Fête de la Chanson 8: Full Semi-Final Results

Olá, for the final time, from Manaus! Fête de la Chanson 8 came and went, and the winner was Guatemala, with the song “Blues de mar” by Gaby Moreno. This edition was the biggest in the contest’s history, with 35 entries competing for the crown! In fact, the contest was split into semi-finals for the first time ever. And it’s finally time to reveal the results of those semi-finals.

Semi-Final 1


1. SE Sweden (Rob)

“For a Little While” – Johnossi: 100 points

2. NZ New Zealand (Donnie)

“Summerfly” – Hayley Westenra: 98 points

3. SG Singapore (Ren Robles)

“Take Heart” – The Sam Willows: 97 points

4. FI Finland (Razvan)

“Missä muruseni on” – Jenni Vartiainen: 90 points

5. ID Indonesia (Bay)

“Seeds” – NEONOMORA: 87 points

6. CN China (Tecku)

“Xin zhan” – Alan Dawa Dolma: 85 points

7. CA Canada (Dimitris)

“Mistral gagnant” – Coeur de Pirate: 79 points

8. FR France (Luke)

“Baby Love” – Petite Meller: 78 points

9. IE Ireland (Gregor)

“Less Than a Pearl” – Enya: 64 points

10. ZA South Africa (Andy)

“Loliwe” – Zahara: 63 points

11. GR Greece (Alex L.)

“To eipes pws” – Malou: 63 points

12. CO Colombia (Patrick P.)

“Fiesta” – Bomba Estéreo: 50 points

13. IT Italy (Rosalina)

“Non ti scordar mai di me” – Giusy Ferreri: 44 points

14. HR Croatia (Niclas)

“Tragovi” – Željka Marinović: 44 points

15. BA Bosnia & Herzegovina (Brittany)

“Zabranjeno pušenje” – DENIAL: 28 points

16. TN Tunisia (Oxi)

“Khamsa” – Dhafer Youssef: 19 points

17. KP North Korea (Danny)

“We Will Climb Mt. Paektu” – Moranbong Band: 13 points

Semi-Final 2


1. PR Puerto Rico (Jon)

“Te amo idiota” – Raquel Sofía: 113 points

2. GT Guatemala (Tristian)

“Blues de mar” – Gaby Moreno: 103 points

3. AU Australia (Marc P.)

“Vacant Space” – George Maple: 93 points

4. DK Denmark (Nick P.)

“Koder på snor” – Valravn: 84 points

5. MY Malaysia (Mermaid)

“Mermaid” – Yuna: 82 points

6. GB United Kingdom (Dino)

“Stranger” – Goldfrapp: 80 points

7. BE Belgium (Stommie)

“Strange Entity” – Oscar and the Wolf: 80 points

8. EE Estonia (Sedapsi)

“Vihma loits” – Greip

9. RW Rwanda (Arpatilaos)

“Baramushaka” – Knowless: 57 points

10. NG Nigeria (Ellie)

“Heartbeat” – Nneka: 54 points

11. AT Austria (Guitar)

“Les nuits blanches” – Valérie Sajdik: 46 points

12. AR Argentina (Randomvan)

“Paz” – Alucinaria: 45 points

13. US United States (Ovidarch)

“Dangerous Days” – Zola Jesus: 44 points

14. AM Armenia (Avat)

“Elegia” – Lilit Hovhannisyan: 44 points

15. BW Botswana (Toggie)

“Nanzala vuke” – La Timmy: 40 points

16. SK Slovakia (Tim)

“Thinking About You” – Peter Bič Project: 35 points

17. NO Norway (Kim)

“We’re Goin’ Down” – Elizabeth Kostova: 33 points


69 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 8: Full Semi-Final Results

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  2. Thanks to everyone who gave points to Botswana, in particular to Rwanda, Armenia and Belgium for the big pts. The best song of the whole line-up came second to last in the first semi-final. I hate to say this but result-wise this FdlC was a complete farce imo. In fact, I think that some pretty bad songs made it to the final at the expense of professionally crafted strong songs. But that is only my opinion …


  3. wow second to last… what can I say?
    Thank you Donnie, Gregor, Andy, Niclas and Shevek, much appreciated 🙂
    It’s a pity for Greece and Alex L. 😦
    After much thinking about RoW jury vote, I ended up that I strongly dislike it…

    PS: never done it so far, but I’m pretty tempted checking and making a record re: the giving/taking points between me and other HoDs in all 9 (or was it 10?) editions I took part 😛 I’m sure I haven’t been fair to many 😦
    PS2: Happy…election day dear Portugal ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      • The Portuguese voters are tired of politcians and their shenanigans. I hope people will vote and I hope we get a stable government. That will only happen if PàF (Portugal à Frente – PSD+CDS), the ruling coalition, wins an outright majority, which will be difficult, but not impossible. Otherwise Portugal will be left to the whims of a doomed coalition between the Socialists, the Communists and Bloco de Esquerda. There will be new elections next April, if that happens.

