Fête de la Chanson 6: The Songs!

Hei! The submision period is open for songs to be received from the competing delegations around the world for the sixth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Our delegations, coming from six continents now have until 11 April to selection and submit their entry. Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

  • US  United States (Nick): The United Songs of America (Closed)
  • MX  Mexico (Patrick): Festival de la Canción (Closed)
  • IR  Iran (Tecku): A Song for Morteza (Closed)
  • JP  Japan (Max): Land of the Rising Sun (Closed)
  • GR  Greece (Dimitris): Ένα Τραγούδι Για Την Ελλάδα (A Song for Greece) (Closed)

The following list will be updated as entries are sent and confirmed. Please don’t forget to send your twenty-five second snippet with your entry. And just another reminder, the deadline to submit is 11 April!

Accepted Songs:

Brazil  Brazil: Xello “Hoje” – Ludmilla

CI  Côte d’Ivoire: Dino “Samahani” – Dobet Gnahoré

DK  Denmark: Anders “Yesterday’s Guitar Heroes” –  Panicphobia

GE Georgia: Avat “Ra kargi xar” – Veriko Turashvili

CL  Chile: Luke “Tormenta” – Alex Antwandter

NL  the Netherlands: Guitar “Diggin'” – Kovacs

CO  Colombia: Randomvan “Ser tu” – Bryan Visbal

TN  Tunisia: Togravus “Ma lkit” – Emel Mathlouthi

MZ  Mozambique: Shevek “Mutxado” – Marllen

ZA  South Africa: Mermaid “Khona” – Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru

AU  Australia: Alex – Greece “Geronimo” – Sheppard

IE  Ireland: Marc “B a noBody” – SOAK

MX  Mexico: Patrick “Huitzil” – Porter

SE  Sweden: Donnie “Koop Island Blues” – Koop

EE  Estonia: Alex – USA “Hõbedased tiivad” – Triin Niitoja & John4

NO   Norway: Eulenspiegel “Aldri” – Vamp

GR  Greece: Dimitris “Sketos ego” – Georgia Dagaki

NZ  New Zealand: Oxi “The Ferryman” – Jordan Reyne

CA  Canada: Robert “Rolling Stone” – Reuben and the Dark

LB  Lebanon: Jon “Bint gdida” – Jana

IR  Iran: Tecku “Kojaei” – Morteza Pashaei

JP  Japan: Max “Love Is Always Inside You” – Berryz Kobo

US  United States: Nick “Level Up” – Vienna Teng

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

  • None

Need to Submit:

  • None

Awaiting Snippet:

  • NO   Norway: Eulenspiegel

715 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 6: The Songs!

  1. Went through all the songs once. I have two 12 pts songs atm. I am going to let the dust settle for a few days now.

    P.S. – ‘Mutxado’ FTW! 🙂


  2. I have now sorted a …sort of top5. There are 7 songs battling for my 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points. Two of them will have to stay behind and miss my top10 in the end 😦


  3. Since there is nothing going on here and while waiting for the song of USA to be revealed here are some statistics I worked, regarding my participation in 4 editions (ETSC1&2, FdlC4&5)
    My entries seemed to be liked by the following people (from most supporting to least supporting member)
    1. Morgan who has awarded me an average of 8,5 in 2 editions
    2.Togravus (has awarded me an average of 8.0 in 4 editions)
    2.Dimitris (8.0) (same as Dimitris)
    4.Luke (6,5)
    5.Oxi (6.25)
    6.Tecku (5,5)
    7.Dino (4.33)
    8.Marc (4.25)
    8.Shevek (4.25)
    10.Patrick/Xello (4.0)
    Bottom 3:
    Nick (0,25)
    Jon (0.0)
    Alec NYC (0.0)
    This is just for fun, I am not doing it for any other reason, just to clear things out. People are of course still free to vote how they like!
    I am now working on the list of the members I supported most!


