Fête de la Chanson 4: Kristiansand

Bienvenue! The wait is finally over, it’s time to kick off the fourth edition of Fête de la Chanson, live from Kristiansand, Norway!

Host: Daniel Simonsen

Venue: Kilden Performing Arts Center, Kristiansand, Norway


Voting Link: [voting link redacted to prevent late voting]

Running Order:

01. ES Spain (Artur)

“Gigantes” – Ruth Lorenzo

02. LT Lithuania (Shevek)

“Tiktai tu” – Monika Linktyė

03. France (Luke)

“Quand vient le jour” – Emilie Simon

04. IE Ireland (Eulenspiegel)

“Granuaile’s Dance” – Celtic Woman

05. FI Finland (Guitar)

“Turn Loose the Mermaids” – Nightwish

06. AM Armenia (Avat)

“Khio” – The Bambir

07. NO Norway (Tecku)

“Hell if I” – Alejandro Fuentes

08. GR Greece (Tim)

“Anemos agapis” – Eleni Foureira

09. RS Serbia (Xello)

“Nedostaješ” – Emina Jahović

10. AT Austria (Nick)

“Countably Infinite” – A.G. Trio ft. M. Zahradnicek

11. IT Italy (Dimitris)

“Experience” – Ludovico Einaudi

12. RU Russia (Jon)

“Adios, señorita” – D-BOSH

13. MT Malta (Jericho)

“Picture” – Gianluca Bezzina

14. SE Sweden (Max)

“Release Me” – Agnes Carlsson

15. DK Denmark (Donnie)

“Party i provinsen” – Hej Matematik

16. SI Slovenia (Togravus)

“Try” – Torul

17. GB United Kingdom (Marc)

“Breathe This Air” – Jon Hopkins ft. Purity Ring

18. DE Germany (Patrick)

“St. James Ballroom” – Alice Francis

19. TR Turkey (Oxi)

“Komşu” – BaBa ZuLa

20. CY Cyprus (Dino)

“The One That Got Away” – Nikolas Metaxas

21. EE Estonia (Alex)

“Miss Calculation” – Elina Born

22. IS Iceland (Rob)

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men

23. IL Israel (Mermaid)

“Paris” – Yael Naïm


  • AT Austria (Nick)
  • SE Sweden (Max)
  • TR Turkey (Oxi)
  • SI Slovenia (Togravus)
  • NO Norway (Tecku)
  • GR Greece (Tim)
  • LT Lithuania (Shevek)
  • CY Cyprus (Dino)
  • IS Iceland (Rob)
  •  France (Luke)
  • GB United Kingdom (Marc)
  • DE Germany (Patrick)
  • ES Spain (Artur)
  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • EE Estonia (Alex)
  • FI Finland (Guitar)
  • RS Serbia (Xello)
  • IL Israel (Mermaid)
  • IE Ireland (Eulenspiegel)
  • IT Italy (Dimitris)
  • RU Russia (Jon)
  • DK Denmark (Donnie)

UPDATE 7/12/14: The results are OUT! Check them here.


530 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 4: Kristiansand

  1. I think Sweden’s definitely going to come last. I’m pretty sure it’s not Russia on only 2, and I’m sure someone would have liked Turkey.

    By trying to please everyone I fear we may have pleased no one :/

    Some of the people that gave 12 to our song in the National Final, have said they don’t vote for hits, others who did like the original may be pissed that we changed the arrangement to a more stripped back version. And even then people who didn’t like the original don’t seem to have fallen in love with the new version either a few people have said it moved up their rankings a bit, but from 22nd, to 16th, still means 0 points.

    I can think of one person who hopefully we managed to get into their Top 10, hence the 2 points, but no one else here really votes for/likes me.


    • Max people around here (at least the people I know that are active in the comments) do not vote based on whether they personally like someone or not, they vote based on the song I believe. There are people I have no desire to interact with in this line up and I listened to and judged their songs accordingly.
      Sweden won’t come last so chill a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Why do you have no desire to interact with me? Pretty sure we’ve never argued. :/ And I am chilled, why do people keep saying this. I’m sure I’m gonna come last but I’m not angry, I’m fine with it and would still like to enter next time too if Nick lets me and I can find a song.