        Liked by 2 people

      • I know you would. Catarina Martins ran the best campaign btw. They may get more votes than the Communist Party. The Socialist Party ran a disastrous campaign though whereas PàF’s was quite effective.


      • I understand that PSD and CDS are running on a joint list? If so, this is the first time they do so, right?


      • Yes they are. They have done so several times in the past. Their first coalition was formed in 1979 under the name Aliança Democrática.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Another thought: given the absolute failure, result-wise, of both “Sicilia Mia” and “Khamsa”, I realise that folk music isn’t FdlC audience’s cup of tea, after all :)(which saddens me a lot since it’s one of my fav music genres). I may be forgetting some other folk songs that took part and did well though…


  5. Is there an age/release date restriction re: FdlC9 songs? I know how to… “party” only the old fashioned way 😛 😀


    • According to the rules:

      “Fête de la Chanson will not allow songs: That were released before 1 January 2000 (for Patrick-hosted editions).”

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      • Thank you, Ren. In that case I will be facing some serious issues in taking part in the “party” edition, since the only country I could enter with is my home country with a song that is several decades old 😦


  6. Well hello hangover… 😀 Second to last, well really have to step up my game for the next edition! Have something special in mind that can go either way to be honest hihi ^^ Btw if we would have had the wildcard system for the rest of the world jury we would have seen Greece instead of South Africa and USA instead of Nigeria in the final, so maybe something to think about for the next edition, if that would have been a better result 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh and congratulations Guatemala! I usually dont fancy that kind of music, but it actually ended in my personal top 2 after I had voted! So all in all a good result! 🙂 And I ended up voting mainstream yet again with 6 countries in the top ten 😛


    • I loved your song, thanks for sending it! 😀 Unfortunately I kind of suspected that it won’t appeal to many people. 😦
      Btw, how did Finland do in your overall ranking ? I thought it would suit your taste, heh. 😛


      • Well thank you and thanks for the 8! ^^ Yeah it kinda is, but idk it did not really have such a huge impact on me im affraid and on my overall ranking it got 23 place, but you must be super happy! Getting two top 5 placings in a row! 😀 Congratz! ^^


      • Honestly I wasn’t impressed either by it when I heard it a few years ago, but it was a big grower for me and now I love it. It’s probably the kind of song that needs some time to sink in. 🙂 And ofc I’m very happy with my results so far! 😀


  7. I see that I ended up 2nd in RoW vote but I don’t know who to thank for this result…
    Would it be too much if I asked the Hosts to give us a detailed scoreboard of RoW vote for both semis?


    • That’s why i told you last night wait until full results are revealed.lol
      Regarding your song,the same thing that happened to you with my song hapened to me too with yours.I really liked it the first time i heard it but then it started losing ground.


      • Huh?I don’t understand how is this related to what i wrote.
        I don’t think that Nick would have done anything to jeopardize the integrity of the contest,tbh.And since Tim actually took the time and voted it would be bad to ban him.Something like that happened to ETSC if i remember correctly.


      • Rules are rules. Ok not ban him but voting after the deadline is something I don’t agree with!


  8. Reading the comments It is becoming more and more popular how RoW is unfair and all Hods from both semis should be asked to vote individually !

