Fête de la Chanson 11: The Songs

Góðan dag! The submission period is now open for the songs chosen by our delegations to compete in the eleventh edition of Fête de la Chanson. The delegations have until 22 December to submit their songs.

Fête de la Chanson 11 is our proclaimed “nostalgia” edition, but remember, causing feelings of nostalgia is not a prerequisite for submitting songs for this edition. Rather, it is just an easy way to say that this edition reverses the normal date rules for entries.

Here are the additional rules for this edition:

  1. Only songs released on or before 31 December 1999 are eligible to compete in this edition.
    • This rule also applies to recordings. No covers released after 31 December 1999 will be allowed, even if the recording is covering a song composed and originally performed before 31 December 1999.
  2. Please send the year the entry was recorded along with the regular materials needed to submit a song.
  3. All rules on the rules page, unless contradicted in the above rules, still apply to the edition.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

Accepted Songs:

CL Chile (Dino): “Gracias a la vida” – Violeta Parra – 1966

RS Serbia (Xello/David): “Denny” – C.O.D. – 1977

Kosovo Kosovo (Patrick): “Baresha” – Nexhmije Pagarusha – 1967

US United States (Tecku): “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” – The Inkspots – 1941

FI Finland (Razvan): “Sleeping Sun” – Nightwish – 1999

MK Macedonia (Tehoe): “1762” – Mizar – 1991

Philippines Philippines (Ren): “Ang Huling El Bimbo” – Eraserheads – 1996

GB United Kingdom (Oxi): “Everything Is Coming Up Roses” – Black – 1987

ID Indonesia (Bay): “Chopin Larung” – Guruh Gipsy – 1975

Brazil Brazil (Alex L.): “Lambada” – Kaoma – 1989

RO Romania (Toggie): Maine toti recrutii pleaca” – Maria Tanase – 1943

CN China (Jon): “Before I Fall in Love” – CoCo Lee – 1999

PT Portugal (Shevek): “Vocês sabem lá…” – Maria de Fátima Bravo – 1958

RU Russia (Nick): “Arlekino” – Alla Pugacheva – 1975

DE Germany (Arpatilaos): “99 Luftballoons” – Nena – 1983

JP Japan (Marc): “Tornado” – Minako Yoshida – 1981

CY Cyprus (Emmo): “Methysmeni Politeia” – Anna Vissi – 1980

EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Võta mind lehtede varju” – Heidy Tamme – 1979

MX Mexico (Matt): “Ay Amor” – Ana Gabriel – 1990

DK Denmark (Anders):  “Sangen om vandhjulet” – Sebastian – 1979

SE Sweden (Niclas): “Håll om mig” – Peter LeMarc – 1987

IS Iceland (Ovidarch): “Unravel” – Björk – 1997

GR Greece (Dimitris): “Αυτή η Νύχτα Μένει (This Night Is the Only Thing that Remains)” – Dimitra Papiou – 1999

CA Canada (Jeri): “Wondering Where the Lions Are” – Bruce Cockburn – 1979

AU Australia (Gregor): “The Host of Seraphim” – Dead Can Dance – 1987

IT Italy (Donnie): “Canzone” – Milva – 1968

FR France (Ellie): “Le Temps de l’Amour” – Francoise Hardy – 1962

NZ New Zealand (Rob): “Journey to the Sun” – CHAPTA – 1970

AM Armenia (Avat): “Arajin siro erg” – Sergey Davidyan – 1958?

TR Turkey (Mermaid): “Geceler” – Nilüfer – 1986

BG Bulgaria (Tristian): “Sigurno” – Vasil Naidenov – 1985

Waiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:



736 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 11: The Songs

  1. It is great to see Alla trying to bring some joy of life to what looks like the cultural centre of some dismal and remote Siberian town. GOOOO girl! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. After having listened to all songs once, I want to give points to 13 songs and 6 songs are tied in 1st place on my list. GRRRRR 🙂
    And I am a bit sad that none of the Romanian HoDs will be voting in SF2 because I will never know how they would have ranked my choice for their country in case Maria doesn’t make it to the final.

    Once again, great job girls ‘n guys. 🙂 And this includes Max, whose withdrawn Japanese song would have got points from Romania for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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