Fête de la Chanson 6: Helsinki

Hei! After two months, Fête de la Chanson is ready to return with a splash! Twenty-three countries from all over the world have chosen songs and are ready to duel it out on the big stage! Hosts: Axl Smith & Krista Siegfrids

krista siegfridsaxl smith

Venue: Hartwall Areena

hartwall areena


Voting: Please send your votes to fetedelachanson@gmx.com before April 27th!


Running Order

1. IE Ireland (Marc)

“B a noBody” – SOAK

2. Brazil Brazil (Xello)

“Hoje” – Ludmilla

3. NO Norway (Eulenspiegel)

“Aldri” – Vamp

4. SE Sweden (Donnie)

“Koop Island Blues” – Koop

5. IR Iran (Tecku)

“Kojaei” – Morteza Pashaei

6. AU Australia (Alex – Greece)

“Geronimo” – Sheppard

7. US United States (Nick)

“Level Up” – Vienna Teng

8. GE Georgia (Avat)

“Ra kargi xar” – Veriko Turashvili

9. JP Japan (Max)

“Love Is Always Inside You” – Berryz Kobo

10. MX Mexico (Patrick)

“Huitzil” – Porter

11. NL the Netherlands (Guitar)

“Diggin'” – Kovacs

12. GR Greece (Dimitris)

“Sketos ego” – Georgia Dagaki

13. ZA South Africa (Mermaid)

“Khona” – Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru

14. EE Estonia (Alex – USA)

“Hõbedased tiivad” – Triin Niitoja & John4

15. DK Denmark (Anders)

“Yesterday’s Guitar Heroes” – Panicphobia

16. CL Chile (Luke)

“Tormenta” – Alex Anwandter

17. CI Côte d’Ivoire (Dino)

“Samahani” – Dobet Gnahoré

18. CA Canada (Rob)

“Rolling Stone” – Reuben and the Dark

19. MZ Mozambique (Shevek)

“Mutxado” – Marllen

20. TN Tunisia (Togravus)

“Ma lkit” – Emel Mathlouthi

21. NZ New Zealand (Oxi)

“The Ferryman” – Jordan Reyne

22. CO Colombia (Randomvan)

“Ser tu” – Bryan Visbal

23. LB Lebanon (Jon)

“Bint gdida” – Jana


  • SE  Sweden (Donnie)
  • IR  Iran (Tecku)
  • CO  Colombia (Randomvan)
  • NZ  New Zealand (Oxi)
  • DK  Denmark (Anders)
  • TN  Tunisia (Togravus)
  • CI  Côte d’Ivoire (Dino)
  • GR  Greece (Dimitris)
  • Brazil  Brazil (Xello)
  • GE  Georgia (Avat)
  • ZA  South Africa (Mermaid)
  • MX  Mexico (Patrick)
  • IE  Ireland (Marc)
  • MZ  Mozambique (Shevek)
  • LB  Lebanon (Jon)
  • JP  Japan (Max)
  • CA  Canada (Rob)
  • AU  Australia (Alex – Greece)
  • NL  the Netherlands (Guitar)
  • CL  Chile (Luke)
  • NO  Norway (Eulenspiegel)
  • EE  Estonia (Alex – USA)
  • US  United States (Nick)

Left to Vote:

  • None

997 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 6: Helsinki

  1. Hello Helsinki, this is the Tunisian jury calling from Sousse. We are proud to announce our points:

    1 pt – no man in sight
    2 pts – I do understand the lyrics
    3 pts – I would love to meet the artist(s)
    4 pts – depends much on the mood I am in, has gone up and down my list for weeks
    5 pts – surprise surprise
    6 pts – shot up my list
    7 pts – I haven’t found an official video I was allowed to watch
    8 pts – reminds me of the times 15 years ago
    10 pts – all is well that ends well
    12 pts – I would love to be in the video clip

    And this completes the points of the Tunisian jury. 🙂

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  2. Bit late to the party but just been reading over the hints, if Mexico, NZ Netherlands and an african country are all in the Top 10 as we expect, that rules out Japan being Top 10 as some have suggested (for me Top 15 was the goal, the mission so its not a big deal). In ESC there’s always a country that gets hype built around it in the run up then doesn’t do so well on the night, guess Japan will be it. 🙂

    I think the country who came bottom 5 but got a 12 might be the country I gave my 12 to, obviously not going to reveal who.

    So yeah, New Zealand Mexico Netherlands, or an African country have this in the bag most likely.

    As for the colours, Netherlands, New Zealand, Tunisia and Mexico, South Africa all share Red and White. So I think the Top 3 will come from there.