    • Yeah,yeah!You just happened to inform people that you have made a file of how good or bad they have been to poor Donnie.LOL
      Even Estonia would blush seeing your insidious ways of collecting votes. 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • It is for fun. Plus it could work the other way too! Wait till u see how Togravus will feel with the next list 😛

        Liked by 2 people

  4. The member whose entries I seem to be enjoying mostly is Marc as I have awarded him an average of 8,25 in 4 editions
    Then we have (from most fave to least fave member)
    2.Morgan (I have awarded him an average of 7 points in 2 editions)
    3.Xello (5.0)
    4.Luke (4,75)
    5.Dimitris (4.25)
    6.Patrick (3.75)
    6.Shevek (3.75)
    8.Dino (3.33)
    9.Nick (2.25)
    10.Mermaid (2.0)
    11.Eulenspiegel (1.75)
    12.Oxi (1.5)
    13.Togravus (1.25)
    I still haven’t awarded any points to Avat, Alex NYC, Max and Jon. Let’s see if this edition can change this…


      • You are Rob right?
        I awarded you 3 points for your Norwegian entry in previous edition and you awarded me 2 for Party i Provinsen (Denmark) in FdlC 4
        So I guess that ranks you at #12 together with Oxi with an average of 1,5 in 2 editions.
        I liked your “Little Talks” too but by the time you submitted it I had lost interest to it since I had been familiar with it for over a year.
        Overall I can say u send good entries 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • I try to keep up! This year I liked the Estonian pick for best Foreign Language Movie, Tangerines. I also liked Leviathan (The Russian pick) and Theory of Everything!


    • My ranking 🙂 Several others with 0 score have not been included since they are not playing anymore.


      (1). Sam R. and Fabbi 10 (just once occasion; they have never commented as well:p)
      1. Hulluna 8 (just two occasions)
      2. Avat 6.8
      3. Robert 5.75
      4. Stommie 5.5 (just two occasions)
      5. Mermaid 5
      6. Luke 5
      6. Fernando (just tow occasions)
      8. Edisa 5 (just once)
      9. Marc 4.71
      10. Donnie 4.5
      11. Dimitris 4.5
      12. Jade 4 (just two occasions
      13. Oxi 3.5
      14. Marc 3.5 (just two occasions)
      15. Morgan 3.5 (just two occasions)
      16. Togravus 3.33
      17. Xello 3
      18. Arktosin 3
      19. Mila 3 (just once)
      20. Patrick 2.57
      21. Jon 2.2
      22. Tecku 1.42
      23. Shevek 1.25
      24. Alex 1.16
      25. Nick 1.14
      26. Anders 1 (just two occasions)
      26. Sam L.1 (just once)
      28. Ivan 1 (just two occasions)
      28. Bas 1 (just once)
      30. Artur 0.75
      30. Tim 0.75
      32. Mario 0.5 (just two occasions)
      33. Niclas 0
      33. Eulenspiegel 0
      33. Max 0

      Nominations – Songs received 7.5-10 out of 10 (meaning that I like and loved their entries).

      Avat (FdLC2; FdLC4; FdLC5)
      Dimitris (ETSC 1)
      Togravus (ETSC1)
      Oxi (ETSC1)
      Hulluna (ETSC1)
      Mark (ETSC2)
      Mermaid (ETSC2)
      Fernando (ETSC2)
      Jade (ETSC2)
      Marc (FdLC1)
      Fabbi (FdLC2)
      Luke (FdLC2)
      Robert (FdLC3)
      Donnie (FdLC4)
      Xello (FdLC5)
      Patrick (FdlC5)

      Lets see what FdLC6 will bring 🙂 Also, Randomvan and Alex Greece welcome on board 😉


  5. Btw, Togravus said the other day that he initially wanted to represent Algeria but the song he had in mind was too old. I just realised that I have an old Algerian song that I love as well 🙂
    It’s in Berber dialect

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my, her voice! ❤
        Glad you like A Vava Inouva too.
        Sorry that your favourite in the United Songs won't go to Helsinki.


