Fête de la Chanson 17: Confirmations

Konnichiwa! This is the official country reservation page for the seventeenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Country reservation will begin at 19:00 CET and will continue until 23:59 on 11 December. You can reserve your country through email and email only. The contest email is fetedelachanson@gmx.com. Only submissions sent to the contest email address will be recognized. When sending your country selections, please include your top 5 choices (you may send more), ranked from your first choice to your third choice. Country selection will be done using the secret twist from these five options.

Below is a list of confirmed countries, which will be updated at least once a day during the submission period:

Taken Countries:

  1. JP Japan (Patrick)
  2. AU Australia (Nick)
  3. NZ New Zealand (Martin)
  4. sri20lanka Sri Lanka (Oxi)
  5. taiwan Taiwan (Andy)
  6. CA Canada (Razvan)
  7. cameroon Cameroon (Dhaibhidh)
  8. gambia Gambia (Anders)
  9. PR Puerto Rico (Franco)
  10. Brazil Brazil (Warren)
  11. st20vincent2020the20grenadines St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Alex L.)
  12. TN Tunisia (Mermaid)
  13. MY Malaysia (Rob)
  14. cuba Cuba (Toggie)
  15. egypt Egypt (Donnie)
  16. ethiopia Ethiopia (Arpatilaos)
  17. cape20verde Cape Verde (Dino)
  18. MZ Mozambique (Shevek)
  19. kenya Kenya (Xello)
  20. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (Ovidarch)
  21. mauritius Mauritius (Tristian)
  22. samoa Samoa (Bay)
  23. CL Chile (Dimitris)
  24. western20sahara Western Sahara (Lars)
  25. lebanon Lebanon (Tecku)
  26. ZA South Africa (Ellie)
  27. united20arab20emirates United Arab Emirates (Tehoe)
  28. US United States (Avat)
  29. AR Argentina (Emmo)
  30. bahrain Bahrain (Hjallis)
  31. Syria Syria (Michos)

469 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 17: Confirmations

  1. As we have so many African countries debuting, I thought it might be interesting to post this little piece (from Wiki).

    Pan-African flags and the use of Pan-African colours

    “The term Pan-African colours refers to two different sets of three colours: red, gold (not yellow), and green (inspired by the flag of Ethiopia), and red, black, and green. They are used in flags and other emblems of various countries and territories in Africa and the Americas to represent Pan-Africanist ideology. The Rastafarian movement and many Pan-African organisations also often employ the colours for their activities.

    The Ethiopian colours
    Green, gold and red are now found on the national flags of many African nations.

    The traditional flag of Ethiopia

    The colour combination was borrowed from the flag of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian flag has influenced the flags of many Pan-African organizations and polities. Except for a brief period of occupation by Italy under the Fascists, Ethiopia remained outside European control during the colonial era. As a result, the country drew the admiration of many newly independent states in Africa. The adoption of the Ethiopian national colours by many Pan-African entities is a consequence of this. The first African state to adopt a red, gold and green flag upon independence was Ghana in 1957.

    The UNIA colours (The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League)
    The UNIA founded by Marcus Garvey has a constitution which defines red, black, and green as the Pan-African colours: “red representing the noble blood that unites all people of African ancestry, the colour black for the people, green for the rich land of Africa.” The UNIA flag was designated the official colours of Black Africans by the UNIA at its convention in Madison Square Garden on August 13, 1920 in New York City, United States.”

    The red, black, and green Pan-African flag designed by the UNIA in 1920.


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  2. @ Hjallis, fortunately not. 🙂
    I kept one particularly hideous suit as 80s souvenir though. It has green and mauve stripes. LOL I wore it to my older cousin’s medding in the 80s. 🙂


  3. After having worked like crazy at work this whole November, I feel like I’ll have a lot more time for FdlC in the coming few months and being more active on here. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone (especially for those 10 points mermaid!) who voted for Canada and our gorgeous Alessia Cara. Although we are slightly disappointed with our placing, I’m glad to have learnt from my mistake of sending something not 100% “me” in the previous edition and focus on finding a song closer to my musical taste. ❤

    For FdlC17, I’ll be setting up a “grand” NF for Uzbekistan in order to see which artist we shall send to Osaka and win the trophy for us. I’m in the final stage of finishing the NF and setting up the page, make sure you vote and make history by letting Uzbekistan win an online song contest for the first time! The national final will be held in the beautiful Palace of International Forums in Tashkent:


    More information coming your way soon! 😀

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  4. The Sri Lankan entry has just been sent straight from our capital city, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, to Osaka 🙂

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  5. Cameroon has sent her song for FDLC-17……and we are celebrating our dance inclusivity for all with an Assiko twerk. Good luck everyone! @D

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    • Good to see you’re taking part in this edition Hjallis, we thought we’d lost you half way across the Atlantic 🙂


      • Thanks, David. I had my doubts, to be honest. World music really not my thing and I find these kind of exercises a bit cultural imperialistic. While I was considering I lost quite many of my countries and with secret twist, I got my most boring option, but I’m still here.

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      • Still, glad you made it……. Too bad you got your least favourite but Patrick mentioned somewhere earlier that if you have difficulty finding a song/singer, to let him know and he’d use one of the countries from your list instead! Maybe you should take that option?


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