Fête de la Chanson 13: The Results

Howdy! It’s time to reveal the results of the thirteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Before we begin to reveal the results, the United States have provided us with a wonderful interval act to listen to.

Interval: Disturbed – “The Sound of Silence”

Now, it’s time to reveal the votes of our delegations!

1. SE Sweden: Tehoe


2. palestine Palestine: Hjallis


3. GB United Kingdom: Rob


4. MX Mexico: Patrick


5. ES Spain: Shevek


6. NL Netherlands: Stommie


7. FR France: Ovidarch


8. AU Australia: Razvan


9. FI Finland: Alex L.


10. DK Denmark: Anders


11. IT Italy: Emmo


12. South Korea South Korea: Jon


13. ID Indonesia: Bay


14. BY Belarus: Arpatilaos


15. RS Serbia: David


16. GR Greece: Dimitris


17. CA Canada: Andy


18. PT Portugal: Tecku


19. NO Norway: Dino


20. EE Estonia: Sedapsi


21. AM Armenia: Avat


22. gambia Gambia: Donnie


23. US United States: Ellie


24. JP Japan: Nick


…And that’s it! We have a winner for the thirteenth edition of FdlC. Congratulations to the winner. That winner can send me all the information I need for hosting the next edition anytime during the summer. Next edition will, of course, be a regular edition!





Here are some other ways to view the results!

Full Scoreboard: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/156410/fte-de-la-chanson-13-nashville

Results in a list: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/result/156410/fte-de-la-chanson-13-nashville/SSdwHKfY

Full Voting Grid: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/sheet/156410/fte-de-la-chanson-13-nashville/SSdwHKfY

To be clear, by the official tie break rules provided by Eurovision, Denmark would be in 10th place, and Australia would be in 11th place, even though the scoreboard and voting grid show it differently. Both received points from 10 countries, got two sets of 10, but Denmark got 1 set of 8 to Australia’s 0.


538 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 13: The Results

  1. Congrats to the winner 🙂 I lost myself during the presentation (sorry), because I had some work to do, that couldn’t be postponed 😦
    Thanks, as well everyone who supported Serbia, we will probably connect again after the summer period. Cheers guys, I wish you all an amazing summer 😉

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  2. Congratulations to Sedapsi and Estonia for the well deserved win !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The Hod of the finnish delegation would like to thank all the participants who voted for Jenny ! 4th place is my best result after the win in FDLC 10… Also don’t forget to thank Patrick and Nick for the organisation ! 🙂 See you in September ! 🙂

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    • I had a clear top 10 from the very beginning but Finland was the only country to trouble it at some time.
      You were my #11 😛


  3. Regarding the HoDs’ stats Dino posted earlier we also have a new entry which is Emo at #16 with 0.46 ! Congrats!!!
    The rest of the top 20 :
    #17 Alex L 0.46
    #18 Matt 0.47
    #19 Rosalina 0.48
    #20 Patrick 0.48

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    • Have you noticed? The Greek gang might have not won this time around but we did…

      4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th!


      • And #14.
        I ONLY voted for Dimitris and Arpatilaos while I ignored Ellie, Alex L and you.
        The only one who might have got a slight boost was Emo who scored (12 + 8 + 6 =26 ) points from Greek users for sending an Italian song which was a HUGE hit in Greece. But again, other Greek users might have voted Italy down for the same reason!


      • I didn’t know neither the Estonian nor the Finnish song so it was easy to rank them…
        Italy would have easily earned my 12 p 6 years ago…


      • Iceland no, cause I had discovered it only few weeks before the contest, so it was still fresh. I’m afraid it did happen to Denmark though slightly…


      • Oh, so almost all then. 😛
        Btw, I knew the Italian song, but never liked it too much, her singing in the chorus sounds a bit annoying to me, I was surprised to see it do so well. :p


      • Never heard of it before but I find the chorus too annoying. It is again that volatile Italian ballad. Nothing new but professionally made though.

