Fête de la Chanson 9: Info & Dates

Ütz apetenik! After the Guatemalan win in the 8th edition of Fête de la Chanson, we now turn our attention to Guatemala City’s Gran Salas Efrain Recinos, located in the Teatro Nacional. Tristian won the eighth edition of the contest for Guatemala with “Blues de mar,” performed by Gaby Moreno.

The organizers have revealed the following dates for the edition.

  • October 5th: Country Reservation Opens
  • October 7th: Song Submission Opens
  • October 13th: Country Reservation/Song Submission Closes
  • October 14th: Running Order Revealed. Voting opens for the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson. (In case of semis, voting opens for the semis of the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson.)
  • October 23rd: Voting closes for the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson. (In case of semis, voting closes for the semis of the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson.)
  • October 24th: Voting and Winner Revealed. (In case of semis, qualifiers and running order revealed. Voting begins for grand final of the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson.)
  • (November 3rd: Voting closes for the grand final of the 9th Edition of Fête de la Chanson.)
  • (November 4th: Voting and Winner Revealed for Grand Final of Fête de la Chanson. Full semi results announced.)

Daniela Carpio and Hector Sandarti will host the ninth edition.

In case you haven’t seen the announcement prior, starting with this edition, Nick and Patrick will be alternating hosting editions, with Patrick taking all odd editions and Nick taking all even editions. In addition, all odd-number editions will be a special edition with a theme or restriction to follow when submitting an entry.

The theme for the ninth edition is: Party.

Here is the definition of party, as given by the Cambridge English Dictionary:

  • A social gathering at which people talk, eat, drink, and enjoy themselves.

There are many different types of parties, including birthday parties, national/local festivals, holiday parties, cocktail parties, wakes, garden parties, dinner parties, parties for the sake of partying… Do not feel the feel the need to limit yourself to what you normally consider to be “partying”* music and feel free to think outside the box to send a song. Perhaps its a song you imagine playing at a cocktail party or a song about a party gone wrong.

*There is nothing wrong with sending a typical “party” song, should you desire to. I am just encouraging people to think of other directions to take the theme for the sake of diversity and to note that the theme’s aren’t supposed to stifle creativity.

Here are the additional rules that apply to this theme:

  1. Select a song based on the theme “Party”
  2. When you submit your song, also send a short explanation about how your song relates to the theme.
    • Unless otherwise requested, I will post your explanation with your entry so that others can see your thought process
  3. All rules on the rules page, unless contradicted in the above rules, still apply to the edition.

The following countries have been reserved by the winner and the contest hosts:

  • GT Guatemala (Tristian)
  • MX Mexico (Patrick)
  • CA Canada (Nick)

44 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 9: Info & Dates

  1. Patrick,

    You asked about some concerns/views. Here are mine.

    In case we head to semis…

    1. I believe the RoW method could be scrapped.
    2. If RoW stays in place the AQ should be counted as RoW as well.
    3. I believe every HoD should vote in both semis. If other users agree with me please comment or like my comment thus giving to Patrick a rough idea about this issue.

    That’s all, no negativity at all; just some suggestions.

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    • Not sure if the semifinal voting comments were in general or specific to a particular edition, but according to the rules, in Patrick-hosted editions, “In editions with semi-finals, players in the semi-finals will only be allowed to vote in their semi-final.”

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      • In addition, I’ve made a comment in reply to Donnie where I explain my reasoning for wishing people to vote only in there semi, which I will copy and paste here.

        “Let me explain why I personally prefer to have that element of luck in contests with semis.

        For me, the big disappointment of not qualifying has always been at least somewhat mitigated by the idea that “if I was in the other semi, I would have qualified.” The same holds true for Nick’s RoW compromise that he made. If you notice, I had 4 points in the RoW vote, so I know I had some kind of support in that semi. That means, I can say that I might have qualified if I was in the other semi or if the semis were built different.

        If we oblige everybody to vote in both semis, coming last is really coming last. Had everybody voted in both semis and I didn’t qualify, then I could say “they really hated my song, didn’t they,” and it’s a more disheartening situation. Therefore, thinking of it in terms of the people that don’t qualify and based on three years of experience as a participant in online song contests with a wide variety of different rules and regulations, I decided to create my semi rules on the ones that I’ve experienced as the most satisfying to me. If I qualify, “Yay! I qualified. Hurrah!” If I didn’t qualify, “If so-and-so had been in my semi, I would have qualified for sure.” And that is what keeps me motivated during times when I don’t qualify from a semi.

        Should I remove the element of luck, then it is far easier to get disheartened by a bad result. Because everybody had the opportunity to vote for it.

        I recognize that it is not the fairest method, but the fairest method isn’t always the method that is going to work the best. Trust me on this one. I have never seen a contest that obliged everybody to vote in both semis end well.”

        Liked by 2 people

      • I appreciate that the rules are a bit more clear and transparent this time around. What got to me in the prior edition was that the rules weren’t immediately hard and fast – IIRC, people voting for the other semi was suggested by someone and it was basically a “sure, sounds good” rule and not something that was initially set forth. That’s where (for me) the confusion and frustration set in, because people had differing interpretations of what that meant. The RoW rule was also a late addition.