        And I don’t understand how you can say so sure that I won’t come last, I came last last time, when I stood a better chance ( a lot of the songs chosen fitted with my personal taste so thought those voters would vote for mine)

        But yeah I’m fine with being last, a little disappointed with only 2 points, but looking over a few facts it makes sense now and I’m still grateful for those 2, and grateful to that person who gave them to me.


      • *sigh* I said PEOPLE I do not want to interact with, I did not say anything about you personally.

        Believe whatever you want and whine as much as you want really. I just tried to be nice, but the purpose of this contest is to have fun primarily and that’s what I am going to do from now on.
        But when Sweden does not come last, you promise not to whine again in a future contest please ?


      • I’m not whining ffs, I SAID IM FINE WITH IT AND IM GRATEFUL TO WHOEVER GAVE ME 2 and still gonna try and enter next time. Why do you guys twist whatever I say into something bad 😦 I can’t even be a good loser without someone attacking me for it.

        And ok maybe I’ll come 2nd to last.


    • People barely spoke about my song too so.. I must say I prefer the version you sent than original, but being in contest and making a good impression is all about finding something original and new to people, something that they cannot usually hear in their country… Meaning, top chart sitters usually (not every time) fail to impress… I voted solely upon song quality plus a little bit by personal taste… If you do not do well (along with me 🙂 ) don’t worry there will be plenty of time to show off with something great. I cannot tell you yet how I ranked Sweden, but I can tell you you could have made little more effort on finding song and singer which was popular in whole Europe… I couldn’t vote in any of NF’s due of lack of time, but I promise If I have time in the future I will vote.


      • Sorry I just read my whole comment, as I was rushing while typing it… I meant, you should go with something probably unknown to other people, not to songs and artists everybody know until now, especially since Sweden is country of many international singers..

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      • Agreed. Also we want results 😀 ! Malta does not seem to have any votes for us anyway and it’s already early saturday morning in the phillipines..!

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    • I think what others may want to point out is that the results haven’t been revealed yet so saying how fine you feel about your last place sounds a bit awkward if not passive aggressive.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Passive aggressive?

        There’s no aggression, it’s the opposite, why do you people do this? 😦 It’s not even twisiting my words it’s just ignoring them entirely.

        How is saying I’m fine with coming last, grateful to whoever did give me points, and hoping to be allowed in next time, in anyway convey aggression? Or whining as the last guy said. Do you guys just read what you want to read? Max is the villain anything he says is bad, even if it’s positive there must be a hidden negative meaning.

        Oh wait now I’ve said that I guess that’s angry, just poke the guy with a stick saying he’s angry and wait till he actually gets angry then we can laugh that we baited him.


      • Oh God!You overdramatize things with no reason.If you eventually don’t come last,all those posts will be useless.


      • So I’m a whiny, aggressive, over dramatic, racist (according to Patrick). Is there anything else? Any other insults you wanna throw, honestly bro, it’s like water off a ducks back, I;ve heard far worse, and been up against people trying to physically hurt me so a guy sat at his keyboard attacking me with a thesaurus of negative descriptions, isn’t really gonna phase me.


      • Max, to clarify, I said that some comments that were made by both you and Dino were racist, and I felt they should be removed. In no way was I saying that you were what I would deem a racist person. I was commenting on the words chosen, not the people behind them.

        I do not (and I emphasize the point: I DO NOT) believe that you are a racist. I believe statements were made without thought to the racial implications behind them. Therefore, I think of you more as careless than racist. I did not think you meant the comments that were said in harm.


    • Even if people don’t give points to Sweden that doesn’t mean that they do not like the song. I couldn’t award any points to 9 songs I like f. e.


      • I didn’t say it did bro.

        Honestly, I respect you, and think of you as an internet friend, but you have to please stop inferring things from my comments that aren’t true. 😀


      • Nowhere have I said that if people don’t give me points I would assume they didn’t like the song.

