The Future of Fête de la Chanson

So I’ve come to a decision regarding what’s going to happen to this contest. Thanks so much for all the feedback over the past eight days (I knew I should’ve done this yesterday 😛 ). First, these were the poll results:

  • Become an ETSC-like contest: 4 votes
  • Change nothing: 4 votes
  • Become a worldwide contest: 3 votes
  • Other: 1 vote (I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are)

Based on that, and my gut feeling as the contest manager, I’ve decided that things will need to change around here. Sorry to the four of you that said nothing, but there will be some major changes. This is what’s going to happen.

  1. We’re moving to an ETSC format. The reason for that is that searching for entries is so much easier when you know your country in advance. Also, from the contests I’ve seen, the only countries that are non-European that have been entered are almost always English-speaking. That’s not to say I don’t trust you guys to not only claim the US, Australia, NZ, etc., but I’ve noticed a deficiency of these kinds of contests, and I think that FdlC will grow better and fill an important gap in ESC-Contest world by doing this. Also since I don’t feel like being picky and saying “No, you can’t use [overused country]!,” while letting obscure countries in, I’m just limiting it to Europe and the Mediterranean (within reason, so no Syria or Iran, basically).
  2. Individuality will still be encouraged! If, for instance, you’re playing with Italy but know a fantastic Polish song by an artist with Italian connections (but is still mainly Polish), every five editions, you’ll be allowed to send an entry that “breaks the rules.” However, this’ll only happen every five editions, so if you claim Spain for FdlC 4 and send a German-Spanish artist, you’ll have to send rule-abiding Spanish artists for FdlCs 5-8 and then you’ll have the same relaxed privileges for and after FdlC 9.
  3. Every fifth edition starting with FdlC 5 will be a special edition with a rule like those from FdlC 1-3. The first two rules will be disregarded and the current rules will return, along with the edition specific rule. When FdlC 4 starts, a poll will open up and you’ll be able to pick what you want.
  4. I can’t tell you to have a view limit on your songs. That’s too picky for my taste, and if you really want to send a song, I want you to be able to send it. However, I’m instituting an age limit, because I do want the contest to remain musically timely. Like all new rules, though, this will be able to disappear for a special edition, so be ready for that. From FdlC 4 on, every song you send will have to have been released after 1 January 2006 (when I was 10, if you’re curious for my reasoning).
  5. The calendar will change a bit. The sign up period will remain one week long, however, the period for song submission will extend to two weeks. This is because, if you want, you can hold “national selections” that I’ll help you organize. Also, I can help you find resources that you can use to find an entry. Then, the voting period will shrink to one week for contests that don’t need semi-finals. For those contests, the semis will get their own week-long voting period. A lot of you complained about that, and frankly, I don’t know why it’s a big deal, but I’m doing a lot of what I want, so I wanted to give you guys something. Finally, there will be a week-long break in between editions, just so everyone can cool off. This’ll make every edition last for between five and six weeks, which seems like a fair amount of time.

The rules page will be updated soon and, I’m going to start an archiving project, so we can all track our progress over time with our new countries. 🙂 If you disagree with any of these rules, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions or ask questions. All I ask of you is that you do so in a pleasant manner and don’t get at each other. I’m truly grateful that you’re all so eager to help me make Fête de la Chanson even better, and I think that we’re moving in the right direction now.


18 thoughts on “The Future of Fête de la Chanson

  1. Also I don’t like the idea of a semi-final because the way I see it, everyone will want to compete in a grand final and not take part in it. Therefore I see no need in a semi-final because it just ruins whole event for the people who don’t get in. They don’t do semi-finals in ETSC when there are 38 entries. So I believe neither should FDLC.

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    • Well, I certainly see that, and as a person who normally fails to qualify from semi-finals, it can be a damper on the event. However, based on the ETSC experience, listening to all 38 entries in one sitting (the way I generally prefer to review contests) was almost impossible, a fact amplified by the timing of ETSC with my summer holiday. 😉 It’s just easier for people to listen to 14-18 songs one week and then 25 the next. 38’s just way too big to manage, both for you as players and for me as a manager.

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  2. Nick

    I am sorry but your counting is wrong:

    3 wanted for a worldwide contest plus 4 did not want things to change at all – but still be able to pick non-European countries. The person that voted ”other” was me 🙂 In my comment I expressed my view this contest to remain worldwide. Therefore, only 4 people wanted this contest to remain strictly European whereas up to 8 people wanted to welcome non-European countries.

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    • That’s totally true, and I failed to mention that in the post. However, I chose to put that limitation because even though I know people like you would stick with interesting and new countries, I can’t be sure that new players will only stick to countries like the USA or Australia, where we pretty much already hear songs from those countries already. As a result, I want to keep the contest musically interesting by finding new music from European countries first. However, since so many people want that global touch, I added in the new relaxed rules allowance, and will also drop the Europe-only rule for every special edition. Personally, I just think that we’ll have a more appealing and interesting contest this way. 🙂


    • We’ll pick countries in due time. As we come up on the opening for FdlC 4, I’ll start reminding you that the opening will also be the opening for country reservation, so be ready! 😉

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      • Are you getting first pick, like how Sekmet always gives himself France automatically?

        Also do we keep them like in other song contests, or do we have to reserve them at the start of each edition?

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      • You’ll keep them. Your countries you pick in FdlC 4 will be your countries for a good amount of time. I forgot to mention this, but you’ll have to play as your country at least three times before you can change, if you end up wanting to do so. 🙂


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