Fête de la Chanson 8: Manaus (Semi-Finals)

Olá! This is the start of the semi-finals for the eighth edition of Fête de la Chanson, live from Manaus, Brazil!

Host: Criolo


Venue: Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil



Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2



Vote by sending an e-mail to fetedelachanson@gmx.com with your top 10, as well as two alternates (your 11th and 12th places). The deadline to vote is 21 September!


Brazil Brazil (Shevek) has voted in both semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1:


  • TN Tunisia (Oxi) – Both SFs
  • CN China (Tecku) – Both SFs
  • CO Colombia (Patrick P.)
  • NZ New Zealand (Donnie) – Both SFs
  • CA Canada (Dimitris)  – Both SFs
  • IE Ireland (Gregor) – Both SFs
  • ZA South Africa (Andy)
  • GR Greece (Alex L.) – Both SFs
  • IT Italy (Rosalina)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)
  • HR Croatia (Eulenspiegel)
  • SE Sweden (Rob) – Both SFs
  • FR France (Luke) – Both SFs
  • FI Finland (Razvan) – Both SFs
  • KP North Korea (Danny)
  • SG Singapore (Ren Robles)
  • BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)
Semi-Final 2:


  • RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos) – Both SFs
  • PR Puerto Rico (Jon)
  • NO Norway (Kim) – Both SFs
  • NG Nigeria (Ellie) – Both SFs
  • GB United Kingdom (Dino) – Both SFs
  • AU Australia (Marc P.) – Both SFs
  • AR Argentina (Randomvan) – Both SFs
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian) – Both SFs
  • MY Malaysia (Mermaid) – Both SFs
  • BE Belgium (Stommie)
  • US United States (Ovidarch) – Both SFs
  • DK Denmark (Nick P.)
  • EE Estonia (Sedapsi) – Both SFs
  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • AT Austria (Guitar)
  • BW Botswana (Toggie) – Both SFs
  • SK Slovakia (Tim)

fdlc8 big poster-01


417 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 8: Manaus (Semi-Finals)

  1. I feel the need to address the Rest of the World jury system. The reasons I implemented this system for collecting the extra votes were:
    1) It’s easier for me. Taking down 20+ sets of votes for semi-finals of 17 countries is much more cumbersome than you would think.
    2) It’s fairer, because I don’t have mandated voting in each semi-final. The contest I took this idea from had a problem with equal voicing in the semis. For example, there would be five players voting in their opposite semi-final and only one player from the other semi-final doing the same. In the end, the host decided to give the opposite semi-final voters an equal voice by creating a jury. If I had mandated voting in both semi-finals, I probably would just take the votes individually because that makes more sense, but I didn’t know how many people would be voting in both, so I wanted to do it this way just in case there ended up being a large imbalance between the semi-finals.
    3) It’s more realistic. Not that it really matters, but in ESC, not every country broadcasts both semi-finals, so why would each country (theoretically) vote in both?

    If this is a significant issue for you that’s affecting your enjoyment of the contest, I can recommend you other fan contests online that might align more with your desires.

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    • Thank you for clarifying.

      I will never vote again in a semi and in case UK doesn’t qualify I will not vote to the final as well – I don’t want to bother with a ranking which will eventually be buried in a generalized voting.

      Also, the comparison with ESC isn’t accurate. Semis in ESC were introduced as a method of minimizing the ”friendly” voting as much as possible – not for tackling technicalities.

      ”It’s easier for me. Taking down 20+ sets of votes for semi-finals of 17 countries is much more cumbersome than you would think.”

      I do agree. 30 sets of votes for two semis must be a hell of a job. However, I thought Patrick was helping you, hence his status as host. Scrapping the semis will eventually reduce the amount of job not only for you but for the other users as well. We lost Max because of this idea, now Ren (and others) doesn’t have the time to manage two rankings at the same time. Also, it will shorten the competition significantly…one plus month is far too much for one edition.