        I only mentioned a few wouldnt vote for it as they dont vote for big hits, which is fine as they are entitled to vote how they wish, I’m not complaining. 😀

        I’m perfectly aware of people who may like it but not able to give points, I’m in a similar position with my song ranked 11th, I was sad I had to give it 0.


  2. I have purposedly avoided to make any predictions for the finnish entry so far but I will say that the finnish delegation is cautiously optimistic given the limited feedback we have got for the entry thus far 🙂


    • off topic: earlier in the afternoon as I was coming back home from work I saw a car in the street with Belgian licence plates. 8AAG3…
      Which city might it be from? 🙂


      • These are vehicles that belong to the institutions of the EU located in Belgium, driven by the stuff of such organizations usually. Or it could belong to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, they also use plates with the “8” digit in front. So yeah they do not really come from a certain region I guess.


  3. This is my full prediction

    United Kingdom


  4. And as we anticipate the results of FdlC4, I went through most of the entries of ETSC and FdlC previous editions. I say that some of you guys should seriously had been HoDs in real ESC 🙂
    Btw, After Crying’s “Free Fall”, among others, was so criminally underrated 😦

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  5. The prediction game rages on. Personally, I think that Russia is the most likely candidate to the 23rd place, but there are many several others including the Lithuanian entry. I am certain that Sweden will not come last, Max, worry not. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the kind words but it’s not Russia with only 2, I’m pretty sure. As Dino said there are a few (a minority but still a few) who like that style of song.

      Looking at my entry, people like the fact that I sent a different version, but they weren’t wowed by it, it may have moved up some rankings, but probs not enough to enter their Top 10, as others have said it’s a really competitive contests, and people saying even songs they loved only finished 13th in their list etc.

      Looking at the national final, there was no filter on likelihood to vote, so someone giving 12 to the winner but not gonna vote for any of the swedish songs in the contest was counted the same as others.

      Looking at a few other people who I’d hope to get some points from they didn’t actually give that high a score to the winner and the fact that it was stripped back may have put them off even more, as it lacked some of the fun upbeat catchyness of the original. But I might have still snuck in at 9th on one of their lists.

      But don’t let the others fools you, this is not whining, or aggression, I made a tactical error in trying to please everyone and pleasing no one, that’s fine, I’m chill, its ok, I came last in Edition 3 and am still here, likely gonna come last or 2nd to last this time again, I’m fine with that. It’s about fun, I had fun, and if Nick lets me in next time I’ll probs be here. (Although I do have exams early Jan no doubt if I pull out because of those some people will say I’m sulking or something after this result but I’m not.)

      So yeah all is good in the world, I’m in a positive upbeat mood, few people want to portray me as negative, aggressive, whining, a villain, but I just rise above it yknow 🙂

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      • You’re welcome, Max. I care little about Monika’s final ranking. I sent a song that I love, performed by a talented singer and that is what matters to me. You should do the same. I enjoy listening to the songs we discover.

        P.S. – I must return to the document I am reading now. Tomorrow all will be revealed. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      • Exactly spot on, I loved all the songs in the NF and glad to send any of them, don’t care about coming last/2nd to last etc, don’t care if I get the Nil points 😉

        I’ve discovered some really great songs as well over these contests, that I’ve downloaded, and going to keep entering if I’m allowed. I’m always gonne be fun and upbeat, yeah a few people want to make out I’m angry or whining, but I just brush em off carry on with my day And what a sunny day it is 😀

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  6. I hope the results won’t come out earlier than tomorrow afternoon CET. I won’t be at home until then 🙂 (Saturday morning that is)


  7. Also worth noting that Dino Merlin has a song with the same name as the serbian entry in this FDLC edition (which btw means miss in serbian) :

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      • I can’t either ! Already getting some ideas for the next FDLC or ETSC or whatever !

