So, We’re Going to Decide This Semi Thing

As we all know, things got a little heated during the last few editions over the inclusion of semi-finals in Fête de la Chanson, to the point where Nick and I considered closing the contest permanently. Well, while Nick has decided to take a step away from the contest (Don’t worry, he’ll be around and doing some behind-the-scenes stuff, but I’ll be the only one hosting editions for the foreseeable future. More on this later.), I have received his blessing to continue to host future editions of the contest. While we’re hammering out the details for the March/April edition of FdlC, we do want to take care of the issue of semi-finals and participation.

Namely, we have decided to run a poll about which of the following options you feel would be better suited for the contest. I want to start this by saying that there is not an option to do this ETSC-style. There will not be a big final with an unlimited number of contestants. The following two options are options that we believe are manageable for a large continuously-running competition and will provide enjoyment to the competitors.

The first option is a contest that only has a final but that has a rather limited number of slots available. This edition would consist of editions that were only finals, but we would cap the number of participants in the contest as 32 people. Some may ask, “Why 32 people?” The answer is that this allows for the two hosts to participate without taking any of the 30 spots we would normally grant for a final. In other words, this is to be as inclusive as possible without being overwhelming in the number of songs competing or workload for Patrick. The spots would be open in a first-come/first-serve basis. The only spots reserved would be for Patrick, Nick, and the winner of the previous edition. Everybody else would have to race to claim a spot in the final before spots ran out.

The second option is to continue with the semi-final system we have in place, discussing tweaks and small changes to make the system work better in the future. This would allow for a maximum of fifty competitors (which I’ve frankly rarely seen a contest surpass), so it would allow for everybody to participate, even if participation in the contest were to expand dramatically from where it currently stands. If this option is chosen, further discussion would follow on how to best implement the semi-final system fairly and enjoyably.

The poll is below. Note, I have the results set to hidden because I don’t want knowledge of the current standings in the poll to influence participation. However, if many of you believe the results should be open during the voting: 1) I’d question why you feel the need to question my honesty, and 2) I’d make the results visible. The poll is open until the end of March 11th, so I’ve given you plenty of time to decide.


139 thoughts on “So, We’re Going to Decide This Semi Thing

  1. Since I’m always late to things and fail to notice stuff in time (like this poll), I’d go for option nr 2. But I don’t really mind either way 🙂


  2. I’m not sure I’ll be following FdlC12. In all honesty, I am kinda in fatigue with constantly searching for new songs. On the other hand, I may change my mind, if I come up with sth worth participating with.


  3. I voted for the second option but I’m ok with this result as well, at least now I know I will finally make it into a FDLC final hahaha.
    Looking forward to the next edition.


  4. Been away for quite some time but I am glad to see people were given a voice on the sf issue 🙂
    Also glad the semis are on their way out of fdlc 🙂
    That said I don’t think I will participate in the foreseeable future – I truly appreciate Patrick’s work but the contest and the forum here has been hijacked by a group of people (thankfully small) who I do not want to be associated with after their behaviour a couple of editions ago. I will give ETSC a try, but if the same people engage in similarly hostile behaviour as well I may withdraw from there as well, we’ll see.

    Good luck to everyone participating and enjoy 🙂 !


      • Thank you 🙂 ! To you too ! Oh and thanks for not taking long to prove me right 🙂

        Cheers !


      • If anything is filthy here it is the gang-like bullying mentality of you and your buddy here that has ruined FDLC unfortunately. So enjoy your little playground where you bully everyone to submission (because that’s all weak insignificant creatures like you can do) for all I care. I don’t want to have anything to do with lowlifes like you and your buddy. You deserve each other and what you and your gang-like attitude has turned FDLC into. So relieved that I don’t have to put up with the likes of you anymore.


      • You don’t even know how to spell rubbish little bully. Not surprised.
        Good riddance to you idiot 🙂 !


      • Are you talking to yourself again ? Projection is not a good thing little pile of trash.


      • Nah my brain does not resemble a sewage like yours – you are the master of offending and insulting people so you should know better.


      • Nah thank you not a fan little bully. That’s for you and the other gang members here to enjoy probably, not me. If that’s the worst you got, damn you are out of shape !


  5. I think this result is best for the contest and the way we are picking the songs. Cause option A will get us to actually choose more songs that we personally love and option B will get us to choose songs that we think will do well in the contest imo. Option A will also lead to less arguments and less stress for the hosts. I also think we should implement a random draw of the country distrubutions, but that can be a future discussion, cause right now im so eager for FdlC 12! 😀

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    • Random country draw will severely damage the motivation to participate and the quality of the editions imo but I agree with everything else you said 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hm yeah maybe, but the first to the punch isn’t good either imo 😛 we do pick very diverse each time, so maybe it isn’t such a pressing issue after all haha, but it should maybe be implemented in ETSC as there are more attractive countries there 😛 but yeah maybe your right


  6. Just to clear things up guys :
    FdlC 12 will be a regular edition (no special theme).
    I’m not sure about the date of release for a song to be eligible but I checked rules again and it says 2000 onwards


  7. My U.S. nf is still under construction anyway, so I think I’ll take Taiwan (this is not an official statement that I am, just thinking aloud).

    What I have for the U.S. nf so far:

    1. Loud, heavy drum n bass from an artist that has just been signed to a record company earlier this year.
    2. Airy vocals to an indie track that builds significantly.
    3. Radio-friendly indie pop that plays on themes of shared loneliness and melancholy
    4. Perhaps the saddest song I’ve ever heard.
    5. A pop song created through synths and looping vocals that seem to create a dialogue with itself.

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    • I think you should wait for the US NF, cause its good to take your time and I kind of secretely want US for this edition hehe 😉


  8. I will most probably be back for the next nostalgia edition (whenever that takes place). Until then, good luck and enjoy, everyone! 🙂

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  9. I have 2 songs from Asia and one song from South America 😎
    I don’t want to reveal them now but probably I will get my first choice 😊


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