Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final 1

Running Order:

01: DE Germany (Arpatilaos): “99 Luftballoons” – Nena – 1983

02: ID Indonesia (Bay): “Chopin Larung” – Guruh Gipsy – 1975

03: MX Mexico (Matt): “Ay Amor” – Ana Gabriel – 1990

04: Kosovo Kosovo (Patrick): “Baresha” – Nexhmije Pagarusha – 1967

05: IT Italy (Donnie): “Canzone” – Milva – 1968

06: BG Bulgaria (Tristian): “Sigurno” – Vasil Naidenov – 1985

07: PT Portugal (Shevek): “Vocês sabem lá…” – Maria de Fátima Bravo – 1958

08: SE Sweden (Niclas): “Håll om mig” – Peter LeMarc – 1987

09: EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Võta mind lehtede varju” – Heidy Tamme – 1979

10: FI Finland (Razvan): “Sleeping Sun” – Nightwish – 1999

11: AU Australia (Gregor): “The Host of Seraphim” – Dead Can Dance – 1987

12: Philippines Philippines (Ren): “Ang Huling El Bimbo” – Eraserheads – 1996

13: MK Macedonia (Tehoe): “1762” – Mizar – 1991

14: RS Serbia (David): “Denny” – C. O. D. – 1977

15: IS Iceland (Ovidarch): “Unravel” – Björk – 1997



12 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final 1

  1. I’m listening to Semi 1 too in order to make a top 10 here as well.

    Notice that there is another video with the Swedish song with much better sound quality than in the one used here.

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  2. I have come up with a ranking for SF 1 too because I want to give the same respect and attention to all songs, especially those I will not have the chance to vote for. 😦
    This time, the semi-finals are more or less equally strong imo. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!


  3. Not sure whether i can listen to all songs in SF1 or not because i’m on vacation until Jan 6. I promise i will make time whenever I am connected to internet


    • Bay, let me know if you need some more time when we get a bit closer to the deadline. I said that due to the holiday season, deadlines for this edition would be flexible, so if you definitely need the 6th to vote, let me know.

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      • I will try to listen at least once. Sorry for that. Thank you for arranging this edition into semifinals. It is very helpful for those doesnt have much time listening.


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