      You don’t have to change the rules/processes. I am just offering an alternative view 🙂

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    • I am not trying to push my opinion or anything just stating my point of view :
      “It’s easier for me. Taking down 20+ sets of votes for semi-finals of 17 countries is much more cumbersome than you would think”
      But isn’t it already painful adding all other semi’s votes to come up with a RoW vote? It is not as if you will not count them especially the moment the majority of participants bothered to vote in both semis. If it is still hard for you to count all 20+ plus votes separately you could have asked for help. I am always willing to help same as many people here!
      “It’s fairer”
      Well actually it’s not ! With RoW vote, 10 plus people in each semi who did spend time in order to rank the other semi’s songs will just be part of a generalized jury vote… That’s not ethical imo… Besides you give extra weight to 17 people ONLY to have a big say to the qualifiers and these 17 people were just randomly selected. In my opinion the only fair way is to have as MANY people as possible choose the qualifiers. Not only 17. Who cares if semi 1 has 26 voters and semi 2 has 27 out of 35. It is still better than 17 people plus a RoW vote of minimized effect. And as for the argument of how people in the other semi could potentially vote tactically thus it would be wiser to minimize their vote then I would say that the same could happen in Final meaning the eliminated HoDs could do the same…Will that mean that we shall use a RoW vote in Final too?
      I hope at least my votes in semi 2 will be revealed at the sake of transparency (same as with other voters voting in both semis and we don’t get to see only the RoW vote)….In addition I really want people to see how I voted in the other semi and the other way around. It IS part of the fun!
      Let’s see how this pilot edition will work…
      It’s up to you really!

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  2. Now going through the SF1 songs one final time before sending my votes.

    I’m really sorry I couldn’t vote for both semifinals but that’s what uprooting your life and trying to settle in halfway around the world can do to you. I could vote for the sake of voting but that wouldn’t be fair for the songs in SF 2, because either I won’t be able to give each song a chance to “grow” on me, or I’d just be sending random votes for the sake of saying I voted in both semis. Which would defeat the purpose (and spirit) of the contest.

    In any case: This will probably be the last time I’ll be participating in either FdlC or ETSC. I simply don’t have the “dedication” to try and actually compete. This was a fun thing to try out post-ESC but I never realized how serious the competition actually was. I’m still hoping for a good result to wrap up my summer of ESC online contests!

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    • ETSC might be some dedication, but it’s only once a year, and post-esc excitement, so you’ll see, it’s must needed… on the other hand, doing it every month only dries out the source, you cant know THAT many AWESOME songs to share, the level cant be consistent (unless you really go outside the box: no-Europe, or older songs, covers, etc.), you yourself cant be consistent (you’re going to have some very busy times in your life), not every player is in every edition etc. I know some people who just miss a few FDLC here and there to keep momentum, but I just take it upon myself to only check the songs during the year, but never to participate in FDLC to keep my own dedication fresh for ETSC (and summer is the least busy time of the year, at least for me and as I said, we’re all in an Eurovision-high)… plus, with almost all regulars participating, it’s hard to consider yourself the one left out for ETSC, so I hope you’ll reconsider!

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      • That’s what I like about FdlC, actually… the opportunity to send songs from and represent countries that I actually know something about. ETSC had an added level of difficulty for me because I had to do additional research. But I do get what you mean… it’s hard to keep up a high level of intensity throughout the year!

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      • I’ll probably be in and out over the next months. ETSC 4 and FdlC 8 showed me that participating in an online contest every month can be a bit much if you are a working man who loves travelling, reading, creating excel files related to places worth visiting and a rich social life. There are almost 100 private e-mails waiting to be answered atm … Some of them are birthday letters I received 10 days ago …
        I really love both ETSC and FdlC, so my skipping an edition now and then has absolutely nothing to do with me not enjoying the contests. I think that every other month will be perfect for me.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I think it was the stress of trying to catch up with the deadline to send votes, combined with the whole issue with the semifinal voting. The feeling will pass, I’m sure, but for now, I’ll take things one day/season at a time.


