Fête de la Chanson 7: Utrecht

Hallo! After a short break for the Eurovision Song Contest, Fête de la Chanson resumes with its seventh edition, held in Utrecht. Twenty-one countries from around the world have chosen their song and gathered to compete for the rights to host the eighth edition.

Hosts: Edsilia Rombley & Tim Douwsma


Venue: TivoliVredenburg


Voting: Send your votes to fetedelachanson@gmx.com by Thursday, 18 June 2015.


1. Philippines Philippines (Ren Robles)

“Turn It Well” – Up Dharma Down

2. AM Armenia (Avat)

“Merig” – GATA ft. Andranik Manukyan

3. US United States (Patrick)

“Juniper” – Noe Venable

4. Brazil Brazil (Shevek)

“Freguês da meia-noite” – Criolo

5. NL Netherlands (Stommie)

“Riddles” – Kensington

6. SE Sweden (Alex [Greece])

“Borderline” – Tove Styrke

7. CA Canada (Dino)

“Anywhere on this Road” – Lhasa de Sela

8. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (Donnie)

“Rizamyn” – KeshYou

9.IT Italy (Togravus)

“Sicilia mia” – Etta Scollo

10. NZ Australia (Dimitris)

“Mess is Mine” – Vance Joy

11. Mongolia Mongolia (Arpatilaos)

“Sodura” – Sarantuya

12. Slovakia Slovakia (Tecku)

Ženy aj muži” – Zuzana Smatanová

13. PL Poland (Marc)

“Za” – Drekoty

14. DZ Algeria (Mermaid)

“Ghir enta” – Souad Massi

15. South Korea South Korea (Jon)

“Next Winter” – Junil Jung

16. NZ New Zealand (Oxi)

“The Machines of B” – Jordan Reyne

17. DK Denmark (Anders)

“7.777.777” – Peter Sommer

18. JP Japan (Max)

“Golden Touch” – Namie Amuro

19. NO Norway (Guitar)

“Runaway” – AURORA

20. EE Estonia (Alex [USA])

“Nii täiuslik see” – Birgit Õigemeel

21. GB United Kingdom (Robert)

“Shut Eye” – Stealing Sheep


  • US United States: Patrick
  • NZ New Zealand: Oxi
  • DK Denmark: Anders
  • Mongolia Mongolia: arpatilaos
  • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Donnie
  • PL Poland: Marc
  • AM Armenia: Avat
  • CA Canada: Dino
  • NL Netherlands: Stommie
  • GB United Kingdom: Robert
  • South Korea South Korea: Jon
  • Brazil Brazil: Shevek
  • Slovakia Slovakia: Tecku
  • IT Italy: Toggie
  • AU Australia: Dimitris
  • JP Japan: Max
  • DZ Algeria: Mermaid
  • Philippines Philippines: Ren Robles
  • SE Sweden: Alex (Greece)
  • NO Norway: Guitar
  • EE Estonia: Alex (USA)

Left to Vote:


1,015 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 7: Utrecht

  1. Special announcement from the Armenian delegation:
    If somehow Armenia is in top 3 the ones who have provided 12 points to Armenia will get tour tickets to Armenia for free. Tour includes visits to all sight shut in this video

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantastic. 🙂
      Accidentally, I reviewed my list of places I want to visit in Armenia only last night. There are 43 items on my Armenian list. I am working on Austria now, and once I have updated my Austrian list, there are only the big countries avaiting review and extension: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Greece, Turkey and Russia. I have updated all other countries. Wthout the big ones, my list stands at 2517 places I want to visit. Fortunately, I have already visited more than half of those places.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I still have Karabakh under Azerbaijan because that is the German government’s position, to which I will stick in order to avoid being drawn into this political mess. But there isn’t that much to see in Karabakh anyway … well, there are Shusha and the monasteries of Amaras and Gandzasar … That’s about it … have I missed sth?


      • There are many tourists here – USA, Germany, France! You missed Tgranakert ruins and museum /founded by Tigranes The Great king of artaxid Armenia/, Askeran fortress and AMAZING nature 😉


      • I read about Askeran Fortress last night but did not think it significant enough to be included. I’ll check again … Nature is included in enjoy while you drive from A to B on most occasions. Are there any natural attractions in Karabakh that deserve to be listed as sights in their own right?


      • We. me myself enjoy natural jacuzzi quite often here

        Also forgot about Dadivank and surrounding mountainious area which is quite spectacular!


  2. My last minute comments:

    Brazil has 4 European countries in its top 10. The top 3 has two European countries.

    P.S. – The Brazilian entry should fare much worse than what people are expecting (I’ve skimmed through some of the comments). Lots of 11th places are looming on the horizon. Good luck, everyone! Prediction – Australia, USA or the UK will win.


      • Yeah, I read the Wikipedia entry on continents… different regions seem to teach different things, so I don’t know which framework Patrick used to declare that an entry from each participating continent made the Top 10.

        FWIW, I enjoyed your entry. 🙂 And I do think that it did well enough to make the overall Top 10.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I personally expect 6 or 7 of the 10 countries I gave points to to finish in the Top 10. I predict 3 of my Top 5 to make the Top 10. And I feel like only one of my Top 5 will actually make the overall Top 5.

    I think the winner will be outside my Top 5, with a chance of it being outside my Top 10. And at least one of my Top 10 may well finish in the Bottom 5.

    As for the Philippines, I’m predicting a Bottom 5 finish with no 12 points awarded to it. I think it’s a strong contender for last place.


  4. If Italy wants to get a decent result, we need significant points from the 2nd jury already. I am pretty sure that we’ll be doomed if our friends in New Zealand ignore us …


  5. The Philippine delegation is proud of the performance of its entry Up Dharma Down at Fete de la Chanson 7 in Utrecht. The final placing is ultimately unimportant, and the delegation is confident that the band did their country proud no matter what.

    Future participation of the Philippines at FdlC is currently in doubt, however rumor has it that another Southeast Asian nation may make an appearance at FdlC8, pending scheduling and financing issues.

    As a final gift, here’s a mini-concert by Up Dharma Down, Filipino entry at FdlC7!

    Liked by 2 people

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