Fête de la Chanson 6: Info & Dates

Hei! After the Finnish win in the fifth edition of Fête de la Chanson and the excitement of national final season, it’s time to turn our eyes to Helsinki’s Hartwell Arena, the chosen host of the next edition of FdlC. Before I get to the details of the edition though, a few minor announcements. First and foremost is the introduction of me, Patrick, as Nick’s helper and schedule-keeper. My job is to write the posts, do some of the behind-the-scenes work, and make sure that Nick keeps to the planned schedule for each edition. Don’t worry though, Nick is not leaving the limelight. Besides being an active part of the community, Nick will still the be the one running the contest: accepting entries, making the recaps, revealing the results, etc. Basically, he gets to do all the fun stuff, and I’ll be taking over much of the contest paperwork, if that makes sense.

Another important detail is that Fête de la Chanson 6 will be the only edition of the contest to take place before the grand final of Eurovision 2015. However, we will be planning a timeline for editions that will take place after contest is over for the year so that we can all enjoy our off-season together.

Okay, with all that out of the way, let’s get down to what you’ve all been waiting for: the announcement of the details of Fête de la Chanson 6! David (Xello) won the fifth edition of the contest for Finland back in January with the sultry “Sabotage,” performed by Chisu.

Now the contest moves to Helsinki’s Hartwell Arena, where a new batch of entries will compete to become Chisu’s successor. The organizers have revealed the following dates for the event

  • March 29th: Country Reservation opens
  • March 31st: Song Submission opens
  • April 11th: Song Submission and Country Reservation period closes
  • April 12th: Running Order Revealed
  • April 13th: Voting opens for the Sixth Edition of Fête de la Chanson
  • April 27th: Voting closes for the Sixth Edition of Fête de la Chanson
  • May 2nd: Voting and Winner revealed for the Sixth Edtion of Fête de la Chanson

Axl Smith and Krista Siegfrids will host the sixth edition. Finally, before we go, I have one more big announcement about the sixth edition.

It has been decided that FdlC 6 will be a Worldwide Edition. This means that not only can the countries of Europe compete, but Fête de la Chanson will once again be opened to countries all around the world. So keep that in mind when you think about what country you want to reserve! And I know it’s been a long time, so if you want a refresher on the rules: click here!

UPDATE: Here are the reserved countries for FdlC 6:

  • Brazil Brazil: Xello
  • USUnited States: Nick

224 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 6: Info & Dates

      • Sort of. I will describe them to you:

        Sad, philosophical and sophisticated – English with deliberately false accent 😉 I have two songs from this artist but I thew one – which I like the most isn’t eligible.

        A straightforward country ballad. Bad the focus is on the lyrics and the exceptional vocal skills of the performer.

        A ”summerish” melancholic piece performed in a indigenous language which according to UN it is endangered.

        Again a melancholic very low-tempo piece sang in an indigenous language.

        And a fresh mid-tempo piece which blends contemporary and indigenous elements. It is performed in Kiswahili.

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  1. After having spent the night researching different countries and music, I think I’ll go for Chile (Although I’m unsure if it’s still greatly sought after) and if it’s taken, I’ll pick Argentina 🙂

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  2. Hi guys! Just dropping in to see how things are going and I’m so pleased to see such a great turnout, especially after a two-month break. 🙂 Just a reminder that country reservations open on Sunday, the 29th, at 1900 CET!

    I’ve updated my reserved country; I decided against Finland so that someone else could give it a go, if anyone’s interested, of course. And as such, I’ll be taking my home country and sending one of my most favorite songs. I think you’ll be in for a surprise. 😉


  3. Hmmm , Finland is available.. That’s interesting! I would like to ask something btw.. I can claim up to three countries , right ? Should i intensify which country is my priority?


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