Fête de la Chanson 15: The Results

Hallo! It is now time to reveal the results of the fifteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson! Before we begin, the hosts have prepared a special performance for us. Please welcome Carte Blanche, the Norwegian national company of contemporary dance!

Interval: “Demo Reel” – Carte Blanche

It is now time to reveal the results of the first jury.

IS Iceland: Hjallis


RU Russia: Avat


SE Sweden: Dino


CA Canada: Tecku


ID Indonesia: Bay


CN China: Shevek


IL Israel: Ovidarch


IT Italy: Andy


Iran Iran: Mermaid


lebanon Lebanon: Emmo


AT Austria: Robin


BG Bulgaria: Michos


NO Norway: Dhaibhidh


DK Denmark: Arpatilaos


Brazil Brazil: Franco


MT Malta: Oxi


GR Greece: Donnie


US United States: Dimitris


NZ New Zealand: Alex L.


PT Portugal: Toggie


GB United Kingdom: Warren


india India: Patrick


NL Netherlands: Gregor


JP Japan: Anders


IE Ireland: Rob


ES Spain: Sedapsi


RS Serbia: Ren


FI Finland: Nick


guinea Guinea: Lars


FR France: Martin


AU Australia: Ellie


DE Germany: Tehoe


BE Belgium: Razvan


…And that’s it! Congrats to the winner. Send me the host city, venue, hosts, and any opening/interval act that you want in the next edition as soon as possible, and we can get started on the next edition.

As always, the next edition will be a regular edition, and I have narrowed down the special edition after that to two options that I need to mull over some more. Suffice it to say, both options have geographical restrictions, while one has a secret twist that will only be implemented after the twist has taken affect.








And now, here are some alternate ways to view the results:

Full Scoreboard: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/view/166006/fte-de-la-chanson-15-oslo

Simple List: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/result/166006/fte-de-la-chanson-15-oslo/Q84XKzpQ

Voting Grid: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/scoreboard/sheet/166006/fte-de-la-chanson-15-oslo/Q84XKzpQ


1,820 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 15: The Results

  1. I have divided the globe into ”general cultural entities” (based on music style) and statistics say. The number refers to participations.

    WEST/NORTH EUROPE (including the Baltic countries): 121
    BALKAN/MEDITERRANEAN and CAUCASIAN EUROPE (including Israel, Turkey and Cyprus): 70
    CENTRAL/EAST EUROPE (Slovenia included): 24
    USA and CAN: 23
    AUS and NZL: 18

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    • I’ve never played Americas so far 😐
      I count 5 times Northern Europe (DNK X2, SWE, NOR, EST)
      4 times Balkan region (GRC X2, FYR, BiH)
      3 times BIG 5 (FRA, ITA, DEU)
      2 times Western Europe (BEL X2 )
      Oceania x 2 (AUS, NZL)
      1 Asia (Kazakhstan)
      1 Africa (Gambia)


      • Then Northern Europe (Nordics & Baltics)
        Then Western (FRA, ESP, ITA included) + Central Europe
        Then Balkans (keep Cyprus here)
        Then Eastern Europe (& Caucasus)
        Then Latin America (Mexico, Central and South America)
        Then Asia
        Then Northern Africa and Middle East (you may include Israel)
        Then Mainland Africa
        and finally Oceania


      • Malta is more Anglosaxon than Mediterranean too when it comes to music. On the other hand, they would ruin this group’s scores. LOL
        And what is Western Europe? Germany shares a lot culturally with Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein … but with Denmark and the Czech rep. too. Thus there are strong ties to 3 different reagions: Central, Western and Northern Europe. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to come up with a grouping that makes sense imo because almost all countries are cultural zones of transition. And then most bigger countries aren’t monolithic either. Here in SW-Germany (Rheinland-Palatine, Ba-Wü and first and foremost Saarland, which tries to become bilingual again …) we have a very strong French influence and in Ba-Wü even an Italian influence that can be traced in architecture and food f. e. You won’t find those cultural influences further north or east. Culturally, Alsace is closest to Ba-Wü f. e., closer than any other German state. Bavaria has strong ties to Austria and the Czech Rep. (beer!) whereas both Meck-Po and Schleswig-Holstein have strong Scandinavian influences. We even have a Danish minority in SH. It’s a mess. LOL

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      • That’s why I tried to incorporate Germany in the mainland Europe group minus Eastern and Balkan. But I agree, all this grouping is a mess!

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      • It’s fun anyway. 🙂
        I tried it once in order to find out more about “block-voting” in ESC. After several years, everyone bur CYP/GRE, RUS/BLR and some others had their own group with 1 member only. 🙂


      • I’m a little bit confused by your groups, because if you make a West/Central group and take countries like Spain or Italy in, does that still include f.e. Poland and Hungary (which is what I would normally consider Central)?

        Also, I would tend to think that there are common sound elements in the music from most Mediterranean countries, from Spain to Cyprus.


      • Where would you incorporate Portugal,Spain, France and Italy?
        Mediterrenean group? Just for four countries?


      • I don’t know if I would be able to make such groups at all, because all countries and regions have cultural bonds in many different directions.


      • Or maybe the meditterenean group icludes Balkans, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Northern Africa. That sounds more precise!


