Fête de la Chanson 10: Confirmations

Hej! Confirmations for the 10th Fête de la Chanson opened today! This page will be updated as more countries confirm, but I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’ve had 22 confirmations so far today! Here’s a list of taken countries.

  • SE Sweden (pre-qualified | Ovidarch)
  • FI Finland (Nick)
  • MY Malaysia (Patrick)
  • AD Andorra (Oxi | 1st choice)
  • IL Israel (Dino | 1st choice)
  • NL the Netherlands (Razvan | 1st choice)
  • IS Iceland (Alex L. | 1st choice)
  • DE Germany (Donnie | 1st choice)
  • DK Denmark (Anders | 1st choice)
  • GR Greece (Arpatilaos | 1st choice)
  • AM Armenia (Avat | 1st choice)
  • NO Norway (Gregor | 1st choice)
  • AT Austria (Andy | 1st choice)
  • GB United Kingdom (Dimitris | 3rd choice)
  • South Korea South Korea (Mermaid | 2nd choice)
  • CA Canada (Rob | 4th choice)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay | 1st choice)
  • IT Italy (Tecku | 1st choice)
  • LI Liechtenstein (Togravus | 1st choice)
  • AR Argentina (Marc | 1st choice)
  • TW Taiwan (Matt | 2nd choice)
  • RU Russia (Sandra | 1st choice)
  • CO Colombia (Herminio | 1st choice)
  • RO Romania (Tehoe | 1st choice)
  • RS Serbia (Xello/David | 1st choice)
  • CN China (Jon | 1st choice)
  • EE Estonia (Sedapsi | 1st choice)
  • FR France (Ellie | 1st choice)
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian | 1st choice)
  • RW Rwanda (Kim | 1st choice)

In addition, the delegations from Finland (surprise surprise), Malaysia, Denmark, Armenia, and Austria have already sent their songs in, but I want to try something different this edition. All the songs will only be revealed once the editions starts, ETSC-style. It’s just a little something special that I think will be a fun thing to do to celebrate 10 editions. 🙂

National Finals:

Sent Songs:

  • FI Finland (Nick)
  • MY Malaysia (Patrick)
  • AD Andorra (Oxi)
  • IL Israel (Dino)
  • NL the Netherlands (Razvan)
  • IS Iceland (Alex L.)
  • DE Germany (Donnie)
  • DK Denmark (Anders)
  • GR Greece (Arpatilaos)
  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • NO Norway (Gregor)
  • AT Austria (Andy)
  • South Korea South Korea (Mermaid)
  • GB United Kingdom (Dimitris)
  • CA Canada (Rob)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)
  • IT Italy (Tecku)
  • LI Liechtenstein (Togravus)
  • AR Argentina (Marc)
  • TW Taiwan (Matt)
  • RU Russia (Sandra)
  • CO Colombia (Herminio)
  • RO Romania (Tehoe)
  • CN China (Jon)
  • FR France (Ellie)
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian)
  • RW Rwanda (Kim)

I’m fully aware that the original schedule I had is now utterly useless. As a result, here’s a new schedule:

  • 14 November: Submissions close
  • 15 November: Semi-finals open
  • 25 November: Semi-final voting closes
  • 27 November: Results
  • 28 November: Final voting opens
  • 9 December: Final voting closes
  • 10-12 December: Final results (This is subject to change)

This is very tentative, as I have projects to complete and flights to catch, but I’ll do my best to keep to this schedule. Keep sending entries!

Sneak peeks are happening! Check them out here.


616 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 10: Confirmations

  1. I have now shortlisted the songs I’m considering for FdlC11:
    -6 from Greece
    -4 from the UK
    -2 from the USA
    -1 from France
    -1 from Italy

    In case I get either Greece or the United Kingdom, I’ll hold a NF for the first time ever 🙂


    • Here is my list.

      A phase:

      1xUSA (New Orleans gris gris [Louisian style of jazz with distinct African elements;
      1xTrinidad and Tobago (Calypso;1930s) along with its US version from year 1944
      2xMexico (two bolero versions of an earlier Mexican bolero song; and one Bolero version of an earlier Cuban jazz piece)
      2xBrazil (two classy Bossa Nova pieces)
      2xCuba (one Cuban jazz and one Guajira song)
      1xChile (Nueva Cancion song from 1965)
      1xSpain (Rock en Espanol from the 90s)
      1xCape Verde (a Blues/Coladeira/Morna version of a Mexicann bolero song).
      1xFrance (a 1980s Flamenc ballad)

      B phase:

      1xCape Verde

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      • Since the semis kick off on November 15 the songs will be available just about that time i suppose or maybe a day earlier.Since this edition went off track,publishing the songs that are available atm would be nice,imo.


      • We would like to have more info though, for example, how the songs will be revealed? One by one or just a video? If we go for the first option then the procedure should start reasonably early since most of us need to go to work the next morning…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope we will be 31 so there will be 10 qualifiers from each semifinal!
    And I think if we will be less than 30 it would be ideal to skip the semis and have only the final, cause in case we are 29 it means 12 will be out from the semis already which is almost half and that would be very sad imo. :/


  3. As mentioned earlier, this is going to be a heavily European oriented contest.
    Asia is still quite present with China, Malaysia, S.Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam
    and there are still Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala and Canada for Americas but there is NO Africa or Oceania for the first time EVER!

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  4. So far I see 27 aproved songs plus the winner of Serbian Final = 28 entries
    and 1 Finalist (Sweden)
    Which means we are heading to semis of 14 songs and a Grand Final of 17 😦


  5. I am sorry to say that I had to withdraw due to my lack of available time to go through all the songs under the new schedule. The song that I had sent was ineligible anyway. Nick and Marc were very helpful, but I felt it was wiser to bow out gracefully now. Thanks and good luck, everyone!

    P.S. – Hang in there, France. My heart goes out to the French people. 😦

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  6. I returned home after long day with limited access to internet to find out about the mess in Paris…no wonder who is behind those but on the other hand, on wonders? What sort of security France has? I was carrying a bag with me today and enter four different buildings among them bars and cafes and the security checked by bag in all occasions. Busy cities are always a vulnerable target, they should be manned better.


  7. Off-topic, I have just bought Gaby Moreno’s ‘Blues de mar’. The song has really grown on me over the last days. 🙂


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