothered by the hits personally.

    Otherwise, the quality of the songs, like you said, is up to the players.

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  6. Please no age limit, and definitely not a view count cap!!! That would kill the contest stone dead. I don’t think you should ban hits after all a hit won the previous contest so clearly it was popular among the FDLC voting public as well which is who the contest should cater for.


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