  3. Since the talk is about predictions I can tell you about my scores that I dont have a single european country in my top 5 but 3 of them in my top 10 🙂

    Happy to see #teamkovacs is being considered a favourite to even win although i doubt it !
    Anything in the top 10 would satisfy the dutch delegation 🙂

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  4. 1 point: It is becoming bigger – so it looks
    2 points: They are mostly yellow and blue with two levels
    3 points: Relatively flat in the middle
    4 points: Don’t forget dill
    5 points: The keys on my piano
    6 points: It took ten years
    7 points: When I go to work, I think of you
    8 points: The evolution is way up north
    10 points: There is a part moving away from the rest
    12 points: I sometimes add thyme


  5. I’ve been reading the various predictions and I must confess that the Mozambican top 10 is quite different from what people have been guessing, especially our top 3. If what you’re saying is accurate, my favourite songs will not be included in the final top 10. It’s very difficult to make predictions. I will add that ‘Mutxado’ will probably be 11th or 12th in several countries.


  6. Estonia loves everyone regardless of if you voted for us or not. The or not seems to have won in a landslide though. Can we reach 20 points?

    Except Norway. We hate them even if they vote for us. And we don’t want their votes for us counted. Norway should not even be legally allowed to vote for Estonia. Norway is the worst country in the world. It’s the only country The Angel doesn’t like. That right there says it all.

    Estonia wins with dignity and loses with dignity. We aren’t like the Greek delegation, that gets thrown out of most places they enter.

    What a mess they were at the party tonight. Putting our lobster sandwiches in their pockets. Horrible behavior.

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    • The Greek delegation may be poor and obviously stuck somewhere in the bottom of the scoreboard but we’re proud people.We would never steal any sandwiches.By the way,we are suing the Estonian delegation.I bet you kept those sandwiches in the fridge Since your Copenhagen party over a year ago.2 members of our delegation had to be hospitalized.We’ll demand you to cover all our medical expenses plus a million euros compensation.

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      • 2 members of your delegation are hospitalized because they drank the alcohol Norway was passing around. Your beef is with them. And it serves you guys right for socializing with them in the first place.

        I know these Greek extortion tactics work with the more timid countries but Estonia isn’t one of those countries. Go extort someone like Sweden.

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  7. @ oasisoffear, unfortunately you only got the dark secret right. You came pretty close with pizza though (however, I insist on artichokes and capers). But nothing can beat homemade cannelloni. Yummy! My favourite churches are probably Saint James’ Cathedral in Šibenik (big ones) and San Miguel in Almazán (small ones). 🙂 Of course, Saint Mark’s Basilica is fantastic too as is Durham Cathedral … and Amiens Cathedral … and Tournai Cathedral … and the wooden churches of Ulves and Petäjävesi … and Sant Joan de Caselles in Canillo … and all the Cistercian Abbey Churches in France … and the Portuguese Abbey Churches in Alcobaça, Batalha, Belém and Tomar … and the tiny church of Zavala Monastery in southern Herzegovina … and Aachen Cathedral … and the Frari and San Zanipolo Churches in Venice … and the small Romanesque Churches of the Brionnais … and the Cathedrals of Lucca, Florence, Pisa and Siena … and the small painted church in Hrastovlje … and the Byzantine Churches in Thessaloniki and Mystras … and Bojana Church in Sofia … and the painted monasteries of Moldavia … and the Church of Peace in Jawor … and the Old Cathedral in Coimbra … and the painted churches on Møn Island … and the Abbey Church in Val Müstair … and San Martín in Frómista … and Svaté Barbory in Kutná Hora … and Rome … and I better stop here … and … and … and … I’ll have to make a list of 100 to answer the church question myself. 🙂 … or 200 … or 300 LOL At least, I have already seen around 50 % of the churches I want to see in Europe. My excel file for churches to visit before I die lists 4.976 churches in Europe. 🙂

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    • I think it is safe to say you like churches 🙂 I felt so confident with my predictions for all of the favourites 😦 Are there any answers that I got REALLY wrong, that is you actually dislike something I thought would be your favourite? Would you say Durham Cathederal is the best in the UK? It certainly has the perfect setting and size that make it even more imposing on the skyline. Do you have a schedule for the remaining 50% that you need to see? I would love to see the statistics – like which country has the most of your favourites, which the least, what is the date range, etc. 🙂