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Also I see that Patrick and Luke didn’t award anything to NZ in semi (same as Bay and Danny)…Hmmmmm…
    What is also worrying is the fact that Patrick considered N.Korea to be a better song than “Summerfly” 😛


  10. Wow, there are certainly a lot of twist and turns in both semifinals! I’m genuinely (mainly happily) surprised by the results, in particular how close it was between some of the countries ending 9th-13th. I agree with Gregor that a wildcard system should be implemented as it would add more excitement to the semifinals, and avoid some countries ending up in a dead-lock situation for 10th place. I’m relatively pleased with the results in the semis, but I personally would have loved to see Greece and Colombia/Italy qualify instead of South Africa and Ireland in SF1. Don’t take it personal, I really liked both entries (I even have an Eyna album at home), but I felt like the other two countries might have done better in the finals. I’m actually pleased about the results in SF2, although again I would have preferred to see Slovakia, Norway and Armenia qualify instead of Nigeria, Estonia and maybe Rwanda, although the latter one did pleasantly surprise me! 😛

    Although not surprised, it’s annoying that it was only 10 points difference between 10th place and 14th place in SF2. I think that Austria and Argentina are pleased that I didn’t get those extra 2 points, otherwise I would have ended up 11th! Didn’t Denmark and Netherlands also get 44 points each in SF1 in 2015, as that would be really spooky if that’s correct? :/

    Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who awarded precious points to the United States, it definitely means a lot to me. I didn’t expect to receive that many points, so a special thank you to the whole of the FDLC community. Thanks in particular for the high points from Puerto Rico, Denmark, New Zealand, Slovakia! Also wanted to thank the other 6 countries who awarded me points, I’m hoping to come back in the next edition stronger than ever. Now it’s time to find the next winning song… 🙂

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  11. Regarding semi 1 :
    Big thanks to Rob <3, Dimitris and Alex L for 12p and Ren for 10p
    Also many thanks to Andy, Oxi, Tecku, Gregor, Brittany, Shevek, Rosalina, Niclas and Razvan for the rest of the points.
    Hopefully Hosts will give us a detailed scoretable of RoW vote so I will get to know who to thank for the 10 p! 😛

    I am not in favor of semis cause the way rules are right now, qualification does not only depend on one's song but on luck as well (which Hods you are drawn with in semi and your taste compatibility). Especially for next edition (Patrick's one), where only people from your semi vote. So I really hope we don't exceed 30 next edition and there will only be a GF of 30 minus songs. Or skip the RoW idea and oblige people to vote in both semis.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Let me explain why I personally prefer to have that element of luck in contests with semis.

      For me, the big disappointment of not qualifying has always been at least somewhat mitigated by the idea that “if I was in the other semi, I would have qualified.” The same holds true for Nick’s RoW compromise that he made. If you notice, I had 4 points in the RoW vote, so I know I had some kind of support in that semi. That means, I can say that I might have qualified if I was in the other semi or if the semis were built different.

      If we oblige everybody to vote in both semis, coming last is really coming last. Had everybody voted in both semis and I didn’t qualify, then I could say “they really hated my song, didn’t they,” and it’s a more disheartening situation. Therefore, thinking of it in terms of the people that don’t qualify and based on three years of experience as a participant in online song contests with a wide variety of different rules and regulations, I decided to create my semi rules on the ones that I’ve experienced as the most satisfying to me. If I qualify, “Yay! I qualified. Hurrah!” If I didn’t qualify, “If so-and-so had been in my semi, I would have qualified for sure.” And that is what keeps me motivated during times when I don’t qualify from a semi.

      Should I remove the element of luck, then it is far easier to get disheartened by a bad result. Because everybody had the opportunity to vote for it.

      I recognize that it is not the fairest method, but the fairest method isn’t always the method that is going to work the best. Trust me on this one. I have never seen a contest that obliged everybody to vote in both semis end well.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I see that I and the majority here disagreed a lot regarding all the songs this year. Which is fair enough, since diversity is necessary to make this interesting and fun. Thanks to everyone voting for me, and especially to Dimitris, Oxi and Shevek who had me in their Top 3! I must say it’s better to end up in 14th place, rather than 11th and just miss the final. (a)

    Anyhow, I still love my entry dearly and am quite satisfied to have sent a song with just 120 views on YT back then, I must say. :p

    Liked by 3 people

  13. My votes in the second semi(ROW) :

    12 pts-UK
    10 pts-Malaysia
    8 pts-Guatemala
    7 pts-Denmark
    6 pts-Belgium
    5 pts-Estonia
    3 pts-Austria
    2 pts-Norway
    1 pt-Argentina


  14. Can we acknowledge that out of all the voters in the semi-finals, the player who lost most of their top 10 was… me, losing five of mine in semi 2, including my 12 and 10? This should kill any ideas you have about me fixing the contest 😛

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