Fête de la Chanson 16: The Songs

Inuugujoq! The song submission period for the sixteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson has opened. The delegations have through the end of 8 November to submit their songs.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

RU Russia (Tehoe): “Give Me Water (Дай мне воды)” – OTTO DIX

FR France (Michos): “Vague à l’âme” – Barbara Carlotti & Tristesse Contemporaine (Alternate Link)

DK Denmark (Stommie): “Moan” – Trentemøller ft. Ane Trolle

GB United Kingdom (Martin): “Stranger” – Amber Run

AM Armenia (Avat): “Yete Karogh Es (Եթե Կարող Ես)” – Srbuk

IS Iceland (Hjallis): “King and Cross” – Ásgeir

uruguay Uruguay (Oxi): “Hasta Nunca” – No Te Va Gustar

chile Chile (Franco): “La Quintralada” – María Jimena Pereyra

CN China (Tecku): “Trail of the Angels” – Chen Yue

TR Turkey (Mermaid): “Mor Yazma” – Umut Kaya

CZ Czech Republic (Lars): “Ploužák proti všem přízrakům” – MIDI LIDI feat. Bára Kratochvílová

ID Indonesia (Robin): “Alihkan” – Stereocase

CO Colombia (Bay): “Lloré” – Monsieur Periné

IE Ireland (Razvan): “Fall” – Lisa Hannigan

FI Finland (Xello): “Kukkurukuu” – Mariska & Pahat Sudet

AU Australia (Warren): “Bapa” – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

sao20tome2020principe Sao Tome & Principe (Tristian) : Mãma África” – Filipe Santo

Angola Angola (Andy): “Don’t Let Go” – Miss Tati

US United States (Gregor): “Way Back Home” – Mako

SE Sweden (Dhaibhidh): “I’m an Albatraoz” – AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora

IL Israel (Dimitris): “Ma’agalim (מעגלים)” – Jane Bordeaux (ג׳יין בורדו)

NO Norway (Rob): “My Thieving Heart” – Sivert Høyem ft. Marie Munroe

JP Japan (Patrick): “Iinazuke Buruu (イイナヅケブルー)” – Charisma.com

NL Netherlands (Arpatilaos): “Memories” – KSHMR & BASSJACKERS ft. SIRAH

CH Switzerland (Donnie): “Je n’suis pas folle” – Aliose

RS Serbia (Anders): “Porcija panike (Порција Панике)” – Jarboli

AR Argentina (Ellie): “El Tren” – Natalia Clavier

NZ New Zealand (Nick): “Under My Skin” – Gin Wigmore

DE Germany (Alex L.): “Superior” – Gentleman (Alternate Link)

mali Mali (Dino): “Kounandi” – Rokia Traore

CA Canada (Ovidarch): “Wild Things” – Alessia Cara

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:

  • Brazil Brazil (Emmo) 😦

875 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 16: The Songs

  1. Presidential election has been nowhere to be seen in LA or Malibu.
    However these guys are campaigning big time. I’m all team Peak. I want to save Malibu. Malibu should be presereved for Barbra Streisand, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeffrey Katzenberg and for good looking surfer dudes and surf bums just the way it is now.
    Honk if you agree! I did. Many times 😃

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  2. There is of course a mind bongling election going on in LA too. Well, in Beverly Hills to be precise.
    I have watched this video quite many times. It comes before every FDLC entry.
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I want greener Beverly Hills!

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  3. I wonder why do they stubbornly insist on keeping this outreageously RIDICULOUS and totally UNDEMOCRATIC electoral system.

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    • Control………like the British FPTP (First Past The Post) system, they favour only 2 “extremes” which does not allow further thought nor alternative ways of finding solutions. It keeps the Establishment in power!

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      • I think so too, Dhaibhidh.
        I always tought that the US and the British ones are the most undemocratic electoral systems in the world. The one in France is not better either.

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      • They are indeed the most undemocratic ones, yet they’re publicised as the most democratic nations in the world. Any political system that does not allow proportional representation, does not allow free thinking……and in turn does not allow other views to be put forward or considered. As the saying goes, the answer is never black or white…….and there are many shades of grey in between.

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      • The US can’t go by ”proportional system” alone for the simple reason it is a federal country. Smaller states will feel they are not represented at all.