      • Did you know Souad Massi? After I had switched to Tunisia I thought that perhaps many people would know “Ghir enta” and was glad that it wasn’t elegible. I always try to introduce people to artists they might not know because that is what I enjoy most in ETSC/FdlC.


      • No, I’m afraid I did not. Thank you for sharing. And I agree re: artists in ETSC/FdlC.


      • 🙂
        I’ll look for her work. In general, I am a fan of arab music. Love Umm Kulthum and Fairouz f.e.


      • I like especially music from the Maghreb. There is a lot of fantastic stuff out there. 🙂
        Btw, Ambasadori will lose the duel (to Regina!!!???) … because the older a song, the less votes it gets. Kati Wolf will probably win. LOL Most ESC fans just love staying in their narrow music universe …


  6. Anyone knows what happened to United Songs Of America? Are they still “united” after all the drama?
    In addition, aren’t we supposed to get the Running Order tonight?
    I don’t have any statistics left to kill time !

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  7. I posted my votes in American NF page!! Meanwhile made some mistakes again as worked in gmail application on my phone hopefully you won’t see them 🙂 !! Next time please ban me when I create such mess 🙂 I need to be more attentive and stop using phone when it comes to make posts!

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  8. This is what my list looks like atm:

    4 x 12/12
    5 x 10/12
    3 x 9/12
    4 x 8/12
    6 x 7/12

    (excluding Tunisia)

    When I am on Malta the week after ESC, I will explore the Maltese music scene because I want to represent Malta with a great song in ETSC/FdlC in the future.

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  9. Oh my, what a hectic day! Eating lamb, drinking wine, strolling with friends at the promenade all day long…
    Putting an enormous effort here to keep my eyes open, waiting for Nick to announce the running order 🙂


    • Sounds like a fantastic day. Lamb is my favourite meat. 🙂 And I miss the Thessaloniki promenade, especially after dinner …
      Luckily, I have a free day tomorrow. 🙂


      • …and the weather has at last synchronised with the calendar 🙂
        I have a free day too; it’s a holiday tomorrow as well 😉


      • Easter Monday is a bank holiday in Ba-Wü too but of course we are already past that. Btw, we expect 26 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. Summer in April. 🙂


      • Apparently there is no better place to live in Germany than Stuttgart for a guy like you that loves sun and heat 😉


      • April is the weirdest month here because we can get everything from the last snow flakes to 30 degrees. We even have a saying: “April, April, der macht, was er will.” (April, April, he just does what he feels up to.) And yes, there are reasons why I returned to Stuttgart after 20 years living elsewhere: the weather, the food, the opera house … Stuttgart is very underrated. 😦


  10. Very disappointed in America, it’s like Belarus 2012 :/ First they announce a decent song as the winner, then it gets replaced by something much worse that finished lower down the running order.

    Tho at least I do get gloating rights with Donnie 😉 My system works!!!

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  11. For the record, Estonia cannot be guilted into awarding points. So no spreadsheets nor being reminded that we have not reciprocated points will sway our opinions.

    It’s public knowledge by now the ways Estonia can be swayed. Lol


    • Hey Mr Transparent Guy
      Do u have a top 10 for each semi in esc 2015? We would like to add your votes in our ET jury ranking !


      • Still not finalized and won’t be until I get my hands on the esc album.

        I do know Molly, according to my math, is flying up the rankings, in an ascent rarely seen. From not even rooting for it to win in Ireland, to easily in the top 3 now.

        I can’t remember the last entry that didn’t capture me at first zooming up like this. Maybe Moje3 a few years ago. But that took a year or more.

        Am I glad Ireland didn’t pick what I wanted. They were right, I was wrong.

        I can’t wait for her upcoming album suddenly.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Great to know! I love Ireland this year too! Add Molly to The Angel and The Moon when it comes to our agreements ! Eagerly waiting for your esc album to arrive! When you have your semi top 10s let me know 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, it’s our yearly agreement.

        We still haven’t come up with a good name though.

        It has to include a number if possible. How about Molly 353? 353 is the dialing code for Ireland?

        Liked by 1 person

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