Fête de la Chanson 6: The Results

Hei! We’re approaching the time to reveal the results of Fête de la Chanson 6, hosted in Helsinki. Check back here at 20:00 CET with Nick for the full results.


710 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 6: The Results

  1. Nick is not taking part and I am afraid Jon will miss this edition if Patrick is not notifying this. I am thinking of advertising this contest on ET. Lets see if we can attract anyone else.


  2. Oh. Dobet has just called me and recommended a song and an artist! I am confused now So many different options…!


  3. While others are talking about the British elections I am instead evaluating the Canadian NF. I am planning to send you to Mars and back! This artist is phenomenal.


  4. As some of you may have noticed last edition, I waved my pre-reservation right as Nick’s helper in order to be fairer to everybody. As such, I was not among the first to pick their country. In this edition, I chose to keep my right to pre-reserve (only Guitar ahead of me) because I would be running the contest by myself and felt that I deserved it more this time, as I was putting in more work. Lo and behold, I realize that Nick’s stupid pre-reservation rule means that I cannot pre-reserve the USA because he pre-reserved it in the last edition.

    Even when he’s not competing, he’s out to screw me. So I guess I’m not taking the US this edition.

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  5. Never been to Timbuktu and I dont see myself going to Mali in near future but there is a movie we’re planning to see with the same title 😎

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  6. @rob,dimitris,dino I don’t think I will be claiming the UK so Rob feel free to pick it. Dino, it’s not certain I will be picking Norway but a strong possibility, I am exploring other options as well though 😉

    And since the UK elections seem to garner some attention I will just say it could be worse. I have to congratulate David Cameron for his valiant effort to bring the tories to a more progressive future and I hope he maintains this line and does not go to the right. After all the social conservative grassroots of his party were really hoping he would fail so that they could reverse the tories to what they used to be (at least socially because financially I did not expect many differences) and anything that does not go as social conservatives wanted is a victory for common sense imo. Plus now he won’t need to form a coalition with the heinous DUP, a remnant of old school american republican conservatism that shames NI deeply, nearly as much (if not more since they hold actual power in NI) as UKIP.
    Speaking of UKIP I could not be more happy that Farage was given the boot in his constituency and nationally. That said, forgetting for a moment what UKIP stands for as a party, that 4 million people almost who voted for them have every right to feel terribly underepresented. The fact that the northern irish parties got votes that do not strive far from 100 thousand and got more seats that them or the fact that both the lib dems and SNP got significantly less votes and especially SNP finds itself with 55 more seats than UKIP signals a deep lack of democratic representation with the FPTP system, and I have to recognize that even if I consider UKIP a heinous far right party and its former leader an opportunistic willing idiot and the fact that their presence will be limited will be very beneficiary in the short and long term.
    Cynically speaking the SNP gave the tories the surprising outright majority they would have tried to stop, by kicking labour out of Scotland and scaring those south of the border enough to move them to the right and to a tory vote. That said I think SNP is a party with a strong socially progressive agenda thus far and their (very increased) voice could prove significant in the next parliament. That’s it while keeping on the back of my head that they are a nationalist party with everything that means.
    The gap between north and south is huge, Scotland is essentially not represented at all at the government formed and Cameron better be wise enough to bridge that gap before catering to his eurosceptic voters and MPs with a divisive referendum on EU membership which will most probably widen the divide between England and Scotland.
    All in all, the big loser was surprisingly the EU out of all that. Now they have to run to keep the UK in and show extreme flexibility, something they are not known of. Their rigidity will work against them this time and a possible withdrawal of the UK from the union will have big effects for both sides.

    Sorry for the political rant but I am so invested to the whole process the last days I had to put my thoughts down somewhere and the FDLC forum found itself on my way 😛

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    • I enjoyed reading your views Guitar and I agree with them You have summed it all up very well. The UK voting system needs an overhaul and I do not see it coming very soon, but hopefully after the next election. The result could have been a lot worse! I was pleased to see UKIP with just one seat, but in terms of representation many voices are not being accounted for and that never bodes well. For people of my age the shadow of Blair is still looming large and will affect Labour for the foreseeable future. That man had so much to answer for! I think all of the main parties need to take a good look at what direction they want to head and then stick with it. Cameron has openly stated that whilst he supports a referendum he wants to stay in the EU – I hope he leads a good campaign and convinces his more right-wing colleagues that he has a good vision. Hopefully the referendum will also bring some unity back between England and Scotland 🙂

      Whilst the outcome could have been better, I do have high hopes that Cameron keeps this progressive streak. If someone told me 25 years ago that a Conservative government would approve gay marriage I would have thought it was absurd. All the parties continually shift, but unfortunately some of the public cannot realise this and keep deep-rooted views of how the parties were in the past (I realise my hypocrisy in that statement with my Blair comment earlier – but at least his reign was relatively recent 🙂 )

      Its really nice to know that you are keeping a close eye on UK politics. Do you live in the UK?


