Fête de la Chanson 9: The Songs!

Ütz apetenik! The submission period is now open for the songs chosen by our delegations worldwide to compete in the ninth edition of Fête de la Chanson.The delegations have until 13 October to submit their songs.

Fête de la Chanson 9 is the first edition in a return to themed editions. The theme chosen for Fête de la Chanson 9 was “Party”. Here is a reminder of the theme, as posted on the info page:

Here is the definition of party, as given by the Cambridge English Dictionary:

  • A social gathering at which people talk, eat, drink, and enjoy themselves.

There are many different types of parties, including birthday parties, national/local festivals, holiday parties, cocktail parties, wakes, garden parties, dinner parties, parties for the sake of partying… Do not feel the feel the need to limit yourself to what you normally consider to be “partying”* music and feel free to think outside the box to send a song. Perhaps its a song you imagine playing at a cocktail party or a song about a party gone wrong.

*There is nothing wrong with sending a typical “party” song, should you desire to. I am just encouraging people to think of other directions to take the theme for the sake of diversity and to note that the theme’s aren’t supposed to stifle creativity.

Here are the additional rules that apply to this theme:

  1. Select a song based on the theme “Party”
  2. When you submit your song, also send a short explanation about how your song relates to the theme.
    • Unless otherwise requested, I will post your explanation with your entry so that others can see your thought process
  3. All rules on the rules page, unless contradicted in the above rules, still apply to the edition.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

Accepted Songs:

EE Estonia (Donnie): “NYC Taxi” – Getter Jaani

Explanation: Party in a cab 😉

ZA South Africa (Stommie): “Club Thing” – Yoav

Explanation: A song about people who take the club scene a little bit too serious. Over the years I witnessed that behavior a lot. And it can be difficult to not find it very attractive. But in the end the party scene is just that.

NL Netherlands (Gregor): “Disarm Yourself” – Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt

Explanation: Its a trance festival/”club” song! And its about to just let your fears on the dancefloor or in life go away and just go for it! 🙂

MX Mexico (Patrick): “The Peter Pan Syndrome” – Descartes a Kant

Explanation: The song uses imagery from birthday parties to talk about aging and the relationships people have surrounding growing older, from the outward celebration to the inward fear or disgust of aging.

Panama Panama (Ren): “La Banana” – Aldo Ranks, Makano, Eddy Lover, Niko King, Monthy & Joshua

Explanation: It’s a fun, dance-y reggaeton tune celebrating the banana. Perfect for tropical-themed parties in this dreary time of year!

AU Australia (Andy): “The Ship Song” – The Ship Song Project

Explanation: Some of Australia’s finest artists and international guests came together to celebrate Australian culture and music. In a sing-along atmosphere they are performing Nick Cave’s iconic Ship Song on Australia’s most famous stage, the Sydney Opera House (shaped sybolically like a sailing ship) which connects this country down under to the rest of the world (for the line-up see the info below the video).

Ukraine Ukraine (Matt): “Russian Style” – Olya Polyakova

Explanation: When I think of a party, I think of wanting to dance and this song definitely makes me shake it.

Jamaica Jamaica (Dino): “My Day” – Tarrus Riley

Explanation: This song is all about self-confidence; about understanding yourself and above all getting terms with other people.  Adding some laid-back attitude from Jamaica, dance with us a simple and spontaneous dance routine and thank life! Because being alive is the best party 😉

NZ New Zealand (Razvan): “Follow the Sun” – Evermore

Explanation: It’s a quite enthusiastic feel-good song that would fit very well to a party, especially to an outdoor party, like a picnic party in the nature. 🙂

IS Iceland (Rob): “The Spell of Platonic Reversal” – Just Another Snake Cult

Explanation: The video perfectly sums up what I believe a party should be…

Iran Iran (Tecku): “Juliya” – Saeed Kermani

Explanation: The song represents Saeed has met this girl named Juliya at a party and really likes her but he cannot have her.

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (Mermaid): “Tirnama” – Saida

Explanation: Self-explanatory 😛

Pakistan Pakistan (Arpatilaos): “Khul Jaye Botal” – Mika Singh, Tehreem Muniba, Shani Arshad

Explanation: Movie Pakistani Party

NO Norway (Dimitris): “Kamikaze” – Susanne Sundfør

Explanation: A party during a Cold Nordic night, you meet your crush and finally all pieces come together. Grab someone and dance to Kamikaze!

ID Indonesia (Bay): “Menari” – Maliq & d’essential

Explanation: Song about couple dancing together in a flowery atmosphere, full of love and joy. The video depicts group of couples dancing together, clowns, live band on stage.

US United States (Alex L.): “You’ll Be Mine” – The Pierces

Explanation: “I met you in a cocktail party while the dj was playing this song ☺”

CA Canada (Nick): “Untitled” – Simple Plan

Explanation: “The song and video tell the story of a party’s aftermath gone tragically wrong.”

GT Guatemala (Tristian): “Preciosa” – Malacates Trébol Shop

Explanation: “It’s a usual Central American party song you hear in the clubs, beaches and cantinas all around the region.”

AM Armenia (Avat): “Stay With Me” – Haik Solar & Arni Rock ft. Sone Silver

Explanation: “One of those songs that help hunter-girls to catch the attention of their “victims” on the dancefloor. Sone Silver demonstrates all her know-how and skills in the official video.”

South Korea South Korea (Jon): “Party” – Girl’s Generation

Explanation: “A song about a group of Korean teenagers getting drunk and stoned on a Thai beach.”