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      • What’s particularly disappointing regarding the UK system imo is that the UK voted against switching to alternative vote system, which would be much more representative…

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      • Totally agree with that answer Tehoe,…….it was the UK’s first and best chance to switch to a PR system, but Clegg let Cameron silence him during the voting.

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      • About the UK. Well, it was outrageous to see Cons winning more than half of the Parliamentary seats while this is not reflected proportionately….

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      • @Dino, re: smaller states and their representation, I disagree. They have the senate for the smaller states not to feel overlooked. What we are talking here is a pure twisting-ignoring of the popular vote which is way more important imho.

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      • @Dino………true. FPTP will always produce ridiculous, imbalanced results in UK. The Tories were barely elected with 37% of the vote which means 63% of the British did NOT vote for their policies. Fair?……..of course not, but that’s the biggest problem with FPTP in a multi-Party State.


  4. People seem to have gone mad. Being fed up with the way globalized capitalism has been spreading economic and social injustice over the past decades is one thing (and totally legitimate imo) but taking this lamentable development as a licence to become nationalist, racist, xenophobic etc is totally unacceptable. PC was introduced in order to protect minorities and support equal chances for everyone (and it keeps reminding us of the way things should be even though we still have a long way to go). If people are fed up with pc and root for Mr. Trump now because he keeps rambling by guess and by gosh, no matter if he insults or debases people, lies into everyone’s faces (as long as the electorate gets what they want to hear) and targets minorities as scapegoats, liberal decomcracy really is in danger. Denying PC equals denying identical rights for everyone, and that’s most probably what the angry white men want. They feel treated unfairly and left behind? Really? The WASPs feel treated unfairly and left behind? Poor pathetic things … Go ask an Afro-American in Mississippi, a LGBT member in Kentucky or a Hispanic in certain counties of Florida and you might begin to understand a thing or two about being disadvantaged and unfairly treated.
    It is just so frustrating. I watched an interview with a Trump supporter from Pennsylvania last night, and he brought forward 2 arguments in favour of Mr. Trump:

    “We need to bring back the steel industry.” (He made it sound as if such an endeavour would solve all economic problems. I would go ROFL if it wasn’t so sad … Reality check: which century are we currently living in? – And now that the election result has proven that climate change is socialist propaganda, we mights as well go back to heavy industries anyway … the good old days (for Caucasian US-Americans only but who gives a shit): Make America Great Again! All this is so stupid and disgusting that I can feel my blood pressure rise by the second while writing these lines … 😦
    “It’s sad what is going on in your country [Germany]. We don’t want terrorism and violence to take over the USA like it did in Germany.” (Well, you all know that I am not a particularly patriotic guy but there is a read line crossed when people start spreading lies about the country I live in, and Mr. Trump has only spread lies about Germany, which is a much safer country than the USA atm, and Ms. Merkel.)

    I think that those two arguments perfectly sum up what happened last night: Put ignorance, prejudice and self-centered emotionality into bed together and you’ll end up with Mr. Trump elected president a couple of months later.

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  5. COPY PASTE – SO TRUE: the real winner of yesterday’s elections.

    This is Hope Hics.

    The 27 year old Communications Director for Donald Trump’s campaign. She was his PR person, his spokesperson, his media gatekeeper, the one that carefully crafted his persona, and ultimately won him the election. She has 6 years of work experience ( Graduated from university in 2010) and previously worked with Ivanka Trump on her fashion line.

    On the other hand, there’s Jennifer Palmieri. Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director. Aged 49.