      • Thank you Rob I appreciate it 🙂

        I am afraid the referendum will be highly divisive given the more pro european stance of Scotland and the SNP and the euroscepticism witnessed in England mainly.
        With a quite thin majority unfortunately Cameron needs his far right “out of the EU” loons, that’s what I am most afraid of : what he is willing to do to appease them in order to keep that majority.

        Yes Cameron pushed marriage equality through but the majority of his MPs back then voted against. And all of them were re elected. That’s worrying. Hopefully the lib dem and labour MPs who lost to SNP will be replaced by equally progressive MPs from the SNP.

        As for the voting system, it’s never a good thing to have at least 4 mil people who feel like they have no voice in Westminster. And I am afraid that UKIP will capitalize on that blatant unfairness to boost support in next elections. I am not too hopeful either the tory majority will do anything to change that…

        I am keeping a close eye on politics worldwide actually 🙂
        I have lived in the UK but do not currently..Did not get too involved into british politics back then though 😉

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      • Come and move back to the UK – we need more people like you who understand and are engaged with politics 🙂 Unfortunately the media plays a huge role in demonising the EU. The tabloids like The Daily (Hate) Mail tend to do a lot of damage by over-emphasising negatives and omitting the positives. In their eyes Britons who go and live abroad are ex-pats, but anyone living here is an immigrant. I try not to even look at the cover of that ‘newspaper’ when I walk into a newsagents 🙂

        It is certainly going to be an interesting 5 year term. I think the surge to SNP in Scotland might work out quite differently to how they expect, especially since some people were elected there based on the party they stood for rather than any ability or experience. They *might* end up doing a bit of a UKIP and end up unprepared for this sort of popularity. And with such a landslide win in Scotland there are going to be a lot of people with no representation there too!

        Whereabouts in the UK did you live?


      • I hope that people who are not hardcore tories do not pay much attention to shamefully partisan newspapers and tabloids like Telegraph and Daily Mail. I could be wrong.

        Well I wouldn’t compare the SNP to UKIP in terms of experience. SNP has been ruling in holyrood since 2011, they have some experience in ruling. And they have suffered a big defeat in the referendum. They are more mature imo in their structure as a party, even if not all of their elected candidates have the experience (although I am glad the youngest MP was elected with SNP in Scotland).

        I lived some time in Saffron Walden near Cambridge, some time in Cambridge and some time in London 🙂

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      • Sorry, I meant the amount of new SNP MPs.

        How was living in the UK for you? Did you enjoy it? I do really like Cambridge – I lived there for a short while in 1995/96. Would you move back?


      • I loved living in the UK, it’s exactly my cup of tea as a country but it’s a tad too expensive (especially in London) for me to afford it. If the right job/academic opportunity came up I would consider it 🙂

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      • That is good to hear – I always see it as a huge compliment to the country when people say they would like to live here. You are right – actually, both London and Cambridge are very expensive places to live. Are you looking for an academic job? I am too at the moment. You need to put your recent FDLC win on your CV and then try and get a job on the UK Eurovision song selection panel. You are well qualified for that and we need all the help we can get 🙂


  7. After giving some thought to the song selection, I can proudly announce that I will be representing Africa again ❤️😊

    This time I will be calling from the north of the continent though😊My other nominees can rest till the next editions…


  8. I am torn between Suriname, Lesotho, Sweden and Germany atm. Don’t know what to do. 😦

    As for the results in the UK elections, I guess that everyone knows what I think of them. 😦 GOOOOO Green Party!!! LOL

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      • Well, I’d wish that the Green Party in England was more EU friendly but I guess that I agree with them on most other issues. We’ve had a Green Party prime minister here in Baden-Württemberg since 2011 and the Greens have done so many sensible things since then. 🙂

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      • Yes, they could be a bit more EU friendly – as could all the UK parties. Well, publicly they always try and demonise things that the general public do not fully understand. It helps them cover up other things 🙂 I am glad that your Greens have been sensible. When is your next election?


  9. Okay, guys, so as you can probably tell by the fact that I’m making a post about it, I really want to play the US. As the only webmaster, who is willing and open to bending some of Nick’s rules for this edition, there is a part of me that desires to ignore Nick’s rule about me not being able to pre-register his country from the last edition. However, I remember that the rule was created in fairness for all of the contestants. Keeping that in mind has allowed me to keep the rule in place and be content with picking another country.

    However, I believe I have found a suitable compromise. I will put it up to you guys to decide if I can go ahead and be the US or not. That way, I will keep it fair to you all as players and still have a chance to represent the country that I really would want to represent. If even one player comments or emails to the contest email an objection to me taking the US, I will keep the rule in place and select another country. However, if nobody objects and everybody is okay with the decision, I will take the US. I leave my fate in your hands. I will allow people to object from now until the day after I put up the post with the dates for the next FdlC.

    (And no, no hard feelings if you object. I will be perfectly understanding.)


  10. Just wanted to wish a happy eurovision time to everyone btw 🙂 !

    I just watched videos showing around the press room area and accreditation etc and got super hyped 🙂 !

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  11. This time I want to represent my own country, ideally. I have some great, not-so-well known songs I’d like to introduce everyone to.

    Does anyone have dibs on Australia?

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