BE Belgium (Sedapsi): “Al Götür Beni” – Mustafa Ceceli & Lara Fabian

Explanation: “A little while back I was really sort of pining for a certain someone, and several times before we headed out for clubbing, we had some drinks and chilled in my place (with bunch of my other friends there as well). Among other stuff I managed also to play this song. Sort of seductive, with a little ethnic beat. In the long run everything with that someone went exactly as I wanted (most likely nothing to with the song, though who knows – the power of suggestion …). Anyhow, to me this song still has bit of a party taste to it. :)”

GB United Kingdom (Ellie): “Bernadette” – IAMX

Explanation: “Even though not strictly an uplifting party song, it revives the spirit of Halloween, with its costumes, bonfires, and haunted tunes. Trick or treat?”

RO Romania (Marian): “Get A Life (Mama Yette)” – Nick Kamarera & Alinka

Explanation: “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a party is dancing.. This song makes me wanna go out and dance!”

DO Dominican Republic (Ivan): “La Llave de mi Corazon” – Juan Luis Guerra

Explanation: “A typical song you could hear playing at a party in Latin America.”

SE Sweden (Ovidarch): “Dry My Soul” – Amanda Jenssen

Explanation: “This is an energetic and uplifting rock/pop song, that makes you want to get up and dance! The music video shows Amanda rocking the Buddy Holly-look which, along with the raspiness in her voice and overall theme of the music video, throws you back to the wild parties of the 1950’s and 60’s! :)”

RU Russia (Max): “Na Morya” – Arash feat. Anna Semenovich

Explanation: “What better way to Celebrate recent international events than old enemies Max and Vlad P coming together again to enter Russia in the FDLC and throw the biggest party song sent so far. If your not up and shaking it in time with Anna and Arash you either have mental difficulties or are paralyzed from the neck down! Let’s celebrate freedom and basic human rights, with hot guys, hot girls wearing what they want, having fun, playing music, partying on the beach from morning to night, in one explosion of unadulterated fun. Also any straight or bi guys reading this (small pond im fishing in there I know) , Anna’s dance from 2:20 is sure to start a party in your pants.”

SI Slovenia (Toggie): “The Fall” – Torul

Explanation: “Slovenia is throwing a dark 80s tribute party.”

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:


288 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 9: The Songs!

  1. UK and Iceland are suggesting a similar party 😉

    Overall I wouldn’t say it is a strong edition. It is though better than FdlC3 (which was a catastrophe) and on par with FdlC2. There are only two songs I like and further five, which I can listen to depending on my mood.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Any clues or indications possibly, which songs it is you like the most? 😛 I believe it will be a good edition of FdlC, but obviously with pretty much all the songs being uptempo and “fun”, I think it will be less predictable who’ll do well this time around. :/ Btw, are the recaps/postcards going to be published soon Patrick?


  2. I am glad my favorite South Korean song hasn’t been picked 🙂
    I am too afraid of loosing the songs I have been keeping for the rainy days😜

    will we give a break after this edition? The ESC has come,you know 😎


  3. There is this one song that I have been keeping for a looooooooong time…If I send it one day,I would be sending the song of all songs❤️ (among the ones I sent of course) 😊
    That excites me a lot but I always miss the country reservations so I may keep it to myself forever LOL

    What is your favorite song that you have sent for ETSC/FDLC ?


  4. Shame that I missed the swedish NS 😦 Anyways my favorite won so no drama 🙂

    1. “Drive My Soul” – Amanda Jenssen
    2. “Talking Body” – Tove Lo
    3. “Nothing But a Heartbeat” – Say Lou Lou
    4. “Like No One’s Watching” – Molly Sandén
    5. “Du får göra vad du vill med mig” – Norlie & KKV

    Liked by 1 person

    • No worries Avat, you’re favourite entry is off to Guatemala anyway! I thought it might be nice to publish the scoresheet from the Swedish NF on here as well, to see how close it was for those who missed the NF voting results. 🙂

      What are your predictions for Sweden’s entry for FdlC9? Will Amanda Jenssen be able to qualify to the Grand Final (if we do end up implementing the semi-finals again) or will it be another result “a la Zola”? Only time will tell……

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I have just come home and decided to enter with a pragmatic approach. So it is Torul again. 🙂 Will he improve on the 5th place he got in FdlC before? We’ll see … and I have no idea because I haven’t checked the competition yet.

    Slovenian headquarters are on Tartini Square in Piran:

    Liked by 5 people

  6. Btw, I hope to represent Liechtenstein in the next edition. Unfortunately, none of the songs I have queued up for Liechtenstein match the party theme …


  7. So we’ll have European Championships without the Netherlands … 😦

    Good luck to Turkey and BiH!

    Malta played a great qualification by their standards. 🙂


  8. So, guys, I have an unexpectedly busy week at work, so we’re going to have to work around that. I’ll reveal the running order in a couple hours, but I may not be able to open voting until the 15th.


  9. And the running order has been drawn, and here it is:

    1. Ukraine (Matt)
    2. United States (Alex L.)
    3. Belgium (Sedapsi)
    4. Norway (Dimitris)
    5. Uzbekistan (Mermaid)
    6. Jamaica (Dino)
    7. Canada (Nick)
    8. South Africa (Stommie)
    9. Indonesia (Bay)
    10. Dominican Republic (Ivan)
    11. Armenia (Avat)
    12. Australia (Andy)
    13. Romania (Marian)
    14. New Zealand (Razvan)
    15. Guatemala (Tristian)
    16. Iceland (Rob)
    17. Sweden (Ovidarch)
    18. Russia (Max)
    19. Mexico (Patrick)
    20. Netherlands (Gregor)
    21. Panama (Ren)
    22. Slovenia (Toggie)
    23. South Korea (Jon)
    24. Iran (Tecku)
    25. Estonia (Donnie)
    26. United Kingdom (Ellie)
    27. Pakistan (Arpatilaos)

    Liked by 2 people

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