    ‘ She previously served as White House Communications Director for U.S. President Barack Obama.
    Prior to her service at the White House, she served as the President of the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
    Earlier, Palmieri was the National Press Secretary for the 2004 John Edwards presidential campaign and the National Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee in 2002.’
    If there is anything I have learned from the shocking results from the last 6 hours is that PR is the greatest Marketing tool there is.
    That a 27 year old can be qualified enough to guide and steer a presidential campaign to success, where a politically unqualified candidate can become president of one of the most powerful countries in the world..
    The year is 2016, and we live in an age where you can quite literally become anything you want, if you ruffle enough feathers, make enough noise, and reach enough uneducated people.
    PR is powerful. Marketing is Powerful. Perception is everything, and truth? Fact? Principle?
    Meh.. who needs that.
    The more noise you make and more shockingly you behave, the more you’re mentioned, the more memorable you become.
    Fiction turns to reality and becomes the new truth.
    It is clear, that there is no such thing as bad press, that you can be whomever and whatever you want to be, and achieve whatever you set out to achieve.
    We live in a warped world friends, -a world in which its hard to know what to believe in, what to support and what values to live by.
    I could say right now, I am no longer a marketer, photographer or web designer. I am now a brain surgeon.
    I am a brain surgeon
    I am a brain surgeon
    I am a brain surgeon
    I am a brain surgeon.
    If I invested enough time and money, repeated it enough, built a tribe where enough people believe me, I could make you believe it too, -even though I’ve never been to medical school.
    This is the world we live in now.
    Welcome to the new reality.


    • That’s more or less what Alexis de Tocqueville predicted almost 200 years ago in his fantastic “De la démocratie en Amérique” … that US-American democracy would eventually turn into show business, that facts won’t matter anymore and self-staging would be crucial. 😦
      Our post-modern media culture has only accelerated the inevitable, in particular in the USA, where public TV has a market share of less than 1 %. But even German public TV takes arguments (cough) and opinons that are not based on facts seriously these days. We most certainly are on a bumpy stretch of road …


  6. Translated an article in the Danish newspaper Information (pretty much an equivalent to the Guardian):

    Last night with the clique
    Hillary Clinton was the purest symbol of a political establishment despised by the Americans, and Trump is perhaps the most brutal, shameless protest against it.

    By Rune Lykkeberg

    They had placed themselves right in the middle of the historic scene. The night before the American presidential election saw former president Bill Clinton along with the present day president Barack Obama and the woman they believed to be the next president: Hillary Clinton. A bill of kings followed by a queen.

    The last arrangement before the election was held in Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States.

    Now they were writing their own history – they thought – and so did we.

    Michelle Obama was on the stage too, talking about what a fantastic president her husband had been. And Chelsea Clinton was talking about what a fantastic president her mother would be.

    All that in front of an enormous crowd.

    It was the culmination of a campaign where Clinton had got the big Latino star of the US, the beauty Jennifer Lopez, the Afro-American superstars Beyoncé and Jay Z and the possibly most famous basketball player Lebron James to stand up for her. The music was provided by the icon of white rock music, Bruce Springsteen.

    Some talked about a dream team of the best and most beautiful people in the country. Others talked about a special Clinton coalition.

    But what Clinton apparently didn’t fear was the fact that this collection of stars was also a show of insiders. The selected [my italics] of the establishment. The class that had won over the last decades. The group of people which had become richer and richer, while most others had become relatively poorer.

    They didn’t understand that for many people what she called her “coalition” could look like her conspiracy. And that her slogan Stronger Together could be seen as a slogan of unity in the upper class.

    The common feeling that the selected in the political upper class were holding together wasn’t just evil populism and stupid conspiracy theories. That was confirmed by the consecutive leaks which revealed how she had used her connections as secretary of state to get money to her own foundation from authoritarian regimes – and that she had promised Wall Street that they should of course rule the economy. Leaks during the campaigns have confirmed some conspiracy theories about Clinton and inspired even more of them.

    Hillary Clinton is – with the words of her own consultant Huma Abedins which were also revealed by Wikileaks – obsessed with secrecy. Of evading control from the parliament, and of keeping her alliances and agreements stashed. Abedin called in “secrecy shit”.

    In a way Hillary Clinton is the purest image of the political culture in Washington DC which has been exposed to massive public contempt in the United States. It is of course not her fault that Washington has been dysfunctional for a long time. But she is not innocent either. And Donald Trump is the most brutal, shameless and outrageous protest against that establishment. He speaks up the hate, but he didn’t invent it.

    Almost everyone we met on our trip through Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Washington DC have had issues with Hillary Clinton. Some hated her unfairly. Others despised her because she is a woman who is not ashamed of exerting power. And others again just hated her because of her husband. All the hate in the United States towards the government and the political culture has been gathered and directed against her persona. It has completely taken the focus from the progressive things she wanted to do, and from the political plans for a better USA that she actually had.

