Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final 2

Running Order:

01: CN China (Jon): “Before I Fall in Love” – CoCo Lee – 1999

02: GR Greece (Dimitris): “Αυτή η Νύχτα Μένει (This Night Is the Only Thing that Remains)” – Dimitra Papiou – 1999

03: NZ New Zealand (Rob): “Journey to the Sun” – CHAPTA – 1970

04: GB United Kingdom (Oxi): “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” – Black – 1987

05: CY Cyprus (Emmo): “Methysmeni Politeia” – Anna Vissi – 1980

06: CL Chile (Dino): “Gracias a la vida” – Violeta Parra – 1966

07: FR France (Ellie): “Le Temps de l’Amour” – Francoise Hardy – 1962

08: TR Turkey (Mermaid): “Geceler” – Nilüfer – 1986

09: CA Canada (Jeri): “Wondering Where the Lions Are” – Bruce Cockburn – 1979

10: DK Denmark (Anders): “Sangen om vandhjulet” – Sebastian – 1979

11: JP Japan (Marc): “Tornado” – Minako Yoshida – 1981

12: AM Armenia (Avat): “Arajin siro erg” – Sergey Davidyan – 1958

13: RU Russia (Nick): “Arlekino” – Alla Pugacheva – 1975

14: US United States (Tecku): “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” – The Inkspots – 1941

15: RO Romania (Toggie): “Maine toti recrutii pleaca” – Maria Tanase – 1943



19 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final 2

  1. c/p from the main page where I was around wondering where everyone else was. LOL

    After having listened to all songs once, I want to give points to 13 songs and 6 songs are tied in 1st place on my list. GRRRRR 🙂
    And I am a bit sad that none of the Romanian HoDs will be voting in SF2 because I will never know how they would have ranked my choice for their country in case Maria doesn’t make it to the final.

    Once again, great job girls ‘n guys. 🙂 And this includes Max, whose withdrawn Japanese song would have got points from Romania for sure.

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  2. Btw, Romania has antered an anti-war song. I got the gist of it from an Italian summary of the lyrics but couldn’t find a translation in any language I could translate into English yet. 😦 As far as I understand the lyrics are very poetic and minimalist.


    • Here goes, I couldn’t find any accurate lyrics in Romanian either, so I just translated straight from the song. I’m afraid my translation is kind of literal, there are many archaic expressions in the lyrics and I am not really the best when it comes to text interpretation ^^

      Foaie verde nucă seacă, mamă
      Mâine toți recurții pleacă
      Cu părinții să-i petreacă
      și-aoleou, drag le era, mamă
      Doar pe mine n-avea cine, mamă
      când eram tânăr ca tine
      aveam tată prea bătrân
      și nu cam ducea la drum
      și țipa tata-n gura mare, mamă
      Fă-mă, doamne, într-o cărare
      fă-mă raza stelelor
      deasupra cazărmilor
      să vorbesc cu colonelul, mamă
      să nu-mi certe puișorul
      sa îl puie pe plantoane
      că e mititel și-adoarme

      Green leaf, dry nut, mother
      The recruits are leaving tomorrow
      To spend time with their parents
      And oh, they loved doing so, mother
      Only for me, there was no one, mother
      When I was young like you
      My father was too old
      And couldn’t really walk the way [not sure what this expression means, could be that he didn’t have much time left to live]
      And dad kept yelling, mother
      Turn me into the rays of starlight
      Above the barracks
      So I can speak to the colonel, mother
      So he won’t scold my child, mother
      So he will make him stand guard, mother
      Because he is little, he will fall asleep…

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  3. I have a top 10 for this semi too ! I want to vote 😛
    3 songs I find ok and are just missing my votes
    2 songs I don’t like.
    A strong semi!

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