Fête de la Chanson 7: The Songs!

Hallo! The submission period is now open for songs to be received from the delegations competing worldwide to become the winner of the seventh edition of Fête de la Chanson. The delegations now have until 7 June to select and submit their entry.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as entries are received and confirmed.

Accepted Songs:

NL Netherlands (Stommie): “Riddles” – Kensington

NO Norway (Guitar): “Runaway” – AURORA

DK Denmark (Anders): “7.777.777” – Peter Sommer

Philippines Philippines (Ren Robles): “Turn It Well” – Up Dharma Down

Mongolia Mongolia (arpatilaos): “Sodura” – Sarantuya

Slovakia Slovakia (Tecku): “Ženy aj muži” – Zuzana Smatanová

AM Armenia (Avat): “Merig” – GATA ft. Andranik Manukyan

NZ Australia (Dimitris): “Mess is Mine” – Vance Joy

JP Japan (Max): “Golden Touch” – Namie Amuro

Max has requested that you watch the video in full screen and hold your finger to the screen as shown at the beginning of the video.

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (Donnie): “Rizamyn” – KeshYou

GB United Kingdom (Robert): “Shut Eye” – Stealing Sheep

South Korea South Korea (Jon): “Next Winter” – Junil Jung

NZ New Zealand (Oxi): “The Machines of B” – Jordan Reyne

DZ Algeria (Mermaid): “Ghir Enta” – Souad Massi

IT Italy (Togravus): “Sicilia mia” – Etta Scollo

SE Sweden (Alex [Greece]): “Borderline” – Tove Styrke

CA Canada (Dino): “Anywhere on this Road” – Lhasa de Sela

Brazil Brazil (Shevek): “Freguês da meia-noite” – Criolo

US United States (Patrick): “Juniper” – Noe Venable

EE Estonia (Alex [USA]): “Nii Täiuslik See” – Birgit Õigemeel

PL Poland (Marc): “Za” – Drekoty

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:


453 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 7: The Songs!

  1. And WELCOME POLAND and Marc!
    So FdlC 7 will feature 21 entries after all!
    9 European (NETH, NOR, DEN, SLVK, UK, ITA, SWE, EST, POL)
    6 Asian (PHIL, MONG, ARM, JAP, KZK, S.KOR)
    2 from Oceania (AUSTR, NZEAL)
    2 North American (USA, CAN)
    1 South American (BRA)
    1 African (ALG)
    Which continent is winning?
    And now the tough work of personally ranking them and excluding 10 countries out of points…Grrr!

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  2. Of course I will restrain myself from making any kind of prediction until every last entrant has voted !


  3. Here’s the running order. Expect the official post to be made within the next 24 hours.

    1. Philippines: Ren Robles
    2. Armenia: Avat
    3. United States: Patrick
    4. Brazil: Shevek
    5. Netherlands: Stommie
    6. Sweden: Alex (Greece)
    7. Canada: Dino
    8. Kazakhstan: Donnie
    9. Italy: Togravus
    10. Australia: Dimitris
    11. Mongolia: arpatilaos1981
    12. Slovakia: Tecku
    13. Poland: Marc
    14. Algeria: Mermaid
    15. South Korea: Jon
    16. New Zealand: Oxi
    17. Denmark: Anders
    18. Japan: Max
    19. Norway: Guitar
    20. Estonia: Alex (USA)
    21. United Kingdom: Robert

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  4. Average score after listening to all songs once: 8.1 (excluding Italy)

    1 x 12
    2 x 10
    7 x 9
    4 x 8
    3 x 7
    1 x 6
    1 x 5
    1 x 3


    • May ask how much would you give to ”La Maree haute”? :p Also I can predict your winner and your least favorite.


  5. My personal view for each song. As short and discreet as possible :p.

    the Philippines: urban
    Armenia: acoustic Caucasus
    the USA: sophisticated
    Brazil: nightly
    the Netherlands: summer camp festival
    Sweden: erratic youth
    Canada: esoteric/philosophical
    Kazakhstan: ”Divaish”
    Italy: classy
    Australia: positive mood
    Mongolia: existential
    Slovakia: happy-clappy
    Poland: za (for) Anders 🙂
    Algeria: nostalgia
    South Korea: ”Disneyish”
    New Zealand: elusive
    Denmark: thoughtful
    Japan: gimmicky :p
    Norway: northern
    Estonia: rural
    United Kingdom: groovy

    Canada being sandwiched by two contemporary pop songs sounds as if it arrived from another planet… I hope it is for good :p


    • Btw, have you noticed that the Italian lyrics are by the famous Sicilian Arab poet Ibn Hamdis? He had a sad/interesting live too. He was born in Siracusa in 1056 but had to leave his beloved Sicily when it fell to the Normans in 1072. He moved to al-Andalus (Sevilla) but had to leave again when the fanatical Almoravids, who (like all religious fanatics) hated poetry and culture, conquered al-Andalus. The poem is about his love for the home country he lost. 😦

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    • That was fast. 🙂
      I’ll probably need another week to make up my mind. So many 9/12 songs trying to push each other out of the points atm. 🙂


  6. By the way if you have good headphones available please do me a favor and use them while listening to the Canadian song. Set the volume to the limit and you might be able to listen to something interesting. I was able to notice for the first time only when I have listened to ”Anywhere on this road” through my ipod.


  7. A preliminary ranking (excluding Denmark):

    10/12: 2 songs
    9/12: 2 songs
    8/12: 5 songs
    7/12: 4 songs
    6/12: 3 songs
    5/12: 2 songs
    4/12: 1 songs
    3/12: 1 song

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    • LOL I hope the song deserves your support as well. It’s about a man who falls in love with a mafioso’s lover. It does not end well. The lyrics are very good, they tap dance around the topic with class and irony. I love the orchestration and melody too.


  8. There is a song that drives me insane when i listen to it !! I really like it !!! I’m pretty sure that the country which is represented by that , doesn’t expect the swedish douze points!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  9. Since the trumpet is a significant element (being the climax) of ”Anywhere on this Road” I should introduce you to the player. It is Ibrahim Maalouf – lets see if Algeria gives us smth :p.

    A great piece from him:

    And his website:



  10. I’ve narrowed it down to 12 songs claiming a place in my top-10.It will be sad to leave 2 songs out though. 😦
    I have a clear top-4.


  11. Top10 has been almost formed. One song climbed to the second place from 6th place. One went down to 11th place from 7th while another one is going up and down all the time; either as 9th/10th or 11th/12th.

    I could say I have a strong top12; a definite winner and then 4 songs closing the top5. 6th, 7th and 8th have been in top10 since the beginning.


  12. It’s probably the first time I don’t have big issues leaving songs behind at #11, #12 and #13. Not that I don’t like them but not as much as in previous editions. Overall I think it’s been on ok edition but not as strong as the previous one. All I know is that I love my top 2 and like very much my #3 to #6 !
    I voted for every single continent BUT one!


  13. Haven’t listened to all the songs in full yet, but after two quick listens (first impressions), I may have a Top 6 tier, followed by a tier of 4 (which should give me my Top 10), another tier of 5, then a bottom 5. But I still need to listen to all the songs, preferably more than once, before I make a final decision.


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