Fête de la Chanson 5: Preliminary Info & Dates

Hello! After the French win in the fourth edition of Fête de la Chanson, we’re ready to start planning the next edition. Due to a lot of conflicts within my personal calendar, this edition will be pushed back farther than others. I hope you’ll understand. However, before even that, we have to decide some things! Before FdlC 4, it was said that FdlC 5 would be a special edition whose theme would be voted on later. However, a lot of you expressed interest in forgoing that and treating FdlC 5 like a normal edition. So, we’re going to vote on it.

Here’s the first question:

And the second:

And the third:

The polls will be open until 17 December, which I know is a long time, but that takes me through my last final exams at uni. 😛 Anyway, since I know some of you are also busy around this time of year, I think we should slow down a little bit for this edition, and probably the ones to follow it.

Now, on the topic of dates, here’s an early draft of this edition’s calendar!

  • 17 December: Polls close (18 December)
  • 21 December: Reservation window opens
  • 28 December: Reservation window closes. Song submission period opens.
  • 10 January: Song submission period closes. Fête de la Chanson 5 begins. Voting begins.
  • 18 January: Voting ends. Results published.

So as you can see, I’ve added an extra week between editions for me and my sanity. Between now and the 17th, feel free to discuss anything in this thread. Until then!

UPDATE: The polls are closed after an extra day of voting! And the results are:

Poll 1: “Should FdlC 5 be a special edition”

No: 12

Yes: 8

This kind of renders the other two polls irrelevant, but for completion’s sake,

Poll 2: “If you said yes, what should the theme of FdlC 5 be?”

Randomly Allocated Countries: 6

Underrated NF Songs: 4

Instrumental Songs Only: 4

Poll 3: “Finally, if you said yes, do you want special editions to allow global countries?”

Yes: 8

No: 6

Now I can’t help but notice that, despite only 8 people saying yes to a special edition, 14 of you voted in these polls. Remember to read your instructions! 😛 Anyway, this is really helpful info for me. I can announce a few things now.

  1. FdlC 5 will be a normal edition, held in Lyon, France.
  2. Every fifth edition, there’ll be a poll to see if that edition will be special.
  3. If we have a special edition, all countries of the world will be allowed.

So with that, be ready to reserve countries on Saturday for FdlC 5! Here are the taken countries:

  • GB United Kingdom: Luke
  • CH Switzerland: Nick

161 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 5: Preliminary Info & Dates

  1. Good afternoon cupcakes😊
    Such a wonderful mid December whether here…The sun is shining and everyone is out enjoying the sun

    Before I go out,I wanted to share one of my favorite Turkish musicians…He has some great instrumental stuff as well but this one is great for my mood today😘I hope you enjoy it❤️


  2. I was looking for an instrumental entry! I guess the most original one I’d on offer was Arto Tujboyajyan’s performance on at 2006 BBC Radio Awards 🙂 The main instrument of instrumental entry would be his favorite Bottle 🙂

    Though his collaboration with Armenian Navy band is amazing aswell

    And the best video for an instrumental I found was this one (+16 LOL):


  3. *pretends like he doesn’t know the results*
    If instrumental songs wins, I’ll probably send something electronic and moody. This’d be my first choice. 🙂

    For underrated NF songs (my personal choice for a special edition), there is a lot I could send, considering all of my favorite songs do terribly. 😛 However, my entry should not be a surprise to anyone (and yes, there really was an acoustic version! Don’t think I’ve forgotten the negativity :P).

    Finally, if we don’t have a special edition at all, there’s a lot I could do with a lot of countries. Since I’m the host and I have the second choice (behind the previous winner), I’ll probably take Finland (<3), Lithuania, or Switzerland, but I'm not sure yet.


    • Sorry Dino (and everyone). I had to pack all day the 17th because I’m moving again! It just wasn’t high on my priorities list. However, I will close the polls and release the results today. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Now I can’t help but notice that, despite only 8 people saying yes to a special edition, 14 of you voted in these polls. Remember to read your instructions!

