Fête de la Chanson 3: The Results

Bienvenue! We’re at the end of this edition and the first period of Fête de la Chanson, as after this edition, we’ll be changing formats. However, we’ll have plenty of time to focus on that later. Right now, though, let’s check out where we’ll be heading for FdlC 4!

Scoreboard: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/104120/fte-de-la-chanson-3-boston


1. NO Norway (Marc)

“The Suburbs” – Mr. Little Jeans: 95 points

2. BE Belgium (Nick)

“Creep” – Scala & Kolacny Brothers: 84 points

3. GB United Kingdom (Arktosin)

“Impossible” – James Arthur: 74 points

4. SE Sweden (Luke)

“Silver Springs” – Lykke Li: 74 points

5. IR Iran (Rob)

“Those Were the Days” – Kiosk: 69 points

6. US United States (Artur)

“Rather Be” – Pentatonix: 65 points

7. AR Argentina (Dino)

“Fragilidad” – Mercedes Sosa: 60 points

8. DO Dominican Republic (Patrick)

“She Bangs” – Las Acevedo: 57 points

9. PE Peru (Paolo)

“Cartas amarillas” – Gianmarco: 56 points

10. PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Yo te recuerdo” – Ana Isabelle: 55 points

11. CA Canada (Sam R.)

“Crazy” – Alanis Morissette: 52 points

12. IE Ireland (Sam L.)

“Ordinary World” – Aurora ft. Naimee Coleman: 51 points

13. ES Spain (Miguel A.)

“Nace mi fénix” – Koldo Iglesias: 45 points

14. AU Australia (Matthew)

“The Loco-Motion” – Kylie Minogue: 39 points

15.  NL The Netherlands (Bas)

“Let it Go” – Willemijn Verkaik: 36 points

16. FR France (Tecku)

“One” – Matthew Raymond Barker: 27 points

17. RU Russia (Max)

“Diva” – Philipp Kirkorov: 11 points

DQ (originally 16) IS Iceland (Bakkasel)

“Ég er eins og ég er” – Páll Óskar: 36 points


42 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 3: The Results

  1. Well done Norway! It was my third best from this weak line-up 🙂 I am glad many people ranked Argentina and the legendary Mercedes Sosa so high in their books. After a fourth edition I am still missing the ”douze points” lol! Shame that Iceland and the Netherlands never came back with their votes…

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    • That’s good! It’ll come in due time. 🙂 Iceland is odd indeed, but the Netherlands did vote, just not in time. That’s why they won’t be banned for one edition like Iceland.


      • Congratulations to you Nick for registering your best result ever 🙂 And thank you yet again for organising the whole thing 🙂

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  2. I am very happy with my victory, even if it happened in what I described earlier as an uncharacteristically weak edition, LOL.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for the Norwegian song!

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  3. Reposting:
    My votes
    01pt : Australia
    02pts: France
    03pts: Norway
    04pts: Sweden
    05pts: USA
    06pts: UK
    07pts: Iran
    08pts: Belgium
    10pts: Argentina
    12pts: Canada

    Congratulations to Marc and Norway!

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  4. My full ranking is here:

    Iran 9
    Canada 6
    Norway 6
    Sweden 6
    Belgium 5.5
    United Kingdom 5.5
    Puerto Rico 5.5
    Ireland 5
    United States of America 4.5
    the Netherlands 4.5
    Peru 4
    Dominican Republic 3
    France 3
    Australia 3
    Iceland 2
    Russia 1
    Spain 0

    It was really a poor line-up!

    Looking forward for FDLC4 now. When should we expect the first article of this edition?


  5. Wow I’m shocked, never expected to do well, but I did think this would be my best result so far, and instead got my worse result.

    I don’t get why people on ETSC/FDLC claim to be Eurovision fans but seem to hate Eurovision songs/winners so much???


    • Taking a 16 year old song which is completely incompatible with current music trends and covering it in Spanish sang by a man is……well, no comment! :p


      • “a 16 year old song which is completely incompatible with current music trends and covering it in Spanish sang by a man”

        You realise this whole edition was about covers right? The song that came 2nd is even older than 1998. And what’s wrong with a man singing in Spanish?


      • You fail to see a crucial point. He didn’t change anything. He just changed the language and kept that characteristic 90s beat! I do not see any serious input in this cover. IMO the whole act was a parody. As for Belgium, the song was almost completely changed. It is a timeless cover IMO. Not my best but it can not be compared with the ”Diva” cover.

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      • I am sure you haven’t paid attention neither to my entries nor to the way I am voting:

        FDLC2: I entered with a damn upbeat song.
        ETESC: My top4 were upbeat songs 😉

        There is a big difference between a good upbeat and a cheap upbeat. I tend to chose, I do not pick indiscriminately.


    • And as for ”Rise like a Phoenix” the guy that sang it is voiceless at best. None hates ESC winners but it does not mean they are great either. As for the two covers in this edition IMO both lack any serious music substance.


      • We talking about the rise like a phoenix guy right? not philip kirkorov (who also has a good voice.)

        The Phoenix guy had an amazingly strong voice for a young guy.


      • I fully disagree but you do not have to agree with me either. I do not hate ”Rise like a Phoenix” it got 7 from me this year. ”Rise like a Phoenix” sang by Conchita was a ”classy” well performed song. ”Rise like a Phoenix” in FDLC3 was all wrong…


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