Fête de la Chanson 10: Sneak Peeks

Hej! It’s become apparent that you really can’t wait to hear the songs of the 10th edition. As a result, I’ve created a series of sneak peeks! This article will be updated with all the sneak peeks as they come out.

 Sneak Peek 1

In this sneak peek:

  • AT Austria (Andy)
  • CA Canada (Rob)
  • FI Finland (Nick)
  • GR Greece (Arpatilaos)
  • IL Israel (Dino)
  • IT Italy (Tecku)
  • GB United Kingdom (Dimitris)
Sneak Peek 2

In this sneak peek:

  • AR Argentina (Marc P.)
  • CN China (Jon)
  • FR France (Ellie)
  • DE Germany (Donnie)
  • NO Norway (Gregor)
  • RO Romania (Tehoe)
  • RS Serbia (David/Xello)
Sneak Peek 3

In this sneak peek:

  • AD Andorra (Oxi)
  • CO Colombia (Herminino)
  • GT Guatemala (Tristian)
  • ID Indonesia (Bay)
  • LI Liechtenstein (Togravus)
  • NL the Netherlands (Razvan)
  • RW Rwanda (Kim)
Sneak Peek 4

In this sneak peek:

  • AM Armenia (Avat)
  • DK Denmark (Anders)
  • IS Iceland (Alex L.)
  • MY Malaysia (Patrick)
  • RU Russia (Sandra)
  • South Korea South Korea (Mermaid)
  • TW Taiwan (Matt)


Excluded from the sneak peeks are the entries from Sweden and Estonia, seeing as they haven’t sent entries yet. They all have one more day to submit songs. If Sweden doesn’t submit a song, then the second-placed player will get the automatic spot in the final.


341 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 10: Sneak Peeks

  1. Ok.I downloaded shazam on my phone yesterday and found all the available songs(except Romania,Andorra,Indonesia plus Sweden and Estonia).My initial thought on this edition was confirmed.It’s indeed a strong one and varied genre-wise.The artist from Iceland is one of those i was planning to enter with at some point but oh well. 😛


      • I tried again now and found it.It’s the one with the Greek-related title.
        By the way,i didn’t really understand which is the song that is wow even though it fails to make a great first impression. :/


      • Oh well,i just saw 2 words.I didn’t know which is the band’s name and which the song’s title. 😛


  2. It is interesting there is no Oceania in this edition nor USA …
    On the other hand 20 out of 30 entries come from Europe !!! (Armenia, Israel included)


    • At least we have one newcomer among the 20 European countries. 🙂
      Not that we will rock the scoreboard but still … we are on the FdlC map now.


  3. This time I have probably sent the most heterosexual video clip in the history of ESC. LOL … Celebrate diversity! 🙂


  4. Having heard all the songs, I would say it is a good edition. I don’t know if it is the best one ever, but there are some good songs, some not so good ones, and some great ones. Like always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You guys will never find Indonesia on Shazam. Maybe you could try google the lyrics from what you hear, well, if you speak Malagasy.


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