Fête de la Chanson: The Songs

Buongiorno! The submission period is now open for the songs chosen by our worldwide delegations to compete in the twelfth edition of Fête de la Chanson. The delegations have until 27 March to submit their songs.

Here is a list of national finals occurring for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

Accepted Songs:

MX Mexico (Andy): “Busco a alguien” – Flor Amargo ft. Mon Laferte

NL Netherlands (Stommie): “Mens” – Bløf

SE Sweden (Gregor): “I Surrender” – Nicole Sabouné

DE Germany (Ren): “Langsam Langsamer” – Balbina (Alternate Link)

TW Taiwan (Patrick): “Insignificance” – Hebe Tien

CY Cyprus (Oxi): “Constellations” – Quadraphonic

BY Belarus (Arpatilaos): “Another Snowstorm” – Evgenia Novik & Evgenia Martishko

IE Ireland (Razvan): “Love is a Drug” – Markus Feehily

ID Indonesia (Bay): “I Want You, Love” – Teza Sumendra

IT Italy (Tehoe): “Epilogue” – Fleshgod Apocalypse

RS Serbia (Xello/David): “Put” – Svi na pod

FR France (Tecku): “Tikiboy” – Cats on Trees

Angola Angola (Shevek): “Amor” – Pérola

Ukraine Ukraine (Matt): “Dobroe Utro” – Vera Brezhneva

RU Russia (Hjallis): “Pesnya pro Yolochku” – Ivan Dorn

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (Mermaid): “Girl in the Dark” – ZZARA

IL Israel (Dimitris): “Kol Hamilim” – Liran Danino (Alternate Link)

PL Poland (Toggie): “Katarakta” – Daniel Bloom ft. Mela Koteluk

CA Canada (Luke): “Catch” – Allie X

Brazil Brazil (Emmo): “Shimbalaiê” – Maria Gadù

GR Greece (Alex L.): “Moira mou egines” – Adriana Babali

EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Nelgid” – Vaiko Eplik ft. Mari Jürjens

DK Denmark (Rob): “Hollow Talk” – Choir of Young Believers

US United States (Dino): “Caught Out in the Rain” – Beth Hart

AU Australia (Donnie): “The Woods” – Husky

GB United Kingdom (Anders): “Oh My Lord” – Steve Mason

FI Finland (Nick): “Park Fiction” – Hisser

Syria Syria (Avat): “Sheherazade” – Lena Chamamyan

IS Iceland (Ellie): “Pretty Face” – Soley

NZ New Zealand (Ovidarch): “Celeste” – Ezra Vine

CN China (Jon): “Amor” – Tia Ray

South Korea South Korea (Max): “I Am the Best” – 2NE1

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:




407 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson: The Songs

  1. Going more systematically through the songs now. It won’t be easy to vote…

    If I should point out a trend in this edition, it would probably be indie.


  2. But when the UK finally get to deliver their votes, they will be read by no less than two spokespersons.

    The first spokesperson is one of my favourite producers and musicians: Brian Eno

    Liked by 3 people

  3. YES!!!! I am so happy,I need to share this!
    Just bought my “7 day pass” ticket for Europe’s best music festival #Sziget 🙂

    I am so excited!The line up is shaping up great❤️Can’t wait till August 😊

    Liked by 4 people

  4. I have now listened again to all 29 songs available and ranked them for the first time. On a first observation, there are songs that despite scoring a 9/12(!!!), they will miss my top10 😦


  5. Just to say…Iceland has sent its entry song and hopefully it will be available with the next update. Female, young, indie (appears to be the theme of this edition!) and she writes her own songs! Good luck everyone!

    Liked by 5 people

  6. I’ve listened to most of the songs so far. Usually at this point I have a few songs that I’m sure won’t make my Top 10, but this time, I… kinda like them all (so far)?


  7. I have received Ellie’s entry, as a confirmation.

    I have not heard from Max, and Jon has expressed interest but has not decided his entry yet. I have sent an email to Max to find out what’s going on. If I don’t hear from him by the time I get back from what I have to do tomorrow morning (Central Time), I will dq Max. I have given Jon until that time to send his entry.

    That’s the news. I’ll upload a comment with the running order draw with Max and Jon included in a short bit. If they do not join, I will remove them from the running order.


  8. And here is the running order:

    1. Netherlands: Stommie
    2. Israel: Dimitris
    3. China: Jon
    4. Canada: Luke
    5. France: Tecku
    6. United Kingdom: Anders
    7. Indonesia: Bay
    8. Ireland: Razvan
    9. Greece: Alex L.
    10. Australia: Donnie
    11. Sweden: Gregor
    12. Kazakhstan: Mermaid
    13. Ukraine: Matt
    14. Mexico: Andy
    15. Germany: Ren
    16. New Zealand: Ovidarch
    17. South Korea: Max
    18. Estonia: Sedapsi
    19. Belarus: Arpatilaos
    20. Italy: Tehoe
    21. Denmark: Rob
    22. Angola: Shevek
    23. United States: Dino
    24. Taiwan: Patrick
    25. Syria: Avat
    26. Iceland: Ellie
    27. Cyprus: Oxi
    28. Russia: Hjallis
    29. Serbia: Xello/David
    30. Finland: Nick
    31. Brazil: Emmo
    32. Poland: Toggie


    • Damn. We will close the show. Many people will already prepare for voting, search their phones etc. while Poland is on … 😉


  9. After listening to all songs today, I must say 7 songs stand out – IMO always. Some other are unique as well but I am not sure whether they can trouble the top10.


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