Fête de la Chanson 7: Confirmation

Hallo! This is the official page for country selection for the seventh edition of Fête de la Chanson. Country confirmation began at 18:00 CET on 25 May and will continue through 23:59 on 7 June. You can reserve your country through email and email only.The contest email is fetedelachanson@gmx.com. Only submissions to this contest email address will be recognized. When sending your country selection, send your top three choices, ranked from your first choice to your third choice. This way, if two people were to try to reserve the same country, the latter will get his or her most preferable alternate.

Below is a list of confirmed countries, which will be updated at least once a day until the end of the country submission period:

Taken Countries:

  • NO Norway: Guitar
  • US United States: Patrick
  • EE Estonia: Alex (USA)
  • CA Canada: Dino
  • NL Netherlands: Stommie
  • GB United Kingdom: Robert
  • Slovakia Slovakia: Tecku
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Donnie
  • SE Sweden: Alex (Greece)
  • AM Armenia: Avat
  • DK Denmark: Anders
  • Mongolia Mongolia: arpatilaos1981
  • Philippines Philippines: Ren Robles
  • AU Australia: Dimitris
  • JP Japan: Max
  • South Korea South Korea: Jon
  • NZ New Zealand: Oxi
  • DZ Algeria: Mermaid
  • IT Italy: Togravus
  • Brazil Brazil: Shevek
  • PL Poland: Marc

63 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 7: Confirmation

    • Okay. Finalized the US nf acts:

      1 – Symphonic pop
      Artist Hint: Once, after creating a 30 second snippet of a song for a commercial, he got so many requests for the title of the full song the snippet was from that he created a full song to tell them.

      2 – Indie folk
      Artist Hint: This artist is well known in the San Francisco area for her music and advocacy for small music venues.

      3 – Blues
      Artist Hint: This artist has received multiple awards for his harmonica playing.

      4 – Pop
      Artist Hint: This upstart project released their debut album in April after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

      5 – Psychedelic Folk
      Artist Hint: This artist released her 2nd album in 2014, 44 years after her debut album.

      6 – Soul pop
      Artist Hint: The lead singer of this band is the child of two immigrants.

      7 – Indie
      Artist Hint: This artist is mostly known for playing a Disney princess in a video that went viral a few years ago, when she was still in college.

      8 – Symphonic hip hop
      Artist Hint: In live performances, this artist does not use pre-recorded loops but rather creates her own loops and samples at the show.


  1. Well, I had hoped to represent my own country for once, but it seems someone else has taken it again, LOL.

    I might enter for Poland or Russia instead.


  2. To stage or not stage a NF. Few people are taking part this time and several do not seem to follow NFs either.


    • Oxi is not entering. Togravus is heading to Malta but he might enter in case he as time to find a decent song. I asked Niclas and Shevek to enter but I have not received a reply yet. Marc and Jon will most probably enter. Luke on the other hand has been absent even during the ESC week.

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  3. Estonia!

    It’s been my dream to be Estonia. I finally get the chance. Lol

    The hard part is choosing an entry. Nobody has the selection possibilities I have. The 50th best Estonian song I own can easily be a great entry. I have 10 YouTube videos alone that are awesome entries.

    Right now I am torn between 6-7 entries. I may just draw lots. I may just randomly select something I own; use the shuffle feature on my iPod and select the first Estonian song eligible that pops up. That’s the kind of confidence I have.

    Our delegation will get together and decide. With our Angel guiding us, we will make the right choice.

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  4. The Philippines has pretty much decided on a band, but choosing which song to send is a bit of a struggle. The delegation is unsure whether to to select the song via internal selection, or to hold a quick national final to decide which song to send.

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    • Thank you for picking the host country it would be a pity for it not to be represented in the contest 🙂


    • Welcome! The HoD from Estonia told me to pass on this message from her. A message we 100% agree with: you guys won’t host the contest even a billionth as well as the previous hosts. LOL

      One, and only one, country will do better hosting than our neighbors: Estonia! Nobody can match the beauty and hospitality that Angelville and Halotown provide.


  5. Update from Canada.

    We decided to stick to our original idea which was to select internally the artist but stage a NF. 5 songs from three different albums of the artist have been already flagged up. The songs will be send tomorrow and once Patrick is ready a relevant website will be available. So keep in touch.


  6. The norwegian HoD has picked our artist internally but are still struggling with the selection process of the song.
    I am orienter more towards an internal selection though atm.

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    • I have been trying to get our famous Estonian armed forces to invade and take over the country (being Norway is a weak and timid country, we can take it over in a half hour or less) but they have told me it’s not an option. Yet.

      One day though.

      Your delegation better behave in The Netherlands. Estonian security has been given strict orders not to tolerate any of the typical Norwegian antics. Wait until you see the new spiked clubs we are providing them with. Even a Norwegian delegation member saying hello will be considered provocation. We aren’t friends and will never be friends. We hate Norway!!

      Oh, and Noway trying to claim we are bullying them. We have an answer to this: Yes. Yes we are and we aren’t afraid to admit it. Norway turned a blind eye to the bullying our friend received in ’13, so now the tables have tuned and they don’t like it.

      Also, Estonia still maintains that Australia should be disqualified for falsifying their documents and sending the paperwork outside the accepted time frame. If Australia can’t follow this rule, how many other, more important rules have they broken? They are as trustworthy as Norway. Disqualify both of these countries now and keep the contest as pure as the white Estonian snow.

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      • You’ve launched an Australia defamation campaign now?We sent our entry at exactly 18:00 CET.We followed the rules and we were punctual as always. 😉

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      • That’s not what the vice president of the FDLCBU said initially. If he is singing a different tune now it only means you got to him and corrupted him.

