Fête de la Chanson 5: Songs

Welcome! The submission period is open and songs are being received from all 21 delegations around Europe for the fifth edition of Fête de la Chanson.

Here’s the list of national finals that are happening this edition! Support your fellow players by helping them choose their song.

This list will be updated as entries are sent and confirmed. Please don’t forget your snippets! I forgot to mention it in the last post, but just leaving it in the comments or sending me a quick e-mail will fix that. The deadline to submit is 10 January, so remember that date!

Accepted Songs:

FR France (Nick): “A bouche que veux-tu” – Brigitte

PT Portugal (Patrick): “A nossa casa” – Amor Electro

ES Spain (Dino): “Navega sola” – Mayte Martin

EE Estonia (Alex): “Torm” – Ines

CH Switzerland (Mermaid): “Walking with a Ghost” – Kadebostany

PL Poland (Tecku): “One True Lover” – Ania Teliczan

SE Sweden (Max): “Karma Karma” – Same Difference & Alcazar

CZ Czech Republic (Marc): “The Leading Bird” – Marketa Irglova

MD Moldova (Shevek): “Inima” – Alex Calancea Band ft. Tania Cerga

NL The Netherlands (Tim): “Home II” – Dotan

LU Luxembourg (Oxi): “Stormking” – Kate

 Belgium (Dimitris): “Time” – Selah Sue

RU Russia (Jon): “-30” – Alana O.

IS Iceland (Guitar): “Ísjaki” – Sigur Rós

FI Finland (David): “Sabotage” – Chisu

AM Armenia (Avat): “All Alone” – The Beautified Project

SK Slovakia (Togravus): “Šivot” – Katarina Koščová

DK Denmark (Donnie): “Fuel to Fire” – Agnes Obel

GB United Kingdom (Luke): “Cruel Sexuality” – La Roux

DE Germany (Niclas): “3x schnee” – Chapeau Claque

NO Norway (Rob): “Varme vinder” – Asle Beck


Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

  • None

Need to Send:

  • None

Need to Send Recap Times:

  • NL The Netherlands (Tim)

452 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 5: Songs

  1. Nick just use whatever part you want for the re cap for the icelandic entry, I can’t think about it before the deadline I am afraid..

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  2. Guys, I hate to do this, but I have to push the start of the edition back to Sunday. I can’t finish the recap right now because it’s 2 am right now, and I have a really hectic Saturday. That said, it’s half done right now, and it will be ready on Sunday. Sorry for the delay, but you can still check out the songs in the article. 🙂

    P.S. If you haven’t gotten to me about a recap time yet, give me one ASAP!


  3. I think that is not fair to let Nick decide the recap snippet. He has enough work with FdlC and shouldn’t do the work of HoDs imo.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Believe me, it’s no big deal. I make these kinds of videos all the time, and when listening, I can generally pick out the best parts of songs for recaps without necessarily trying. I will say that the process does go a bit faster when I have the times beforehand.


    • Armenian HoD decided to migrate to Georgia or Russia so he is very happy to see interested people for his free vacancy! Soon the blog-site where our national final was hold will become datebase of music videos of artists reprsenting different genres of the local music scene!


  4. Now that Norway has been submitted I can say with safety that there are only 5 soungs I am not planning voting for (usual suspects are not included in bottom 5 this time)
    I have already 9 songs that can’t miss my top 10 which means 6 songs are fighting for the 10th ticket 😉


  5. After listening to all songs once and without giving full attention, I have come up with an average score of 8.85 (excluding Slovakia). Quite impressive.

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    • Of course I gave full attention to the songs that went through a NF which means that only the Armenian, Danish and Finnish entries have a definite score on my list at this point.


  6. I absolutely LOVE my top-3.Can i give them all 12 pts?I can’t really decide.These are songs that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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    • They were unable to hack Nick’s scoreboards and most of us turned down their bribes, so rather than finished 22nd again (or wherever they came in JESC when they didn’t cheat), they decided to withdraw. 😀

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  7. Nick, the Moldovan recap times were sent on December 29th along with the entry. I shall resend the info. 🙂


  8. Finnish votes will be submitted at Monday… It is very strong line up, but I think I did found one song for possible 12
    I will re-listen all of them in a Monday night and bring my final decision…


  9. I’m listening again and again to the 4-5 songs battling for my one and two points. Please, help me take a decision 😦


  10. This how I have ranked all songs:

    1. 9
    2. 9
    3. 9
    4. 8.5
    5. 7.5
    6. 7.5
    7. 7.5
    8. 7
    9. 7
    10. 6
    11. 5.5
    12. 5.5
    13. 5.5
    14. 5
    15. 5
    16. 5
    17. 5
    18. 5
    19. 4
    20. 3

    I find this edition slightly better than the previous one. However, there are four songs that could easily be my 12pts in the previous one. Also, there are two HoDs that I can’t help. Εdition-by-edition they receive a similar ranking 🙂


  11. Hey Nick, sorry about the delay re the recap time – tbh it’s been so long I’d forgotten this competition was still happening, LOL.