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      • In fact they are 19. I will send one if am fast enough to claim that country in July. The rest will compete in 2 future NFs for that country.


      • 2 times UK and once USA despite making a mistake :p I believe by betting odds are all short when it comes to chosing first:p

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      • You might like the one song I have in mind, whereas I am sure you are aware of the second :p


    • Of course there’s a small issue when ranking HoD’s who competed in 2 or 4 editions with others who have competed in 14.


      • Discovering new songs through ETSC/FdlC isn’t necessarily a principle applied to every HoD, despite all my recent entries being the product of recent research. On the the other it is unfair for a HoD to lose points just because 2-3 users happen to know some songs. We can’t be on each others’ radar at all times…My only objection are ”obvious global heats” and the ”recycling of already known (from ETSC anfd FdlC) singers”. Yet again I don’t mark them down.


      • Errr…I don’t know who’s voting down what.I can only speak for myself.I already knew Estonia and Mexico and yet they got my 8 and 10 pts respectively because i really liked the songs and i’ve only listened to them a few times prior to this edition.The Italian song on the other hand was a huge hit in Greece for years.I’ve been listening to it almost on a daily basis like 3 summers ago thus it didn’t make it to my top-10.On the the contrary,i don’t agree with you on the recycling of previous singers.Yes,it would be problematic if it happened all the time but someone may submit a very good song from a known artist other HODs may not know.


      • I have a different approach on this…

        For example.

        I have heard Lhasa’s song too, several times but still I wanted to be fair with Patrick. I did the same with Alex 3 editions ago.

        As for the recycling you again have my answer. Lhasa was not left out…

        Yes, I would prefer not to see again the same singers being this more or less as an encouragement for people to search for new faces rather than having to listen to the same sound over and over again, – I mean Jenni to be more precise.


      • I don’t understand what you mean by wanting to be fair.My method is listening to the songs several times and then deciding on the 10 that at that specific moment felt like my 10 favorites.I sometimes forget who’s the HoD behind the songs if they’re not one of those i talk to regularly.
        But of course we all have our different methods of selecting our top-10.


      • Fair = ranking a song based on my subjective taste and its ”qualities” as a song. External factors do not form part of ranking methods.


      • Reply to Dino.
        Obviously we are playing with words here. It’s what Dimitris said below. Some HoDs are entitled to prefer new stuff to songs they have already been familiar with for years. It’s their prerrogative. Same way you are against big hits and recycling artists. You will probably prefer something else over that mentioned cases.
        In the end every single HoD has his/her own criteria of voting and the winner is crowned based on a pool of 20+ totally different between each other players. And that’s what makes it so special!

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      • Like preferring new stuff to songs you already know for years. Maybe that’s just me!


      • Isn’t this natural?If it’s a song you’ve heard a zillion times you just don’t feel the same way about it like discovering new music.That doesn’t mean you vote that song down.

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    • ”Same way you are against big hits and recycling artists.”

      Yes. therefore me being vocal about out it ”encouraging” people not doing it. However, I don’t carry this principle when it comes to ranking.


      • I have a pool of 5-6 songs but I give a slight advantage to 2 of them. I will try to pick a country I’ve never participated with before 🙂

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      • And I say I will try cause only 2 out of 6 songs come from countries I’ve never tried before.


      • It’s simillar for me, still deciding, but I’ll probably pick a country I’ve never participated with before. 🙂


      • Eventually sooner or later we will start recycling countries. I mean after so many editions (I’ve been participating in 14) you will find yourself struggling when it comes to ETSC. Afterall Europe has 50 countries all in all 😛


      • Yes, I guess so. 😛 It’s nice to participate with different countries and I try to do that but in my final decision choosing the song that I like the most in that moment is what counts the most.


      • I already know what I want to send for both ETSC5 and ETSC6 😀 Plus a few backups in case I don’t get the right countries.

