Fête de la Chanson 4: The Results

Bienvenue! The time has finally come, and we’re ready to reveal the results of the fourth edition of Fête de la Chanson!In a new feature for this edition, there will be a results video! I hope you enjoy it!

Anyway, here’s the link to the scoreboard by itself if you’d prefer to see that. http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/105986/fte-de-la-chanson-4-kristiansand

Finally, the full results are below, so I highly suggest you watch one of the two options above before scrolling down!


01.  France (Luke)

“Quand vient le jour” – Emilie Simon: 108 points

02. IS Iceland (Rob)

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men: 91 points

03. IT Italy (Dimitris)

“Experience” – Ludovico Einaudi: 91 points

04. GR Greece (Tim)

“Anemos agapis” – Eleni Foureira: 78 points

05. SI Slovenia (Togravus)

“Try” – Torul: 77 points

06. FI Finland (Guitar)

“Turn Loose the Mermaids” – Nightwish: 77 points

07. AM Armenia (Avat)

“Khio” – The Bambir: 75 points

08. DK Denmark (Donnie)

“Party i provinsen” – Hej Matematik: 70 points

09. AT Austria (Nick)

“Countably Infinite” – A.G. Trio ft. M. Zahradnicek: 69 points

10.. CY Cyprus (Dino)

“The One That Got Away” – Nikolas Metaxas: 62 points

11. EE Estonia (Alex)

“Miss Calculation” – Elina Born: 62 points

12. DE Germany (Patrick)

“St. James Ballroom” – Alice Francis: 61 points

13. IL Israel (Mermaid)

“Paris” – Yael Naïm: 59 points

14. LT Lithuania (Shevek)

“Tiktai tu” – Monika Linktyė: 59 points

15. GB United Kingdom (Marc)

“Breathe This Air” – Jon Hopkins ft. Purity Ring: 47 points

16. TR Turkey (Oxi)

“Komşu” – BaBa ZuLa: 39 points

17. RS Serbia (Xello)

“Nedostaješ” – Emina Jahović: 34 points

18. ES Spain (Artur)

“Gigantes” – Ruth Lorenzo: 33 points

19. NO Norway (Tecku)

“Hell if I” – Alejandro Fuentes: 30 points

20. IE Ireland (Eulenspiegel)

“Granuaile’s Dance” – Celtic Woman: 28 points

21. SE Sweden (Max)

“Release Me” – Agnes Carlsson: 24 points

22. MT Malta (Jericho) (DSQ)

“Picture” – Gianluca Bezzina: 14 points (0 points)

23. RU Russia (Jon)

“Adios, señorita” – D-BOSH: 2 points


193 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 4: The Results

  1. Instrumental or regular pls BUT no underrated songs. In case we go for instrumental edition make it global. 🙂


  2. I’m just back from a weekend in Paris so only seeing the results now, hence the late reaction!

    France is delighted with their result and winning. Thank you everyone who voted for France, especially Denmark and UK for the 12 points! It’s really good to see Slovenia and Greece do well because I wasn’t sure if they would, despite loving their songs. Surprised at the results for Denmark and Austria though, thought they’d be in the higher half of the top 10. Also happy to see Dino got his elusive 12 points too, twice!

    This has been such a good contest in terms of diversity and quality and everyone did well picking songs. And thanks a lot Nick for making it happen, the results video was excellent, so professional.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Let me gues …
      It’s Hans Zimmer and the song is one of his signature movie soundtracks😉
      That would be a “world hit” in my book,LOL😁


      • No, never heard of Hans Zimmer, but yeah it was a movie track (nice guess) but by a different person 😛


      • I really dont know any instrumental pieces apart from stuff in movies, I really pray/hope its not instrumental next edition


  3. Some people may not have heard “Hans Zimmer” but they can’t have heard heard his music😉 he is one of the most talented musicians ever but I love his earlier works more!

    Speaking of movie soundtracks,this one is very special for me…Legendary Ofra Haza sings some parts and I saw the movie at least 10 times😎
    Enjoy because I will….1,000,000th time LOL😊


    • Sorry I meant to say it is impossible for them not to have heard his music
      My grammar sucks as usual😄💨💨


  4. I vote for either no theme, or the underrated NF songs idea. It seems pretty timely, considering we’ve got our first two songs of the year already, and two NFs looming on the horizon.

    The random country allocation would provoke too much whining for poor Nick to deal with, and a competition filled with lengthy instrumental pieces (even 5 minutes is a lot when multiplied by 23) would be too much for many people (including probably me).

    Liked by 4 people

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