Fête de la Chanson 15: Info & Dates

Hallo! Last edition saw another Norwegian victory, and so the fifteenth edition of the contest will take place in Oslo, at the Operahuset (which so happens to be the building I chose for the banner image before I made the connection). Our reigning champion is Dhaibhidh, having won with “Undertow” by Ane Brun. Here is another look at the song:

Here are the prospective dates for this edition:

  • 29 September: Country selection opens at 19:00 CET
  • 1 October: Song selection opens at 19:00 CET
  • 7 October: Country/song selection closes at 23:59 CET
  • 8/9 October: Running order revealed. Voting opens.
  • 21 October: Voting closes at 23:59 CET.
  • 22/23 October: Results (and HoDs) revealed. Winner chosen.

This edition is the “Blind Edition.” What we mean by this is that the participants, barring Patrick for operational purposes, will have no idea which entry belongs to which participant. In fact, barring Dhaibhidh, as the winner, and Nick/Patrick, participants will not even be 100% sure the name of every participant in this edition. Since questions have been asked, penalties will be applied should a person reveal their country directly or indirectly. However, there will be no penalty for revealing if you are a participant or for lying about being a participant (or not being a participant).

The hosts for this edition are Stian Bjørnes and Jenny Skavlan.

Finally, here are the countries that have been claimed by the winner and your contest organizers:

  • _unknown (?????)
  • _unknown (?????)
  • _unknown (?????)

419 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 15: Info & Dates

    • Sometimes I think they don’t want to put too many good people through to increase the popularity of the really good ones. However, the less serious acts can be entertaining when it comes to the live shows.

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      • The whole show is a farce tbh. The viewing public are being conned and most of them are so dumb that they don’t have a clue nor really even care. Talent is not what drives this show, It’s all about making money and some sort of ‘entertainment’ with all the OTT production that goes into that. Sharon was ridiculous putting Honey G (or as I call her…Honey Monster!) through, seriously wtf?. Christopher Peyton (whom I have seen on the club circuit a few times in London) would have been a better choice imo much better than that idiotic bint. I also think Nicole made an error putting through Freddy Parker as he is limited vocally and I think he will struggle. I had hoped to see Nate in but am glad Christian is gone as the whole ‘sob story’ has gotten pathetic now, seemingly nobody can get on with their careers unless they’ve got some dead brother, aunt, father, nan or cat to add to the equation. I shall just be keeping an eye on it but to be honest the whole thing already sucks big time. Wish to goodness they’d just put the show out of its misery once and for all.
        I can only hope there might be a wild card of sorts but am thinking it may not be the case this year which is a pity. I have a feeling Barfavio and Honey Monster will survive enough weeks to make the X Factor Tour (after all they will need to add some colour to this rather dull collective) and there are enough ‘samey’ acts to go out first in that old chestnut of ‘Oh my, we’re all shocked at this result!’ nonsense. Huge Sigh!
        On a happier note. I am loving Strictly……:)

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      • It is always the same every year. I was really sorry Ivy was unable to participate, but that could not be helped I guess. Other than that Christopher really should have gone through – Sharon seems make a habit of picking all girls. And I am still annoyed about Kayleigh not getting a place. Hopefully there will be wildcards – there is every year. I kind of like the idea of having four wildcards and then losing one from each category – I think they did that one year. At least the public get to have some say in who goes through then as the judges always make serious errors. Some fantastic acts made it to Judges Houses this year – I just cannot see how they managed to get it so wrong with such great acts to pick from. I do like 5 After Midnight and Ryan Lawrie at the moment, but that could change when their personalities come through. I know Hjallis is no fan of Saara, but I don’t know enough about her to dislike her (much) at the moment. We should be able to see a bit more about who deserves to be there after the first live show. I will stick with it…for now, but I have been known to give up towards the end of the series depending on what happens.

        I noticed my planner had automatically recorded Strictly, but I have not watched it this year yet (apart from the launch show a few weeks ago). Perhaps I should give it a go…do you have any favourites on that show yet?

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      • This must have been one of the worst judges houses really. Not many of my favorites survived. I’m rooting now for Matt (when they are going to tell us that he actually is Louis Tomlinson launching his solo career? Have to admit that he is surprisingly good singer for a boy whose mic was closed most of time in One Direction!) and 5 AM which Louis will destroy when trying to turn them into Westlife in urban drag. With Simon they could have turned into a proper urban boy band a la Jodeci or BelBivDevoe. About time this genre to make a comeback.
        I would have love to see Peyton in finals, but as we all know these old cows are quite a risk in this competition. They do well, they might even end up winning and sell about 27 records during the mothers day.
        Saara has range and great vocals over all, she just lacks charisma and personality and looks. She is a big bore. I hope the styling team gets some lights on her.
        All the novelty acts has failed since Jedward and for a reason. Those lads were good fun and very real in their unrealness. O&B will be out first, Honey G will struggle couple of rounds more, just because televoters want to show their powers.
        Still, it’s been a very good season and I’m sure it keeps me entertained. After all, we need to see a pop star born in front of our eyes (still very likely) and we need to see great saturday evening prime time TV. That’s in can.

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      • Yes, they need to admit that it is Louis from 1D. Its crafty of him to enter the same show again. B&O will almost certainly be gone in the first week unless one of the others totally messes up, or there is a scandal in the newspapers about another contestant. They really are a mess. It will be interesting to see how the votes go in the first week…I am adamant that there will be a wildcard(s) of some sorts before the live shows begin.

        Is Saara very well known in Finland? You are right, her charisma (or lack of it) might be a problem and might disengage the voters. Sharon told her that in the six chair stage, so hopefully she has been working on it.

        Hopefully Louis will not mess up 5AM – they have great potential. It normally takes a lot for me not to see the series through to the end, so I am sure there will be plenty of drama and fun to come!

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      • Saara is well know for trying, her career has never really took off. She is both Idols and Voice runner up (seriously), and she has tried twice to get to ESC. This year she came second, she would have been much better choice than that horrendous camel tow woman. X Factor can work miracles, so who knows what she turns into. She may even allure me, after all, it’s quality screaming she does 😃
        Here’s my tip for Louis. Add ugly drummer to Brooks and you’ll have new Bros. This kind of twin set has never succeed in wooing teen girls’ hearts. The options are band or solo. Louis of all people should know that. There is a whiff of dirty old man round him at the moment. Just saying 😃


      • I love Danny Mac from Hollyoaks, already showing great potential but he needs to maintain that as am sure others will get better as the show progresses. Am also loving Tameka Empson and Claudia Fragapane. Louise Redknapp, Will Young and Greg Rutherford also could shine, whilst Lesley Joseph is one for those ‘aw bless’ moments. It’s really a good line-up and the standard has been good from the off.
        Re: X factor. Yes the judges made some huge errors (maybe they want some of them to come back again next year) and I will enjoy some of the performances am sure but I just see right through the whole process and it leaves a bad taste tbh. Still won’t stop me being nosey and keeping my beady eye on it (I was told I was a spy after all, through Dimitris’s ‘Other Life’ quiz!) 😉

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      • I will see how this week pans out and if I will get time to catch up on Strictly. I have only ever watched one series all the way through. Myself and Hjallis will alert you if your are missing something groundbreaking on X Factor 🙂

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