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  4. Hello guys, sorry for not being active during the voting results as I had a couple of friends over from Sweden for the evening. I want to start off saying a big congratulations to Sedapsi and Estonia for winning this edition, it was my ’12-points’ and I loved the song from the first listen, a well deserved song to win! ❤

    Secondly I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has voted for France, especially to Emmo and Stommie for your 12 points! I never expected to come 2nd in Nashville and it’s been a pleasure to introduce new music styles to all of you. Thanks to Patrick, Dino and Nick for arranging this edition it was a very spectacular one indeed. I will be looking at some new countries for the next edition and aim to showcase more unique songs in order to win. I will be making my debut in ETSC next month, which I hope will be just as exciting as FdlC! Watch this space…

    My newly updated track record for FdlC:


  5. Going through my playlists atm i believe a special edition with intstrumental-only songs would be very interesting.


    • Makes sense. Whenever I love your entries you end up top 10 :p
      I believe your FdlC 7 is slightly underrated. I liked your ETSC 2 & 3 entries as well but unfortunately there’s only room for 10 songs in our top 10

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      • I made it through the templates used in the Wikipedia articles about the respective Eurovision countries. If you write {{flag/Denmark}}, you get both the flag and the country name which leads to the article about the country.


      • Yes. You can take am ESC country page and edit the ‘Contestants’ section. Then paste your own results into it and press ‘show preview’ (without saving of course). Then you make a screenshot of the window containing the preview and crop out the contestants table.


      • You can make a new section by writing an ! followed by the name of that section.

        This is what it looked like by me when I did the edit. Try to paste it in and add your own results:

        == Contestants ==
        ;Table key
        {{legend|silver|Second place}}
        {{legend|#cc9966|Third place}}
        {{legend|#FE8080|Last place}}

        {| class=”wikitable sortable” style=”width:100%”
        ! Edition
        ! Country
        ! Artist
        ! Language
        ! Title
        ! Final
        ! Points
        ! Semi
        ! Points
        | ETSC 1
        | {{flag|Faroe Islands}}
        | Orka
        | [[Faroese language|Faroese]]
        | “Tað vakrasta”
        | 10
        | 68

        colspan=”2″ rowspan=”2″ data-sort-value=”99999″ {{N/A
        No semi-finals}}

        ETSC 2


        [[Veto (band)

        [[English language

        “Fell Into Place”





  6. My results

    ETSC2: Iceland, 9/?
    FdlC1: Sweden, 5/11
    FdlC2: Louisiana, 19/24
    FdlC3: Argentina, 7/18
    FdlC4: Cyprus, 10/23
    FdlC5: Spain, 12/21
    FdlC6: Cote d’Ivoire, 4th
    FdlC7: Canada, 7/18
    ETSC3: Norway, 14/42
    ETSC4: UK, 23/45
    FdlC8: UK, 12/35
    FdlC9: Jamaica, 17/27
    FdlC10: Israel, 8/31
    FdlC11: Chile, 20/31
    FdlC12: USA, 1/32
    FdlC13: Norway, 8/24

    Proudly holding the record for best result for Argentina, Cyprus, Cote d’Ivoire and the US. Next challenge by September is to better Cyprus’ records, or offer a great result to a newcomer 🙂


      • I will try to … but I’ll be very busy for at least 2 more weeks. I have 2 songs for 2 different countries lined up, and if I manage to grab one of those 2 countries, I’ll be in. If not, I am not sure if I have the time to search for a song from another country.


  7. Donnie in a nutshell 😛 :
    1.Canzone 0.03
    2.In der palestra 0.07
    3.The Brothel 0.07
    4.Tango to the hilt 0.18
    5.Rizamyn 0.19
    6.To telos sto saloni 0.22
    7.Summerfly 0.23
    8.Mamamuso 0.25
    9.NYC Taxi 0.26
    10.Party i provinsen 0.36
    11.Koop Island Blues 0.39
    12.Black Video 0.39
    13.The Woods 0.41
    14.Fuel to fire 0.43 😦


  8. The FDLC#4 Italian representative playing one of his songs in the middle of the Arctic ocean raising awareness for its protection.This is spine-tingling!

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