Fête de la Chanson 8: Preliminary Info & Dates

Olá! Hopefully you’ve had a restful summer and are ready for some serious song contest action, because Fête de la Chanson is coming back! I hope you appreciate the new visual identity that the contest has received. 😉 That will extend to the recaps, so here’s a preview of what’s in store.

Thanks to Shevek, Brazil won with “Freguês da meia-noite” by Criolo and will be hosting the 8th edition! Please send in the information for the next edition like host city, hosts, venue, etc. asap. Now for dates, I have this schedule tightly coordinated with my personal schedule, so it can’t really move.

  • 5 September: Reservations open
  • 7 September: Submissions open
  • 17 September: Submissions close, voting opens
  • 28-30 September: Voting closes, results are posted

Now a lot of interest has been shown by some ETSC players, and we might actually move to semis! Should that happen, countries will be randomly drawn into each semi, except for whichever country Shevek has picked. The schedule would be slightly modified:

  • 28 September: Semi voting closes, results are posted
  • 29 September: Grand final voting opens
  • 9-10 October: Grand final results posted

Be sure to check out the rules as some of them have been slightly edited. The most drastic change is that FdlC will permanently be a world-based contest! So our special editions will have to change a bit. Maybe an edition where each player picks for another? Or an edition where all songs have to be from a certain decade? Or something else? Time will tell, but for now, FdlC 8 will remain a normal edition.

I hope to see you all soon!


56 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 8: Preliminary Info & Dates

  1. Hopefully I’ll have enough time during the early phase to participate. I’m moving to another country, so there’s gonna be a bit of uncertainty, but that’s part of the fun, eh?

    As for special editions: How about one where ONLY previous ESC artists can participate? But of course with different songs.

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  2. Oh, a quick note on the new organization of the site. If you want to check on old articles, go to that edition’s page in “History,” and click on the link at the bottom of the page called “Explore the rest of the edition!” I wanted to simplify the experience.


    • When i click on Home i just read go to the most recent article.In order to get to this thread(preliminary dates and infos) i have to click on my previous comments in order to find it.Is there another way to find all the recent articles and not just the most recent one?


  3. Well I start back at Uni on the 5th so we shall have to see.

    Great news that its permanently worldwide now. Personally I won’t participate if their is semis. I fundamentally disagree with them, hope we don’t have this situation.

    I have a question about the rules, it says “an artist must Have full citizenship (i.e., an artist’s parents being from the country does not let the artist participate in FdlC).” But often people inherit full citizenship from their parents. So would someone for example born in Trinidad and Tobago, to Trinidadian parents who had Trinadadian citizenship now finally be allowed to represent Trinidad, even if they moved to new york when they were a kid?

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    • Hopefully you’ll be able to find the time (and that the format of the edition will be to your liking q: ). I start tomorrow! 🙂
      Nope, read the first sub-rule “The artist must have lived in their country for at least 10 years.” That artist would only be eligible for the United States.

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  4. Yes!!!
    I will be in Moscow/Russia between 10-14 September but my songs are ready…I guess I won’t be missing anything this time😊❤️

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  5. Good morning. I just sent Nick and Patrick, although I did not mention the latter by name (sorry!), information on the city, venue and host.

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  6. I like the new visual identity. 🙂

    The show or shows will take place in the State of Amazonas at the Amazonas Theatre in Manaus. You can catch a glimpse of the buidling in the photo above.

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  7. I’m not really in favor of having semifinals tbh but that’s only my opinion.Plus,it will make one eidtion last too long.


  8. Hi guys! I confirm my participation as well in FdlC 8! 🙂
    Btw, this site looks very good! I like the design, simple but elegant. 🙂

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  9. Wait, so you have to send the entry when confirming? Then I guees I have to send another email haha :P, Im also kinda new to all of this, but like the idea of the whole world edition idea and the 10 max years, it gives this contest another touch then ETSC ^^

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    • Reservation is done via email to fetedelachanson@gmx.com at 19:00 CET on the 5th of September. It’s done the ETSC way. You just send a list of 5 max countries you would like to participate with (Denmark and Mexico are already taken by administrator Nick and previous winner Shevek respectively)
      From the 7th of September you will be able to submit the song from the country you managed to claim
      I hope it’s clear.

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