      • Everything kind of wrapped up by Thursday/Friday (apart from uni actually starting), so that’s how I managed to get time to finally vote!


    • If you take it THAT competitively then it isn’t manageable, but if you establish a down-to-earth approach it is. Unless you refer to the semis/voting procedure.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yeah, mostly the semis/voting procedure. I do think there should be a review and clarification of everything (who gets to vote in the semis, how it’s weighted, etc.) before the next edition starts. I did feel slighted that voting in only one semi was deemed “less dedicated” than voting in both, and I know that wasn’t personal, but still couldn’t help feeling hurt. Maybe with a review and clarification of the rules for next time, it won’t be an issue in future editions.

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    • I hope that you will be around during the ESC season at least. If not, you will be missed.

      Btw, how is life in Berlin? Do you like your new home?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Berlin has been treating me well, yes.

        I probably will be around for ESC… I mean, that’s the whole reason why I even showed up to the website, right? I won’t be able to stay away, especially if I somehow make it to Stockholm next year. *prays*

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  3. i think I will again be representing Asia in the upcoming FDLC unless something extraordinary comes up😊


    • Your votes for the other semi will not be added separately to the votes of the 17 participants there, but as a part of a jury which will consist of other people in semi 1 who bothered to vote in semi 2…
      And all that to save the hosts time? or even to minimize the effect of tactical vote from people from the other semi…

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      • I see. Thank you. Not sure I’d like that. Anyway, it’s up to Nick and Patrick.


  4. Lol am very confused how collating 17 votes together and ranking them to get a Top 10 for a ROW vote is somehow quicker than just adding them separately. By definition its extra work as there are extra steps involved.

    I think this semi idea has been a big flop, let’s try and bounce back and recover, and have the next edition back to the tried and trusted format of allowing everyone to participate in the main event, rather than eliminating half for no apparent reason and a voting system that is clear and fair at the start of the contest not constantly in flux and twisting itself in knots!

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    • ”voting system that is clear and fair at the start of the contest not constantly in flux and twisting itself in knots!”

      Exactly, that last part is what annoys me most. Had all rules were concrete before the voting I wouldn’t be ”challenging” them now. I get the same feeling I got in August with that fluid regulations about small countries.

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    • “Lol am very confused how collating 17 votes together and ranking them to get a Top 10 for a ROW vote is somehow quicker than just adding them separately. By definition its extra work as there are extra steps involved”
      Lol ! That’s what I thought. This argument falls flat… Get an excel and add all the votes (there are around 26 voters for each semi). Easy and quick. Definitely quicker than trying to come up with a RoW vote and then add it to the 17 votes from each semi.

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    • I’ve been reading all the comments and I reached to the conclusion that you guys don’t know a shit about managing an online song contest.

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  5. I have sent my vote. Late like always haha. I personally think the semis made it easy for me reason is because I prefer listening to the songs all at once reasoning being that my mood can effect how I vote a song don’t know why but that’s just me. Well done nick your doing a great job! And it is a bit different doing semis makes it more interesting. Everyone needs to remember it’s a game!! I am also going to send the song I was gonna send to this fdlc to the next edition its a great song imho 😊

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  6. UPDATE:
    The results will be live at 18:00 tonight! The draw for the grand final will be revealed as well, and the recap will be published tomorrow. That means that from tomorrow, the 22nd, voting for the final will be open! All participants will vote in the final.

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  7. …and re: predictions, I think that among the definate qualifiers I’d count NZ and Colombia from semi 1.
    On the contrary, PRK will have some really hard time qualifying (sorry Danny).
    As for the rest, I don’t have a clue.
    For semi 2, Denmark is the certain one.

    Good luck everyone! eagerly waiting for the results 🙂


  8. Prediction – no order:



    Colombia can upset Greece or Indonesia



    Rwanda or Argentina could upset Guatemala

    Soon we will know!


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