Fête de la Chanson: More Changes!

Hey, guys, Patrick here with some exciting news about the future of Fête de la Chanson. Some of these involve some clarification with rules and others involve a whole new idea that we are implementing in hopes that we keep the game fresh, fun, and exciting for all participants.

So, first of all, and framing all these changes, I need to announce that starting with Fête de la Chanson 9, Nick and I will be alternating hosting. We’ve done this for a number of reasons. First of all, with Nick in university and with me applying for postgraduate education, we are both busy people, and rather than delaying editions or extending them, this allows one of us to focus on the contest while the other one focuses on whatever else he needs to do. Another reason we’re doing this is so that you, the players, knows which of us to communicate with should any problems occur during an edition.

But best of all, this big change allows us to change up the rules a little bit. Starting in FdlC 9, the rules will be changing somewhat. There will be the hard and fast rules. These are rules that will never change no matter the circumstances, the host, or the edition. These rules encompass things like cheating, how and where song and country submissions take place, country eligibility, and so on. There will also now be host-specific rules. These rules mostly involve song eligibility and the structure of the semis. So we each have our own set of rules for how to run semi-finals, should they be needed to accommodate the number of players, and we each have created our own cut-off for a song’s age. (Hint: Mine is earlier than Nick’s.)

Since I have seen some comments that have asked for special editions to come back to FdlC, I have also decided to put it on myself to bring them back. Every edition that is hosted by me, Patrick, will be a special edition of sorts, and the rules for that special edition will be revealed with the expected dates of the edition. To give you an idea of what these editions might be, this could play with language, dates, or region restrictions to force players to search for a new song to send. Or, these could be a theme to pick your song around (nature, colors, pop culture, something interesting I thought about at lunch that day). While the rules for restricted editions would be tougher, theme edition rules would be more lax, as the theme is meant to be more of an inspiration than a restriction. Finally, to be clear about restrictions, I do not intend to make them overly difficult. While the edition may restrict to, let’s say, Asia, I would never say that Player A is going to send a song from Country D. If during any of these special editions, a player wishes to participate but is having difficulty with the theme or restriction, all they need to do is email me at the contest email, and I would gladly take the time to aid them with whatever it is they needed.

So, I guess that’s it. Be sure to read the rules to find out what has been updated and to read the rules specific to each host. They will always be there should anybody need a quick update. In addition, I want to stress that our alternating hosting is a fun, new idea that we hope will only serve to enhance your experience playing Fête de la Chanson. However, as with all new ideas, we expect there will be some kinks to work out in the coming editions. We ask that you be patient with us and understand that we are listening to the feedback we’ve been getting from every player, via the comments and the contest email.

If you have any comments or concerns with these updates, we open up this post as a place for you to express them. Hopefully we will be able to iron out as many kinks as possible before the next edition begins. Also, if anybody has any ideas for special edition rules or themes, feel free to comment them here or send them via email to fetedelachanson@gmx.com.

Thank you all very much for playing with us, and we hope to have many more successful editions with you all.

-Patrick & Nick.


18 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson: More Changes!

  1. So there’s officially co-hosts now! I’m so grateful for Patrick’s help, as my uni work load is shooting through the roof with every passing day. 😛 Hopefully all the tweaks will sit well with you.


  2. “To give you an idea of what these special editions might be, this could play with language, dates, or region restrictions to force players to search for a new song to send”
    Like saying : A Spanish language, a 90’s or an Asian edition?

    “Or, these could be a theme to pick your song around (nature, colors…)”
    Kinda like songs inspired by water or pink?


  3. So to sum up regarding FdLC 9 (Patrick’s edtion)
    A)It will be a special edition
    B)Songs from 2000 onwards will be allowed
    C)There will be one Final of 30 entries unless we exceed 30 Hods and semis will be implemented (which I doubt)
    D)Semi finalists (if semis are implemented) will vote ONLY in their semi…


  4. Would just like to clarify something: You mentioned in the rules that SONGS that have previously competed in ESC/JESC/National Finals/FdlC/ETSC are ineligible. But nothing about ARTISTS. While I remember previous ESC artists participating in FdlC, does this mean previous ETSC and FdlC artists are eligible to participate in FdlC? Just clarifying, thanks!


      • So when is the article/sign up for your first edition? I like the sound of your themed editions.

        You asked in one of your other posts for compromise which I like, much better than the approach so far.
        So my suggestion for a compromise would be, can I reserve a country and possibly submit a song (if you upload the songs straight away instead of a reveal day) and then just have an automatic withdrawal get out clause if the number exceeds 30 and you implement the Semi idea. So I won’t be in the semis, or counted as participating and thus not banned, and I can enter the song if possible at a later date.

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      • Y’know what? I’m okay with that. Before I officially approve this, I do want to ask if anybody has any objections or concerns. I’ll give you guys until country reservation opens tonight at 18:00 CET to raise any objections.

        For now, Max, consider it a compromise allowed during my editions. You would have to ask Nick for his editions.

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