Fête de la Chanson 16: Info & Dates

Inuugujoq! From Nordic to Nordic, the last edition saw Faroese singer, Eivør, win the contest for Denmark. In keeping with the territorial spirit, our winner from last edition, Arpatilaos, has decided to stage the next edition in the territory of Greenland, in its capital of Nuuk. Let’s take a quick moment to again listen to the winning song, TRUE LOVE:

Here are the prospective dates for the upcoming edition. Now, I expect to be very busy this November, so while the dates can always change, I expect that these dates will change with my schedule:

  • 31 October: Country selection begins at 0:00 CET
  • 2 November: Song selection opens at 19:00 CET
  • 8 November: Country and song selection closes at 23:59 CET
  • 9/10 November: Running order revealed. Voting opens.
  • 22 November: Voting closes at 23:59 CET.
  • 24 November: Results revealed. Winner chosen.

The hosts for this edition are Mads Mikkelsen, Thoman Vinterberg, and Stine Stengade.

Finally, here are the countries that have been claimed by the winner and your contest organizer:

  • NL Netherlands (Arpatilaos)
  • JP Japan (Patrick)
  • NZ New Zealand (Nick)

323 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 16: Info & Dates

  1. It’s down to 3 entries I love!
    I will give priority to a different genre and country compared to FdlC 15 😉


  2. Turkey (Erdogan) is not observing DST this year effectively throwing themselves outside the EET. What can I say.


  3. Okay so it says 8.33 here now so I assume 10pm here will be Minight CET is this correct or will it be 11pm here?


      • Even with our clocks going back? It’s saying 22.34 on my post? So you,re saying 11pm is definitely midnight CET? This is so darn confusing.


      • Thanks Dimitris,
        I would have sent it in at 10pm and then been penalised….
        Will be en route to judge a Haloween Fancy Dress event (good band playing later too, one I hope to enter with sometime) so am hoping to goodness I can pick up wifi to get my submission in. Fingers crossed.

        Liked by 3 people

  4. I went back to my country reservations to find out that Cyprus and France were three times the second option; Brazil was placed second and third several times too, while Mali holds the record being runner up once and four times third option! Sweden was runner up (once third option) three times before I finally chose them in FdlC15.


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