Fête de la Chanson 11: The Grand Final

Góðan dag! Thirty songs have competed for twenty spots in tonight’s grand final of Fête de la Chanson, where they will be joined by our automatic qualifier in the competition to crown a new winner for Fête de la Chanson.

Hosts: Anita Briem, Johanna Jonsdottir, and Ragnhildur Steinunn


Venue: Egilshöll


Voting: Send your votes for the grand final to fetedelachanson@gmx.com by Sunday 17 January 2016.

1. DK Denmark (Anders): “Sangen om vandhjulet” – Sebastian – 1979

2. FI Finland (Razvan): “Sleeping Sun” – Nightwish – 1999

3. CA Canada (Jeri): “Wondering Where the Lions Are” – Bruce Cockburn – 1979

4. ID Indonesia (Bay): “Chopin Larung” – Guruh Gipsy – 1975

5. GB United Kingdom (Oxi): “Everything Is Coming Up Roses” – Black – 1987

6. CL Chile (Dino): “Gracias a la vida” – Violeta Parra – 1966

7. PT Portugal (Shevek): “Vocês sabem lá…” – Maria de Fátima Bravo – 1958

8. EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Võta mind lehtede varju” – Heidy Tamme – 1979

9. NZ New Zealand (Rob): “Journey to the Sun” – CHAPTA – 1970

10. CY Cyprus (Emmo): “Methysmeni Politeia” – Anna Vissi – 1980

11. IS Iceland (Ovidarch): “Unravel” – Björk – 1997

12. DE Germany (Arpatilaos): “99 Luftballoons” – Nena – 1983

13. SE Sweden (Niclas): “Håll om mig” – Peter LeMarc – 1987

14. MX Mexico (Matt): “Ay Amor” – Ana Gabriel – 1990

15. Kosovo Kosovo (Patrick): “Baresha” – Nexhmije Pagarusha – 1967

16. FR France (Ellie): “Le Temps de l’Amour” – Francoise Hardy – 1962

17. IT Italy (Donnie): “Canzone” – Milva – 1968

18. GR Greece (Dimitris): “Αυτή η Νύχτα Μένει (This Night Is the Only Thing that Remains)” – Dimitra Papiou – 1999

19. TR Turkey (Mermaid): “Geceler” – Nilüfer – 1986

20. Brazil Brazil (Alex L.): “Lambada” – Kaoma – 1989

21. RO Romania (Toggie): Maine toti recrutii pleaca” – Maria Tanase – 1943


  • Kosovo Kosovo
  • AU Australia
  • DE Germany
  • GB United Kingdom
  • DK Denmark
  • MK Macedonia
  • IT Italy
  • PT Portugal
  • CL Chile
  • MX Mexico
  • AM Armenia
  • ID Indonesia
  • RO Romania
  • Brazil Brazil
  • US United States
  • GR Greece
  • TR Turkey
  • FI Finland
  • RS Serbia
  • CY Cyprus
  • CN China
  • EE Estonia
  • FR France
  • Philippines Philippines
  • SE Sweden
  • NZ New Zealand
  • IS Iceland
  • RU Russia
  • CA Canada
  • JP Japan

Need to Vote:


368 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 11: The Grand Final

  1. With just three songs scoring more 3 digits and the last song getting at least 50pts.. it seems to be a very strong field but I will give it a go:

    Group1: FIN, UK, CYP, GER, ITA, GRE, TUR (could be 2).
    Group2: DEN, CHL, ISL, BRA.
    Group3: CAN, IDA, NZL, KOS, FRA (could be 2), ROM.
    Group4: EST, POR, SWE, MEX.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It continues to be a bad January: Another musician has passed away, namely Glenn Frey from the Eagles (best known for their mega hit “Hotel California”). R.I.P.


  3. Here are my predictions:
    I think these countries will fight for the victory: Italy, Iceland, UK, Greece and Turkey.
    The countries that will complete the top 10 could be: Cyprus, Portugal, Brazil, France, Finland (hopefully 😛 ).
    And other countries that have chances to get in top 10 (but I think most of them might just miss it) are: Indonesia, Chile, New Zealand, Germany and Denmark.


    • I don’t see Iceland that high; ”global artist effect. Same goes to Brazil and who knows Finland? But a top10 result is possible. Also, you do overestimate Portugal a bit.


      • The global artist effect might matter a bit less than usual in a nostalgia edition, we’ll see. If I narrow it down a bit more I would say that either Italy or UK might win as I see them getting pts from most people.


      • I don’t know. Personally, I didn’t vote with the criterion of ”nostalgia” as it was not the theme of the edition.


      • Me neither and I’m guessing that nostalgia didn’t have a big effect on most people’s voting because most of the songs were new to everyone I think. But what I meant is that the more known songs might not have been as underrated as they could’ve been in a regular edition. For example Brazil is probably the most known song, but I think most people ranked it normaly (where they genuinely think it should be placed in their ranking) so I can see it ending in top 10.


      • Let me tell you. Although I knew several artists and songs I ranked all properly, otherwise my ranking would have been completely different.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. On a different note , I still believe FdlC 10 was the best contest EVER!!!
    This edition was ok I guess. Many good songs but NOT a song I truly loved like the Greek, French, Chinese, Dutch and Israeli, Icelandic and Serbian one in previous edition 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  5. My top in cryptic – I hope language – lol
    12pts: ”Recycling”
    10pts: Thesis
    8pts: New dating (the Jamaican bf is off, where to next?)
    7pts: ”Plagiarists”
    6pts: Vicious cycle
    5pts: It grew by ”accident”
    4pts: More expensive in the US
    3pts: They have a court in the NED
    2pts: Their execution is on YT
    1pt: Often stretched


  6. My votes :
    12 : This Hod could be surprised…
    10 : One used to be a favourite back then, a favourite again now
    08 : I’ve been spoiling you lately…
    07 : Still in love despite the unexpected recent reject
    06 : At first, I thought no but in the end I succumbed
    05 : Usual suspect
    04 : I believe I am not being very generous here…
    03 : Back to basics
    02 : Probably I won’t get anything in return
    01 : I ‘m afraid that was the best I could do 😦


  7. 12 pictured my feet with the God of wind
    10 too much money for a stupid stamp
    8 this means suffering
    7 poor little snake 😦
    6 My bestie lives there and I miss her so much
    5 I love lilies
    4 my first night train adventure from the Netherlands
    3 One of my favorite musicals
    2 We have lots from you
    1 Sexy sounds

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  8. After accidentally deleting the comment, here are the official clues from the Icelandic HoD:

    12 points – Big exporters of salt, honey and horse meat 😉
    10 points – Who knew Aurelia could sing…
    8 points – Love can overcome all sorts of barriers
    7 points – The swan could have saved them by drinking milk
    6 points – Big fans of music and film festivals since the start
    5 points – It’s important to voice your opinion in this country
    4 points – It’s one of the least religious countries in the world
    3 points – Failure is not an option here, they even have a special day for it! 😛
    2 points – Being Dutch, I’ve always been a flower boy
    1 point – They go nuts for these over there!

    So excited to see how the voting will go now, good luck to everyone! 🙂


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