Fête de la Chanson 10: Semi-Final Results

Hej! Fête de la Chanson 10’s semi-finals have come to an end, and the sixteen qualifiers for the the grand final have been chosen. You can click through to discover the qualifiers for each semi-final.

Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2

The running order for the final will be revealed tomorrow!


276 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 10: Semi-Final Results

  1. Just a thought.
    Given the fact that many (definately much more than usual) HoDs will go for a NF for FdlC11, which means that much more time will be needed, I suggest that we cut as short as possible this edition in order to give more time space to the next one. Because if we keep up at this pace FdlC11 will be dragged way beyond New Year’s day.

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  2. Some live performance of Asaf worth checking

    Asaf Avidan // Reckoning Song (One Day)
    Asaf Avidan – Le Ring – Live
    Asaf Avidan: The Disciple – [Live …

    And an uptempo song for change…

    Asaf Avidan – Love It Or Leave It


  3. I see we are still missing the Grand Final article.
    Nick, Patrick, anybody ? 😛
    In the meantime another song I was considering from my German artist :

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  4. Please guys remember that We only lost two HODs in the final last time We had semis! One of them also clearly stated in the semis before the final not to vote. I really dont like to see all the negativity about it, that attitude right there is excacly what will make us lose HODs! So please I know its been a tough edition, but try to keep an optimistic veiw about all this!
    I know I do! ^.^

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    • We are all positive. All we ask is to end this edition as early as possible as it has been too long and exhausting. There is another one coming up in December…


      • There is no need to rush things. Next edition can start mid December or even late December and end mid January.
        It is already announced there’s not gonna be another edition till spring 😦
        I would love for a contest on a monthly basis but I understand it takes a lot of personal time for everybody especially Nick and Patrick!

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  5. “Next edition can start mid December or even late December and end mid January.” ?!!!!!

    Erhmmm…big: NO!
    Sorry, but in that case I could not take part 😦 😦 😦


  6. So it seems that…


    9th: Armenia
    10th: Argentina?

    8th: Liechtenstein
    9th: South Korea/Austria, with one of them being in RoW’s top8.
    last: Guatemala?

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  7. While we’re waiting for Nick, I’ll share an updated list of countries that I have songs prepared for:
    -Mexico (always)
    -Czech Republic
    -Puerto Rico
    -United States


    • USA, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Kazakhstan, Japan, Turkmenistan, S.Korea, Indonesia, Australia, NZ, Morocco, Cameroon, Serbia, BiH, Portugal, Poland , Netherlands, Slovakia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland here 😛


      • But in the end I am sure I am going to discover something new again and go for it like I did with Germany in this edition 😛


  8. Guatemala here just now catching up on the results and comments.

    Oh wow! Some shockers indeed. I’m not surprised on the non-qualification. I figured “Tzik’in” would’ve been a hit or miss song. I won’t be surprised if I was the last placer in SF2 lol.

    Nonetheless, it is a contest and there has to be losers. Plus it’s all about fun and music, right? Besides, there’s always next month. 🙂

    And no worries on me skipping the Final. I am voting and that has never changed in my online song contest participations. Personally, it’s unethical and childish for one to refuse voting in the Final. Stick it out till the end, I always say.

    My votes will be revealed at the end of the edition. As I wait for the final running order, I will be searching for a nostalgic song but not from Guatemala. The country will be taking a break, but a new one will be debuting next month.

    Good luck to the finalists and may the best song win!

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  9. Also back from festive (and incredible crowded) London to find the pleasant surprise of Estonia’s qualification. Huge thanks to everyone who supported our entry. Sad to see some really good songs missing the final, but I hope that no HoD’s spirit is dampened by it, cause I truly believe that this is a very strong edition and there are no songs that didn’t “deserve” to qualify. Anyhow, best of luck to everyone who made it to the Grand Final and lets head to a great showdown. 🙂

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