      • Musically I can’t divide the Anglo Saxon World from Western Europe. On the thing that keeps together? Language. All of them sing in English. Even the French. If it is to re-assign Israel then they will go with the Anglo Saxon-Western Europe group, not Middle East. And I agree about Toggie that Malta musically has little connection with the Mediterranean group. Yet, they hardly keep pace with likes of the Anglo-Saxon World or West Europe. As for Germany, it is indeed a country which looks in all directions but as an outsider I tend to associate them mostly with West.


      • ”Or maybe the meditterenean group icludes Balkans, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Northern Africa. That sounds more precise!”

        Lebanon and Morocco, maybe. Not the rest though.


    • I’m surprised by the high number of entries in Group B, but I believe Greece, Israel and Armenia boost the its score!


    • But then again AZE has strong cultural ties to Iran f. e. whereas ARM has stronger ties leading west, in particular to France. The national state has always been a ridiculous idea, and our fruitless attempts to group countries once more demonstrates this. Anyways, migration an globalization will probably put an end to the national states within the next 50 years. Imo the nationalistic tendencies we can see in many countries atm are the agony of the national state. 🙂


      • While doing the grouping nation-state isn’t what I have in my mind. So, I can’t see how west Armenia is, unless we a referring to ”expat communities”. With the Iranian society being marginalised and covered under the carpet of Islamic doctrine decades now (without any change in sight) the secular and ”extrovert” Azerbaijan, will feel uncomfortable being associated with them. Musically there are of course similarities but Azerbaijan is far more global in this respect.

        If Iran becomes secular once again it will be like Turkey, Morocco and Azerbaijan.


      • The cultural similarities are still there though, despite everything Mr. Aliyev might do.
        As soon as you use a term like “Italy”, “Slovenia” or “Sweden” you are dealing with national states. Some like Italy or Germany didn’t even exist before the invention of the national state … We had several hundred tiny kingdoms and principalities here …


      • But musically there are still some differences. While I was reviewing Iran I struggled to find anything pop. That isn’t the case with Azerbaijan though. It is recent concept of course and has to do with Iran looking inwards/backwards, while Azerbaijan has not built any cultural barriers around it. How progressive is Azerbaijan politically and socially though or not it is a different subject.


  2. As for Denmark, our closed cultural ties are probably with Germany and the other Nordic countries. But there are also bonds to f.e. the Netherlands, the British Isles and the whole Baltic Sea region.


  3. I think taht in this point of history only the following groups/pairs make sense:

    Nordics (I would probably include Germany here because current German pop music is closest to what is going on further north. I believe that recently we have mostly voted for the Nordics in ESC too.)
    RUS/BLR/UKR (even though Ukraine might drift somewhere else atm …)

    Countries like Switzerland, Belgium or Moldova make a big mess. Love them. 🙂

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  4. Some thoughts about Caucasus and similarities and subgroups. People living in Caucasus have similarities and there were some interaction but they are very different /if we forget about religious ties and diferences/. Term “Caucasus” was wildly promoted by Communists and Russians to encourage “the brotherhood” of the nations living here regardless they all have totally different background, languages (Caucasian, Indo-European Armenian, Indo-European Iranian /Allan-Ossetian/, Turkic), Cultures etc. I don’t consider Armenia and mydelf as Caucasus as Armenian Highland is totally different geographical place (now they use different geographical term) ! But still I love Northern Caucasus – Georgian folk which has nothing common with Northern African culture. Some Caucasus stuff if you like it 🙂

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  5. Some inspirations in case we get a parody edition sometimes: Sir Malcolm Armold – “A Grand Grand Overture”. Originally written for one of the Hoffnung music festivals in the 50’s:


  6. Hi folks.
    Finally back home after a lovely holiday. Lots done (tried a Segway for the first time – awesome!) and loads seen (Valenica has some beautiful architecture and the Parc del Turia really is so lovely. I did also of course, enjoyed the results show even though I was feeling poorly. Weather wasn’t the best but I still managed to garner a nice tan and a bit of a healthy glow. Still not quite shaken this cold though but I think I am on the mend. Hope so, as I have two big gigs this week. Judging the Halloween Fancy Dress on Sunday and then next Friday(4th) am performing with a 20 piece swing band in Derry, am so looking forward to it. Hoping more will come of it in future, all going well.
    So, better late than never, here are my final FDLC15 Rankings but I have refrained from any commentary this time. Make of them as you wish.
    Cheers 🙂
    France’s (My) FDLC15 Rankings…..
    32 – Finland
    31 – Iran
    30 – Netherlands
    29 – India
    28 – Greece
    27 – Bulgaria
    26 – India
    25 – Russia
    24 – Sweden
    23 – Austria
    22 – Iceland
    21 – UK
    20 – China
    19 – Portugal
    18 – Canada
    17 – Ireland
    16 – Brazil
    15 – Indonesia
    14 – Japan
    13 – Guinea
    12 – Belgium
    11 – Lebanon
    10 – Italy
    9 – Malta
    8 – Norway
    7 – Israel
    6 – USA
    5 – Denmark
    4 – New Zealand
    3 – Germany
    2 – Serbia
    1 – Australia

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