    1:21 onwards would be great 🙂

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  12. The wonderful Estonian delegation took the jets over to the Bahamas before heading to Lyon. The Queen couldn’t stand the cold any longer so we decided to go somewhere warm.

    We added the Estonian shining Star to our jury, as well as the Spetacular Slovenian. Also we also have on our jury not just a diva, but an Elhadiva!

    We have a truly international and diverse jury.


  13. I’ve clear Top 3 but I struggled alot with my bottom points ! It was very hard to make decisions! One thing is sure next song of mine is to be uptempo or very emotional! And I still wait for the uptempo song that will grab my 12 points! Tbh I enjoyed much more the previous edition!

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    • You get what you vote for. (As a collective)

      If you vote for happy uptempo entries, more people will send happy uptempo songs, if you vote for gloomy/moody songs, then more people will send gloomy/moody songs.

      With the current players I doubt an uptempo song will win for a while, About That Bass won back in FDLC2, but there were a lot of players playing then not from the ET crowd, they’ve almost all gone now, most likely due to the types of songs winning/doing well so the contest is getting more homogenous.

      If I wasn’t in this edition there’d be nothing really uptempo. (There are a few entries that are a little uptempo, but no other real get you moving type songs) Only thing we can hope for is that the group get tired of the gloomy stuff and start to opt for more uptempo songs.

      Let me be clear they’ll never vote for me, it will be one of their own, who makes the bold move to try and send something uptempo, to which they will rally round and say “look see, an uptempo song can do well”… and then it will go back to the flat stuff the edition after 😛

      But it’s ok, I’ll get my own back in the main event May, 😉 when the Dilara’s of this world come 22nd, or wherever it was Malta came, while the Conchitas, the loreens, the russian grannys, that I love so much will rise like a phoenix to the top of the main events scoreboard 😀


      • When exactly did gloomy entry won?
        Quand vient le jour, Saint Claude had nothing to do with gloominess, still they won!
        I think u do have the tendency to generalise 😦


      • I really love uptempo songs and have had many of them as my winners in ESC. 🙂

        But just like every song I love, those uptempo songs need to interest me in some way. If I hear just another chart/radio friendly tune, standard ESC ethno shake shake or silly europop, I’ll go Zzzzzzzzzz … but then the same is true for boring ballads like Ireland 2010 or Georgia 2013 f. e.


      • What you fail to see is that most of the times the up-tempo songs send here are shallow – with you being the prime example :p. Send something serious and people will vote for you.


      • Shallow??? Not quite sure you mean by that.

        And I do send serious entries, I send songs, that I like and enjoy and want to share, and I’m not going to change that.

        I’m in-line with the mainstream whereas ET sort of exists in its own bubble, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not an insult, it’s part of the attraction for me to see like the bizarreness of it all, especially the voting. Like in Eurovision the songs I like usually win, not necesarily my favourite, but usually up there in top 5 for sure, my favourite entry of a Eurovision has only missed out on the Top 10 once and I can easily pick who’s going to win the Friday before the final, whereas people here hate Conchita, hate Lordi, I think Toggie didn’t even like Lena, I’m sure there’s some who don’t like Euphoria.

        To state it bluntly if the European public voted for FDLC I’d win for sure, in other online song contests I took part in, I was pretty much always Top 10, and even won it on my 2nd attempt, it had semi finals, and I qualified for every single final 100% of the time whereas I know with FDLC’s taste I will always be at the bottom, and if we were to have semi finals I’d never make it to the final.

        But I don’t mind that, I’m not upset by it I don’t care about my own placing, for me coming at the bottom of ETSC/FDLC probably means I’d do really well in the mainstream, which for me is what I’d prefer.

        And I hope in a way ETSC/FDLC doesn’t go mainstream, because the absurdity of it all is what keeps me coming back (I mean absurd in a nice way)
        let’s say quirky.

        I only mentioned the voting to Avat as he was wondering when an uptempo would come a long that’d get his 12, and I was saying it’s quite unlikely.

        Though obvs I don’t rule out me saying this spurring someone on to pick an uptempo song and then everyone rallying round it to prove Max wrong. I have that effect 😀


      • So far voted for instant appeal! Very often my mood has huge influence on my voting as well!
        I represent here ET Crowd (as you do): But so far I’ve submitted 1. Folk influenced dance tune 2. Alternative jazz styled song 3. Folk-Punk tune 4. Pop-Rock song! My point was that this time I just missed “warm” entries that I’d love and diversity ! But my next entry (if I get the country I want) has gloomy and melancholic parts, uptempo-emotional parts and folk influence! And I’m sure I’ll prove that well-done uptempo stuff will also be appreciated!


      • I don’t really see you as part of that crowd. I’m certainly not part of it lol and wouldn’t want to be, nothing wrong with them as people, but I’m definitely glad I have my mainstream tastes than the ET taste.

        Oh and if you say you’re sending an uptempo one, and send an uptempo one I’ll vote for you, but if you say its gonna be uptempo then it’s not really, I probably wouldn’t 😛


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