        I like the song you posted a lot ! And the singer is very talented. But I doubt the greek public and jury will support again an entry that does not incorporate in some way an ethnic element, given that last year’s great entry failed. IMO that’s unfortunate but whatever…

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  8. In a meeting that took place yesterday at our Israeli HoD headquarter,Yael Naim revealed that her biggest rivals would be France and Lithuania 😊

    Of course as Israeli HoD we will keep our silence and won’t comment on the songs until the winner is revealed😉

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  9. The Cypriot delegation is having a nice day in Oslo today. We are getting back to Kristiansand with the last train later today.


  10. The Slovenian delegation has just arrived in Lillehammer where we will support our fantastic ski jumping team. 🙂 We hope to be back in Kristiansand in time for tomorrow’s voting.


  11. Swedish delegation just got back from a wild night out in the clubs of Malmo, rocking the ride with the Army of Lovers and the Swedish Housewives.

    La Dominika did things with whipped cream I didn’t know possible!!!

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  12. The girls from Milki were also in Malmo last night on a sight seeing tour, they wanted to follow in Alyona’s fabulous footsteps and stand where she stood etc, unfortunately there was a mix up at the hotel and the girls from Milki ended up having to share 1 room with a double bed with the Swedish HoD though there were no complaints from either party.


  13. Well I do hope that the results will come before 19:00 CET tomorrow, because after that I won’t be around :-\
    I was hoping to have them in today though…

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    • You will most probably have it once you wake up or after you are bsck fron your Saturday hangover 🙂 Nick is based in the USA, New Mexico if I am not mistaken.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think Nick lives in Texas, which means that when it’s around 19:00 CET here 12:00 PM there if I am not mistaken. Actually today is Saturday and I won’t go out anywhere, tomorrow though, Sunday I have to attend a concert at 20:00 CET.


      • You are right but from my experience Nick uploads the results around 3am CET. Also in case Malta doesn’t return with it votes then he has to go through the vote of each person scrap Malta and use the alternates. Yesterday he told me that most probably he will have the results available during CET am hours. However, I wouldn’t rule out this evening.


    • That’s the Atlanterhavsveien, isn’t it? Driving that road is among my top 100 things to see and do in Europe. I love driving dangerous roads btw. 🙂


      • Yes.This is it.I believe it would be a thrilling experience too(promoting my entry here)but i dread big waves even during summer so i don’t know if i could handle it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I love big waves, but then I love everything that looks dangerous … except Filip Kirkorov of course. I still remember when he came onto the stage in 1995 and my mother said: “I didn’t know that Joan Collins was representing Russia this year.” …

        Liked by 1 person

  14. You guys are antsy. I love it. 😉

    No but honestly, when I set these dates, I had no idea I would be organizing a party for the whole school, starting finals, and dealing with moving back home. Kinda crazy how things can change so fast, eh? Anyway, Malta didn’t vote, but he did reach out to me and tell me, so he won’t be banned from the next edition, but he won’t get any points this edition either.

    Anyway, the results will come soon! Hopefully around 19:00 or 20:00 CET on Sunday. I hope to see you all there! 😀

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  15. The delegations from most countries seem to love the host Norway. Probably because they are getting paid by Norway to lie.

    Seeing that Estonia is a delegation of integrity, and honest to a fault of course, we cannot be bought and can tell the truth: we can’t wait to take our private jet back to our home. Our mansion here is way too small, we only have 35 rooms and 8 bathrooms, we were only given 10 cars to drive around and our lobster dinners have subpar. The champagne is only the 500 euro a bottle variety, which is to cheap for us to drink. The Queen cannot live like this, like a peasant.

    On top of that, we also have not, and never will, forgive Norway for the way they treated our dear, close, and personal friend Adelen a few years ago.

    We aren’t staying one second longer in Norway than necessary. Hopefully never to return.


    • Hold the phone. We just stepped foot inside this poor excuse for a venue. Where are the private air conditioned boxes? Angels don’t sit with the normal folk.

      Forget that, we are purchasing the Intimate Hall in there and watching the show from there. With only delegations that are our friends allowed to sit in with us. We are going to send the limo to get Adelen so she can watch it with us.


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