    Why not? Even if I voted No I would like to have a say in case we go for a special edition. What if many people do not like the theme of the special edition and pull out. That wouldn’t be good for your contest either Nick. The fact that many people want a global but still regular contest will keep them around for a long time :), whereas either instrumental or underrated NF songs would have prompted people to pull out.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. And the UK continues to be the most hotly demanded country in Online Song Contests!
    Even if we never win ESC, at least we can take pride in the fact that everyone wants to be us. 😀

    I don’t see why people who voted No in the first question should be banned from voting in the final 3 questions. You might want a normal edition or underrated NF, but hate the other 2 ideas for example.

    Also anyone know what time Saturday/time zone for reserving countries?


  6. I have finalised my wishlist:

    1. Mediterranean – all in native language (non-open NF).
    2. Mediterranean (partially) – native language (one song only ).
    3. Mediterranean – two songs in two different languages (the one being official language in that country).

    Lol. Have a guess 🙂


  7. Nobody wanna grab Armenia so I’m calm 🙂 Anyways I’ve beloved entries from Georgia and Ukraine so don’t worry at all :))
    Btw wanted finally to submit Lilith Hovhannisyan as thought that she should be represented here as main candidate for ESC but today I watched the trailer of AMPTV New Year’s TV show where Aram was introduced as Armenia’s representative for ESC. This time they sowed Erik Karapetyan making a cover of an Indian shake shake song the way Aram did /and Lilith wasn’t there/ ! I guess that Erik will go to Vienna! If was to chose between Erik and Lilith I’d pick Lilith! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL7gSPqYw1s


  8. I had been telling that I wanted the UK and now I see it has been taken by the winner…
    I think I’ll have to skip this edition 😔


      • I know there are so many countries but there is this one specific song taking me to moon and back 😜 unfortunately it happens to be from the UK ( the most demanded country here)

        It was an alternative song though and I really wanted to see how far it would go…

        Anyways it is gone…If I find a song as impressive as it is,I will participate,if not I will just watch😊


      • I know the feeling. I have an artist who I can claim either with Canada or USA and I thought FdLC would be a chance to enter with it but…

        1. In FdLC1 I was allocated Sweden.
        2. FdLC2 was a US State theme but I was not fast enough to pick her state.
        3. FdLC3 was cover edition.
        4. FdLC4 became European!



    • I think the UK will always be taken by the winner of the previous edition,unless Togravus,Shevek or Oxi win. 😛
      Well,you may win this time so you’ll be able to pick the UK the next time.
      I wish we could claim non European countries for this edition.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I am planning to see all ”best foreign language movie” nominees of this year 🙂
    ”La grande bellezza” was a very worthy winner 🙂


    • I haven’t watched this yet but i loved “The Hunt” and “The Broken Circle Breakdown” even though the latter was extremely depressing.


      • the hunt was really good…most people may find ”la grande bellezza” a bit boring and weird but it was really good in so many ways 🙂 its soundtrack is also incedible 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’m always trying to do that too, but since so few of them are released here in Sweden, there is unfortunately no other way to get them than the illegal way. :/


  10. I have made up my mind which song to enter and I don’t think that I will need to pick 2nd and 3rd choices. There will be no competition for this country. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • Good. I don’t like the fact that most people try to get the UK, Sweden etc. I have a song from Sweden I love but since Sweden is so overhyped in every www music context, I decided not to represent Sweden.

        Btw, my meeting tomorrow morning has been cancelled. Sometimes I love a nice wave of flu … but only if it is perfectly timed and doesn’t affect me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope that you will get better soon. Perhaps you should light a candle in the Turtle Church … 😉 🙂 But beware! You might get married too if you do so …


  11. I have a song I’d like to send for Sweden eventually, but for this edition I will (hopefully) be debuting a country that hasn’t been seen in either ETSC or FDLC yet 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  12. “the country picked by the last winner is the only country that the next winner cannot choose”
    Definitely don’t want to win FDLC 5 then, (not that there was ever any danger)

    My idea for a special would be to just have no countries at all for 1 edition, we all send a song, we really like, that represents us, not a country.

    I’m drawing up my shortlist of countries, any idea when country reservation opens?


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