Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final Results

Góðan dag! Some have needed extra time, some have failed to vote at all, and some have to unfortunately be left behind, but it’s time to reveal the results of the two semi-finals of the 11th edition of Fête de la Chanson. The results will be revealed at 18:00 CET with a live draw, starting with the pre-qualified country, Brazil. After that, qualifiers will alternate between the semis, and their draw will be revealed.

  1. DK Denmark
  2. FI Finland
  3. CA Canada
  4. ID Indonesia
  5. GB United Kingdom
  6. CL Chile
  7. PT Portugal
  8. EE Estonia
  9. NZ New Zealand
  10. CY Cyprus
  11. IS Iceland
  12. DE Germany
  13. SE Sweden
  14. MX Mexico
  15. Kosovo Kosovo
  16. FR France
  17. IT Italy
  18. GR Greece
  19. TR Turkey
  20. Brazil Brazil
  21. RO Romania

466 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 11: Semi-Final Results

  1. Because of the spring weather in central Europe, my favourite giant slalom in Adelboden had to be cancelled today. 😦 I listened to the final line-up instead and as a result the Romanian points will be sent tonight or tomorrow. 🙂


    • And here in Estonia we have -19 degrees. Takes like 15 minutes to warm up after coming in from outside. I thought I was gonna lose a toe or smth to the frostbite 🙂

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      • We haven’t had a single minute of frost here in Stuttgart this winter. Well, we never get proper winters but this year is exceptional. First 3 weeks with 35-40 degrees in summer and now no winter at all …
        Keep warm! 🙂


      • Congratulations, lol! We’ve had around -10 degrees here and now one hell of a snowfall. We expect a lot of chaos on the roads tomorrow.


      • That’s one of the reasons why I could never live in Berlin. I hate cold winters, and Berlin has East European continental climate.


  2. The Romanian delegation is back at HQ after a couple of hours at a birthday party. We had a glass of wine and therefore won’t send our points tonight. We intend to be 100 % sober when finalising our list. 🙂


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