    But for most people it is hard to believe that you can take so much to yourself and rise above political control, and then still be the best president for the majority.

    It was almost unbelievable that she was about to become president. But her opposite becoming a president was, for many, an even more unbelievable scenario.

    In a way it was a historic scene in Philadelphia on Monday. It was the last night when the class of powerful, beautiful and strong people stood together. Until they received the ultimate vote of no confidence and lost to the first presidential candidate not to have held any public or politic office, or a place in the military. It was the last night with the clique.

    Original article: https://www.information.dk/udland/2016/11/sidste-nat-kliken

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    • Hillary getting all those entitled Hollywood stars by her side was probably the tombstone of her candidacy. All she did was underline how much star-power she was lacking and had to borrow. When I learned about the Katy Perry and Beyoncé concerts in the swing states, I just couldn’t believe how tone-deaf her people were…

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      • Well I am sure Trump doesn’t have better taste based on your criteria or anybody else’s 🙂 But this idea that somehow Hollywood stars have a clue about average people and their concerns is simply beyond me.

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    • I have always thought that it was a bad idea to get all those celebrities onboard. She would have been wiser if she had shown more concern for people who are not at the center of attention and the money roundabout all year long. Going back to Tocqueville, we can argue that Ms. Clinton chose the wrong stage approach.

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  7. Oh, I see the last songs are there. A pleasant excuse of thinking about something else. But may all progressive elements in the US and the world stand together. We need it.


  8. About what happened last night:

    As Michael Moore said (and he knows America much more than East Coast journalists) people in the heartland knew Trump through the reality TV shows and liked him as a person (unlike Hillary, people who work or otherwise interact with him also describe him as likeable). Faced with that, it was very difficult for his opponents to paint him as the Devil and to base their whole campaign on how evil he is like they did. They had no political message beyond that and they got trounced for it. It simply is not the case that people learned about Trump now through some PR person. Michael Moore has been warning for 12 months now that Trump would win because he is genuinely popular and how right he proved to be.
    What was inisputably proven is that star power and that alone wins U.S. presidential elections nowadays. What was different this time was treatment by the media. Obama was a star of the left and treated as a Messiah despite his lofty promises. Trump, like him or not, is the star of the right and the media loathed him but loved the ratings he brought. I personally believe that Trump as a phenomenon is much more Berlusconi than Mussolini but only time will tell. What happened was a lot of people who voted for Obama to bring them change voted for Trump for the same reason.
    The best thing that could come out of all this is a better working relationship with Russia in the Middle East, unlike Clinton whose Foundation was in the pocket of the saudis, giving her money to help them get rid of Russia’s friend Assad. The worst thing will be isolationism and America pulling out of the Paris agreement to combat climate change.
    Another huge casualty: the European Union. I think it is a foregone conclusion now that Lepen will win the presidential election in April and pull France out of the euro. I am especially saddened by this since I see myself as a commited Europeanist and passionately believe in a federal dream for Europe. However I think that since the advent of the euro, the E.U. has narrowly pursued economic priorities set in stone by the german christian-democratic government. Adopting a single currency without a federal government also proved to be a huge miscalculation. That is not viable in the long run and is the real underlying reason behind both the UK and France pulling out.
    -As for Greece, teeetering on the brink of a Euro club that is about to go over the edge I’d rather not even think of what the future might bring.Our tragedy is we can not afford to stay in the euro, but can’t afford to get out either…

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    • The best thing that could come out of all this might be the social, political, cultural and sports elites having second thoughts whether accumulating obscene wealth while more or more people are struggling is such a good idea in the long run. A nurse has to work several years in order to earn the dosh Ms. Clinton gets for a one hour talk. If things don’t change, we are heading towards violence imo. 😦

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      • Let’s hope the left hears you. They didn’t when they nominated ms.Clinton who I think is a formidable person who has perhaps taken a lot of unfair hits over the years, but in the end could not persuade anyone about what really drives her to politics.

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  9. Hi everyone, I am in the hospital since last Wednesday because of a double pneumonia. If things go well I can go home next Monday, so I don’t think the Danish participation is in fear. Anyhow, good luck everyone, and hopefully a better weekend then mine probably will be. 🙂


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