Fête de la Chanson 12: Info & Dates

Buongiorno! Italy proved itself to be the master of nostalgia in Fête de la Chanson 11 and set course for a new edition in the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi in Palermo, our venue for the twelfth edition of the contest. Last edition, Donnie reclaimed the glory days with the 1968 song “Canzone” by Milva

Following are the prospective dates for this edition:

  • March 18th: Country Reservation opens at 19:00 CET
  • March 20th: Song Submission opens.
  • March 27th: Country Reservation/Song Submission closes.
  • March 28th: Running Order Revealed. Voting opens.
  • April 9th: Voting closes for the FdlC 12.
  • April 10th: Results revealed. Winner crowned.

The hosts for this edition are Nicoletta Braschi, Roberto Benigni, and Giorgio Cantarini.

The following countries have been reserved by the winner and hosts for the following edition:

  • AU Australia: Donnie
  • FI Finland: Nick
  • TW Taiwan: Patrick

57 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 12: Info & Dates

  1. Regarding our FdlC 12 entry :
    We will be auditioning ONLY MALE ACTS for Down Under this time. This comes as an answer to the extreme DIVAESQUE picks from our HoD lately 😛


  2. I just discovered some sad news on the music front: Keith Emerson from the 70’s prog rock pioneers Emerson Lake & Palmer committed suicide Friday 😦

    Rest in peace.


  3. Palermo is among my favourite cities and thus I am looking forward to the contest being held there. A good friend of mine is on holiday in Palermo at the moment, and I am bird-sitting her budgies for two weeks. It is nice to have them around while working. 🙂

    I still have to decide between 2 countries for FdlC 12.

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      • I’ve just remembered a 3rd one but it is almost 8 minutes long and requires a lot of attention. The ending of that song is stellar imo, it always makes me think of one of C. D. Friedrich’s more daring paintings. Well, I still have 2 days to decide: moody Balkan soul in native language, a jazzy club number or a very intellectual singer-songwriter piece. Those are my choices. 🙂


      • It will all come down to the mood I am in when deciding. Luckily, we don’t have to think about surviving the semi-finals anymore. 🙂

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      • I wouldn’t use an over 9 minute long song (checked it again) in ETSC, where we have 40+ songs so I will probably choose this one for FdlC. Max will faint in case he is in. 😉

        Good night, Donnie. 🙂

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  4. I consider selecting another song by another artist. However, it’s a rather controversial one with rebellious lyrics and a video containing clashes between policemen and protesters, so I am a little doubtful about whether it would be appropriate to have it in the contest. Thing is, it’s a bloody great song, and even if I don’t like violence, it still sounds very heartfelt. What do you say?


    • My opinion remains the same :
      a)Everyone should participate with whatever he loves or finds extremely special to him/her
      b)Clips should not be judged. Only songs (lyrics too :P)

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    • I had similar issues with my ETSC3 entry. I was planning participating with another band in the first place. But due to its’ controversial name, I opted for Need in the end.

      PS: I love Palermo. Damn, I’mm having second thoughts on this already.

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  5. This is so difficult guys, I’ve got 11 beautiful and amazing songs (in my opinion at least!) from 7 different countries. Haven’t made my mind up yet which country I want to compete with for this edition. :/ I’ll probably go for either Europe, North American, South American or Oceania this time around. I can promise one thing and that is that this edition will be an awesome one I believe! 😀 Hope we are all going to be happy with the new system and let the contest live on for many more editions to come.

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  6. Oh my god, I was wondering why it was so quiet in my mailbox. I just saw that I was a day early with my country preferences! 😅😂😂 Just got to re-send it tomorrow! 🙂

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