        We don”t need any campaigns, Australia defames themselves on their own.

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      • I think we should discuss with the other delegations in order to disqualify Estonia from the contest 😛

        I wouldn’t want to do that but you will force me to use my prerogatives as the host of the contest and take measures against the terrorist tactics of the estonian delegation.

        Our sweet artist will not tolerate any of that !

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      • I see. So Norway doesn’t mind aggressiveness as long as they are the aggressors.

        And we all know that only one person in Norway is sweet, and she correctly spends most of her time in Spain (being she is half Spanish), and our wonderful nation. We know how to treat people right!

        Your artist is far from sweet. The artist is a cold blooded manipulator that reflects the nation that sent him/her perfectly.
        And we would have booed Norway at the arena heavily, except for the fact that we turn off the TV in our sound proof private suites when Norway performs. We don’t need to subject ourselves to the noise.

        Of course you want us out, and are trying to form alliances with other weak willed corrupted delegations.

        It says a lot that Norway runs to others to help them instead of fighting their battles themselves.

        Estonia doesn’t want or need friends like yours.

        This may work in your country and your even weaker neighbors, but we are Estonia and we are strong and fearless and aren’t intimidated by weak willed Norway.

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      • A she? I see. Is this some kind of Norwegian peace offering?

        Sure we will gladly give her 12 points…But then deduct 32 because she is Norwegian! Negative 20 points are awarded to Norway by Estonia! LOL

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  7. Remember that this competition has a prize to the winner. Estonia has graciously donated a sealed Eurovision 2CD set that contains all 40 entries and will proudly be sending it to the winner. Good luck to all.

    Thank you Estonia for your kind donation!!


  8. On second thoughts, I think I might sit out this edition. I was only really interested in playing as Australia this time, seeing as I’d never had the chance to do so before (I even made a comment on here about it). And given that registration opened at 3 a.m. my time, I was never going to be able to compete with all the people who were able to submit on the dot. But hey, never mind…

    Good luck everyone, and see you next edition!


  9. Dino, I am not sure if I am going to be around for this one, because I am very busy atm. I will try to find a song next weekend.

    P.S. – do join, Marc. I promise I’ll try to book Australia in FDLC 8 and then I’ll give it you. I prefer to go for less known countries when it comes to music.

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  10. Think I’m going to join Shevek and Marc and sit this one out as well.

    I’m all Eurovisioned out atm and busy in life. I had a ballad planned for Ireland that meant a lot to me for personal family reasons but it’d be too hard to see it flop and be hated like most of my songs, Also I’m not keen on the rules, where USA (or in European only UK) is always reserved first, the winner can’t stay on to defend their own country (Xello FInland) and the artist rule is too restrictive (ie someone born in Trinidad and lived there 7 years doesn’t count as Trinidadian, and someone descended from Cubans doesn’t count as Cuban.) And as I’ve previously been told if I don’t like the rules then to leave I will follow that advice.

    I did well in the last edition despite the Anti-Max factor and think there is a good place to leave it.

    Good luck Donnie and Xello (if you are still in?)

    Much love, Maxie out ❤ x


    • 1) I literally asked openly in the comments if anybody had any complaints about me wishing to reserve the US. I even pointed out that it was against the rules of the contest, but I was thinking of bending it like I bent the rules on date of submission because I wanted to be the US. However, I said, if one person had brought up an objection to my selection, I was going to leave the US open and compete with another country. That was over a week ago, and you never complained in all that time until now.
      2) That rule that a winner can’t select his own country again has been scrapped.
      3) As for the restrictive rules, what Nick is trying to do is to promote diversity. He is trying to say that an artist that doesn’t consider such-and-such country a part of their major influences can’t represent that country. For example, one of the artists in my US nf was born in Texas but moved when she was young to Indiana. Now, she lives in California but considers her musical base to be New York. She would be eligible in a state edition for either California (where she has lived for years) or New York (where she considers her artistic home). She would not be eligible in Texas (her state of birth) or Indiana (a state she grew up in). If she were inclined to actually represent a state, New York and California represent her more than Texas or Indiana. Or let’s take the child of Cuban immigrants that has never been to Cuba. That person would be eligible if they had before stated that they were heavily influenced by Cuban culture shared by family and the community around them. They would not be eligible if they ignored their Cuban descent and embraced, let’s say a culture more prevalent in the UK, a culture they found home. In a way, Nick is saying that an artist is more than where they were born or a place that they briefly lived.

      As for the Irish ballad, I understand if you would not want to compete with it. In ETSC 1, I sent a song that I really loved and did not want to see fail because it would break my heart. I had a very close connection to it, and I got really upset when it didn’t do well (you can ask Morgan or Marc about it). It sounds like you have a deeper connection with this ballad. I wouldn’t want to put you in a situation that would crush you.
      We, as the FdlC community, would love to still see you competing in the contest. The final choice is up to you, but I wanted to open up the chance to discuss the rules that you disagree and any other problems you may have, as well as to let you know that you are welcome in this contest and are a respected member of the FdlC contest community.


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      • Ok I genuinely apologise about the US thing I hadn’t seen that and it’s good to hear one of the rules about the winner has been scrapped.

        As for the country/artist thing maybe this has also changed but I have in the past tried to enter someone for a country they were born in and constantly reffered to, and even filmed (at the time) a majority of their videos there.

        But as lots of the rules have changed, when I genuinely believed there was no chance, I will reconsider.


      • Nick has done artist issues in the past, and as he is currently away on holiday, I really cannot say more about past rejections. I have had no part in them. This is my edition though, and I am accepting/rejecting the songs this time.

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