Fête de la Chanson 14: The Songs

Tele! The song submission period for the fourteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson has opened. The delegations have through the end of 4 September to submit their songs.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

Accepted Songs:

DE Germany (Stommie): “Love Inc” – Booka Shade

MX Mexico (Hjallis): “Tu Veías Mejor Conmigo” – Espinoza Paz

NZ New Zealand (Lars): “Glare” – Sheep, Dog, & Wolf

ES Spain (Ren): “Cómo Te Atreves” – Morat (Youtube Link)

AR Argentina (Matt D.): Porque Será” – Banda de Turistas

chile Chile (Franco): “La Mejicana” – Elizabeth Morris

IE Ireland (Martin): “Madrid” – Saint Sister

CY Cyprus (Arpatilaos): “I agapi ta ‘hi ola (Η Αγάπη Τα ‘Χει Όλα) – Stella Kalli

NO Norway (Dhaibhidh): “Undertow” – Ane Brun

india India (Warren): “For What II” – Nicholson

SE Sweden (Rob): “Peeling Off the Layers” – Wildbirds & Peacedrums (Alternate Link)

JP Japan (Tecku): “Sky and Ocean” – Kitaro

swaziland Swaziland (Toggie): Inyandzaleyo” – Floewe ft. Bholoja

seychelles Seychelles (Tristian): “Mon Pa Oule” – Sandra Esparon

timor-leste East Timor (Shevek): “Hau Nia Mehi” – Dalia Agostinho

ID Indonesia (Bay): Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan” – Payung Teduh

RU Russia (Mermaid): “Eksponat (Экспонат)” – Leningrad

Ukraine Ukraine (Dimitris): “Misto” – ONUKA

PT Portugal (Andy): “Shadowplay” – Velvet Kills

US United States (Patrick): “Still Your Girl” – Fleurie

DK Denmark (Anders): “Dr. Legepladsen” – Gnags (Alternate Link)

CA Canada (Dino): “Good Times Don’t Carry Over” – Chinawoman

IT Italy (Alex L.): “Alice e il Blu” – Annalisa

EE Estonia (Sedapsi): “Ebemaine” – Hele Kõrve

cuba Cuba (Tehoe): “Snakes” – Voltaire

GR Greece (Ellie): “Fairy Tales” – Cayetano

FR France (Donnie): “Wait” – M83

GB United Kingdom (Nick): “2Shy” – Shura

RO Romania (Razvan): “Ochi de Copil” – Deepcentral

NL Netherlands (Ovidarch): “In Your Arms” – Chef’Special (Alternate Link)

AM Armenia (Avat): “Maybe We Don’t Exist (Գուցե՜ չկանք)” – The Deenjes

AU Australia (Robin): “Slacks” – St. South

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:

Waiting List:

  1. IS Iceland: Sebastian (2nd Choice)
  2. lebanon Lebanon: Emmo
  3. South Korea South Korea: Mylor

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  1. Of course I would pick one of my favorite places in Moscow as our HQ…So we have decided to go for Izmailova Market 😊Don’t be fooled by the appearance though…when you enter,it is very cozy and friendy 😊
    Now you all know Russian HoD is a real shopaholic LOL

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