      • There is nothing I dislike. 🙂 However, there is a misunderstanding when it comes to music. I love classical music, and if I made a top 100, it would probably all be classical pieces. Verdi’s ‘Lacrymosa’ (part of his Requiem), Bellini’s ‘O quante volte’ (from I Capuleti e i Montecchi) or any aria/duet/ensemble from Rossini’s Barbiere would top my list, depending on my mood. But it would be sth from Italy for sure. And in general, I prefer older work: I’d name Tizian as my favourite painter and Milton, Shakeaspeare and Bradstreet as my favourite poets in the English language. T. S. Eliot comes close though. Durham Cathedral is definitely my favourite church in England. It’s just perfect and so complex in its (art-)historic references and contexts.
        I don’t have statistics but I guess that France has most 12/12 churches on my list. On the other hand, if we talk size and number, Andorra might well be in first place on my list. They have so many fatastic churches in Romanesque style there, and I love Romanesque art. 🙂 I won’t get much further with my list this year because I will do the same 4 week tour on the Western Balkans again. It’s my present for my parents’ golden anniversary. We wanted to go last year, but unfortunately, my dad had to undergo appendix surgery 4 days before we intended to leave. Therefore, I went alone. 😦 I will only visit two churches I haven’t seen: the Benedictine Monastery on Mljet and the Church of Saints Philip and Jacob in Novi Vinodolski. And then I’ll be on Malta for a week but since I lived there for some time, I know everything in Malta. Perhaps I will find the time to do see some churches in Switzerland or Alsace on weekend trips. Do you have a favourite church?

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      • I am no expert on churches, but some that I really liked and I am sure you have been to are: St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow – not so much the exterior, but the interior and the history of the bugle call made the visit there a memorable one. Then, of course, Hagia Sofia, Istanbul. One of the smaller ones in the UK, that I am sure you have seen is Peterborough Cathedral. I really liked its gothic architecture and the Tudor history. The tour of the Balkans sounds nice. As does a stay on Malta. I have never been to Malta – what is it like?


  8. @ oasis, Well, Malta is a love or hate affair for most people. It’s hot, it’s very densely populated, there isn’t much vegetation but a lot of wind, people drive the way Neapolitans do (but on the left), everything is a mix of Arabic, English, south Italian, French and Spanish influences, the language the architecture, the food. I love it to bits. Valletta is one of my favourite cities and singular in the world. I soooooo look forward to introducing a friend of mine to Malta in little more than 3 weeks time. 🙂
    I know the 3 churches you mention, and Saint Mary’s in Kraków would have come up soon on my list above if I had gone on. The church has a stunning interior decoration, one of the most beautiful I know. I did not mention Ayasofya because it has a history as both church and mosque (and museum) and therefore belongs to another and much shorter list … LOL … together with the Mezquita in Córdoba, the Fethija Mosque in Bihać, Saint Vitus Church in Klis Castle and several others. 😉 Peterborough Cathedral is among England’s finest medieval churches for sure. The Lady Chapel has the most beautiful fan vaulting in the world imo. 🙂

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    • The altarpiece of Saint Mary’s in Kraków was astounding. I was there for the opening of its doors, camera ready to take a photo. I actually forgot to take the photo because the image was amazing – totally unexpected. I imagine you visited both cathedrals in Norwich when you were here? Which would be higher up your list? 🙂 You have totally sold Malta to me now. It is firmly added on my list of places to visit. I also forgot to add Lund Cathedral to my list – have you been there? I LOVE the astronomical clock and Romanesque apse.


      • I prefer the Holy and Undivided Trinity by a mile and more. The vaulting of the main nave is a masterpiece of universal value and significance imo. I also love the gothic cloisters, in particular the sculptured rib vault keystones. 🙂 St John the Baptist is a bit stout … don’t you think so? I visited Lund when I was 10 years old and remember that the fin in the crypt scared the shit out of me. I need to visit Lund again because I want to see the Cathedral with adult eyes too. Judging on the documentations I have seen, it’s another fantastic one. Have you visited Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim? That is another must see imo.
        I need to go now because my family will arrive for coffee in 15 minutes. Thanks for keeping me entertained while doing boring things in home office. 🙂

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      • I do have a soft spot for the St John the Baptist. Although I must point out I have not been in that one. However, seeing it lit up at night makes it look great. You are right, though, stout is applicable. The Holy and Undivided Trinity, which I have been in, is magnificent from wherever you see it in Norwich. Never been to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, but it looks impressive. Glad I managed to keep you entertained 🙂


  9. We can make some of them it a bit easier

    1 point: It is becoming bigger – so it looks (it will eventually look round)
    2 points: They are mostly yellow and blue with two levels
    3 points: Relatively flat in the middle
    4 points: Don’t forget dill (and they have to be new)
    5 points: The keys on my piano
    6 points: It took ten years (before he got home)
    7 points: When I go to work, I think of you
    8 points: The evolution is way up north
    10 points: There is a part moving away from the rest
    12 points: I sometimes add thyme (and it is based on something that says “maeh”)


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