        Anyway, thanks for clearing things up before the edition actually starts. Still not sure I can commit to this one, but we’ll see.

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  2. In addition, I want to make sure everybody has seen a deal I made with Max, concerning a compromise he asked me to make with him as a player:

    “So my suggestion for a compromise would be, can I reserve a country and possibly submit a song (if you upload the songs straight away instead of a reveal day) and then just have an automatic withdrawal get out clause if the number exceeds 30 and you implement the Semi idea. So I won’t be in the semis, or counted as participating and thus not banned, and I can enter the song if possible at a later date.”

    I told him before accepting for my editions, I would have to open the floor to objections or concerns by other players. Then I started to think about where it was posted, and to make sure people see this, I decided to copy and paste it here.


      • I have already suggested that. People should think well before enter. If you can’t face a DQ in a SF don’t enter from first place. Post-disqualification whining can’t be tolerated. It is also unappealing IMO.

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      • Well the rules are in continuous flux and patrick said he wanted to compromise to try and make the best contest possible.
        You said below your not entering so why are you trying to keep me out of a contest you yourself said your not even entering?

        Just makes you look spiteful.


    • This could be a tolerable solution for those of us who cannot participate under the current rules but the other commenters seem to disagree (and some have to go to insults again..) so I d say keep that majority happy, thats how it should work.


      • Which means you are gonna participate in Patrick’s editions and only because chances of implementing semis are less there (unless we exceed 30 HoDs)?
        That’s not a solution imo BUT a compromise.
        And there hasn’t been anything INSULTING towards you or anyone, since day one.
        My only observation was that your behavior of not voting after NQ (which obviously happened with your case) was childish and disrespectful. Spare us the cr*p about doing this for reasons that have to do anything with disagreeing with the rules…
        It’s all about you and your intolerance of a failure!

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      • No it does not really. No matter the number beyond which semi finals are introduced I won’t participate as long as semi finals are part of the rules and a possibility.
        The insults thing is not something I am going to go on about again, I have extensively talked on that on a previous thread. In a few words yes there were insults and there are now even on this thread (not towards me only but in general towards those of us who disagree with the rules).
        Your observation was insulting and I would accept an apology in case you would be willing to give one. That’s all I am going to say about it.
        Spare me your higher than though criticism – pretending to know my reasons better than I do only showcases terrible immaturity and a confrontational mood in which you have been ever since I made my decisions.
        So get off my back and go whine to someone else about your obsessions because people do not act when it comes to their own participation and only as you would want them to. That’s absolutely selfish and totalitarian to a degree.
        You have zero rights to insult ME for a decisions that affects ME and not YOU. Is it clear ?!


      • F.e
        I disagree with Patrick’s rules about HoDs voting ONLY in their semi, but I will participate knowing that it might happen I get eliminated in a semi where taste compatibility between other HoDs and me is low.
        However, in case I get eliminated I will not create drama out of the blue and I will vote in GF showing respect to the Hosts and the qualifiers…
        Which obviously was too much for you to ask from in previous edition.
        End of story!

        Liked by 2 people

      • You can do whatever you want and participate under whichever conditions you want – that’s your personal decision and I have made mine.
        The one causing drama is you, not me, I have not created a single shred of drama even since I made my decisions – something you obviously cannot handle.
        You are in no position to judge me and whether I respect the hosts of not – FYI I did not even have the time to vote in the semi but created that time out of respect for the HoDs.
        I won’t take ethics lessons from people who behave like spoilt immature children and want EVERYONE to agree with them on a course of action or else be attacked in every turn.
        Keep your ugly insulting behaviour to yourself and learn to RESPECT the decisions other people make for THEMSELVES.
        I did not come around telling YOU what you should do in regards with the contest – you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to tell ME what to do.
        You cannot handle difference of opinion and objections to the sets of rules you agree with but you leave no space for anyone to disagree.
        Now get off my back and find someone else to bother because I was VERY patient with you and Dino these days !!!!!!


  3. By the way, I don’t think I will participate this time. It has nothing to do with the rules or with anybody participating. I just sense some online contest fatigue. But of course good luck to everyone. And I will sure listen to the songs.

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  4. One last warning to the fascists of this forum (because insults is all some people understand apparently) : It is the VERY LAST TIME I tolerate ANY kind of offensive patronizing from the self proclaimed ethics police here on what or anyone does and does not regarding their PERSONAL INVOLVMENT to the contest. It’s NONE of your business and it’s a matter ONLY between those who disagree and want to negotiate and the hosts (to who I replied to to this thread initially when it comes to rules – not to one of you). Don’t make me lose my patience any further, I have been extremely nice to people who did not deserve it so far but I won’t be so nice anymore to such behaviour in the future. Got it ?

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  5. Good god, I didn’t see that the country reservation was today! I’ve quickly summed up 5 countries I really want to represent for this months edition of FdlC, some of these are the same as last time, but I added some Mediterranean and Nordic flavours in the mix. 🙂 Anyone else who already knows what country/song they want to represent in Guatemala City? I have a feeling many of you would want to represent a Scandinavian country or South-East Asian country, they do some great “party” songs……..

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  6. Whoa! This was fast, which is great, but it seems I missed the country reservation opening this time. 😛
    Well it’s time to find my next entry! 🙂


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