Fête de la Chanson 8: The Countries & Songs

Olá! This is the collection of countries and songs that will come together for the eighth edition of Fête de la Chanson, which will be held in Manaus, Brazil! There are some schedule changes:

29 August, 20:00 CET: Country reservation opens

31 August: Song submission opens

10 September: Song submission closes/11 September: Recaps published, semis open

21 September: Semi voting closes/22 September: Semi results published

23 September: Final recap published

3 October: Final voting closes/4 October: Grand final results published

The semi-final allocations will be announced in the days before 10 September, as well as Brazil (Shevek’s country) draw in the final.

Reserved countries:

  • Brazil Brazil (Shevek) – AQ*
  • DK Denmark (Nick P.)*
  • CO Colombia (Patrick P.)*
  • SE Sweden (Rob)*
  • GB United Kingdom (Dino)*
  • AU Australia (Marc P.)*
  • FI Finland (Razvan)*
  • GR Greece (Alex L.)*
  • US United States (Ovidarch)*
  • NZ New Zealand (Donnie)*
  • MY Malaysia (Mermaid)*
  • IE Ireland (Gregor)*
  • AR Argentina (Randomvan)*
  • CA Canada (Dimitris)*
  • AT Austria (Guitar)*
  • CN China (Tecku)*
  • BW Botswana (Toggie)*
  • BE Belgium (Stommie)*
  • RW Rwanada (Arpatilaos)*
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian)*
  • KP North Korea (Danny)*
  • PR Puerto Rico (Jon)*
  • BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)*
  • SG Singapore (Ren Robles)*
  • EE Estonia (Sedapsi)*
  • TN Tunisia (Oxi)*
  • NG Nigeria (Ellie)*
  • AM Armenia (Avat)*
  • HR Croatia (Niclas)*
  • FR France (Luke)*
  • SK Slovakia (Tim)*
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)*
  • IT Italy (Rosalina)*
  • ZA South Africa (Andy)*
  • NO Norway (Kim)*


DK Denmark (Nick P.)

“Koder på snor” – Valravn

AR Argentina (Randomvan)

“Paz” – Alucinaria

GB United Kingdom (Dino)

“Stranger” – Goldfrapp

CO Colombia (Patrick P.)

“Fiesta” – Bomba Estéreo

SG Singapore (Ren Robles)

“Take Heart” – The Sam Willows

FI Finland (Razvan)

“Missä muruseni on” – Jenni Vartiainen

RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos)

“Baramushaka” – Knowless

BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)

“Zabranjeno pušenje” – DENIAL

BE Belgium (Stommie)

“Strange Entity” – Oscar and the Wolf

US United States (Ovidarch)

“Dangerous Days” – Zola Jesus

IE Ireland (Gregor)

“Less Than a Pearl” – Enya

EE Estonia (Sedapsi)

“Vihma loits” – Greip

GR Greece (Alex L.)

“Tous eipes pws” – Malou

PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Te amo idiota” – Raquel Sofía

AU Australia (Marc P.)

“Vacant Space” – George Maple

GT Guatemala (Tristian)

“Blues del mar” – Gaby Moreno (Alternate link)

TN Tunisia (Oxi)

“Khamsa” – Dhafer Youssef

FR France (Luke)

“Baby Love” – Petite Meller

HR Croatia (Niclas)

“Tragovi” – Željka Marinović

MY Malaysia (Mermaid)

“Mermaid” – Yuna

ZA South Africa (Andy)

“Loliwe” – Zahara

AM Armenia (Avat)

“Elegia” – Lilit Hovhannisyan

SK Slovakia (Tim)

“Thinking About You” – Peter Bič Project (Alternate Link)

Brazil Brazil (Shevek)

“É preciso dizer” – Silva

NG Nigeria (Ellie)

“Heartbeat” – Nneka

ID Indonesia (Bay)


BW Botswana (Toggie)

“Nanzala vuke” – La Timmy

CA Canada (Dimitris)

“Mistral gagnant” – Coeur de Pirate (Alternate Link)

NZ New Zealand (Donnie)

“Summerfly” – Hayley Westenra

SE Sweden (Rob)

“For a Little While” – Johnossi

CN China (Tecku)

“Xin zhan” – Alan Dawa Dolma

AT Austria (Guitar)

“Les nuits blanches” – Valerie Sajdik

IT Italy (Rosalina)

“Non ti scordar mai di me” – Giusy Ferreri

KP North Korea (Danny)

“We Will Climb Mt. Paektu” – Moranbong Band

NO Norway (Kim)

“We’re Goin’ Down” – Elizabeth Kostova

National Finals:

Download artist icons here!


859 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 8: The Countries & Songs

  1. I have listened to the 8 first songs and 3 more from the nfs and will start listening to all of them probably on Thursday 🙂 ! I am guessing we won’t be getting an entry from North Korea most likely…


  2. 3 entries revealed tonight. 32 songs so far…
    Still waiting for the last three submissions but some trends are already visible 😉
    F.e we surely miss some male vocalists (compared to ETSC 4 let’s say)
    Plus, a lot of melancholy. Well it was to be expected. It’s the first month of autumn :p

    Liked by 2 people

    The semi-final allocation draw has been completed! An article explaining the process of the allocation and the results of the allocation draw will be published promptly!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Kind of off topic as we wait for the semi allocation draw but I just found out that Marketa Irlgova has won an academy award for Best Original Song in 2007 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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