Fête de la Chanson 17: The Songs

Konnichiwa! The song submission period for the seventeenth edition of Fête de la Chanson has opened. The delegations have through the end of 11 December to submit their songs.

Here is a list of national finals for this edition:

The following list will be updated as songs are received and confirmed:

samoa Samoa (Bay): “Kingdom Come” – Common Kings

US United States (Avat): “I Know These Hills” – Kevin Costner & Modern West ft. Sara Beck

gambia Gambia (Anders): “Tama Silo” – Dawda Jobarteh

sri20lanka Sri Lanka (Oxi): “Thicker Than Blood” – Stigmata

cameroon Cameroon (Dhaibhidh): “Aké” – Blick Bassy

JP Japan (Patrick): “Please Don’t Stop My Step (僕らの世界にダンスを)” – Prof.Sakamoto (サカモト教授)

cape20verde Cape Verde (Dino): “As-Agua” – Lura

MY Malaysia (Rob): “Hey There, Young Sailor” – The Impatient Sisters

MZ Mozambique (Shevek): “Sonho” – Deltino Guerreiro

TN Tunisia (Mermaid): “Meen Gallek (مين قلك)” – Aziz Maraka (عزيز مرقة)

mauritius Mauritius (Tristian): “Inna Dancehall Time” – Laura Beg

ethiopia Ethiopia (Arpatilaos): “Biyo” – Saba Anglana

NZ New Zealand (Martin): “Worth the Fight” – Broods

taiwan Taiwan (Andy): “Raining All Night (整夜大雨)” – Chiu Pi

lebanon Lebanon (Tecku): “Olive Oil Soul” – Safar

western20sahara Western Sahara (Lars): “Buscando La Paz” – Aziza Brahim

Brazil Brazil (Warren): “The Ribbon” – Rodrigo Amarante

Syria Syria (Michos): Badawiya Lovin’ (بدوية لوفن)” – Hello Psychaleppo (هالو سايكلبو)

cuba Cuba (Toggie): “Madres” – Daymé Arocena

bahrain Bahrain (Hjallis): “Al Senfoneya Al Samraa (Bronze Skinned Symphony)” – Mohammad Alhasan & Yousif Al Jabri  (Alternate Link)

CL Chile (Dimitris): “Tu Mamá Te Mató” – Camila Moreno

egypt Egypt (Donnie): “Ethbat Makanak (اثبت مكانك)” – Cairokee (كايروكي)

kenya Kenya (Xello): “Wamiel (Let’s Dance)” – Suzanna Owiyo

AR Argentina (Emmo): Corazón” – Federico Aubele

st20vincent2020the20grenadines St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Alex L.): “Turn Me On” – Kevin Lyttle

united20arab20emirates United Arab Emirates (Tehoe): “Untitled” – Empty Yard Experiment

ZA South Africa (Ellie): “Impossible” – The Soil

PR Puerto Rico (Franco): “La Espera” – Cultura Profética

CA Canada (Razvan): “Crier Tout Bas” – Cœur De Pirate

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (Ovidarch): “Tam Net Menya (Там нет меня)” – Sevara Nazarkhan

AU Australia (Nick): “Between Friends” – Japanese Wallpaper ft. Jesse Davidson

Awaiting Acceptance/Info:

Need to Submit:


1,257 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 17: The Songs

  1. And this is for Mermaid. 🙂

    The lyrics remind me of what I feel when trying to rank ETSC/FdlC songs. 🙂

    I stand in the room, can’t sleep
    My head is burning
    I’ll get another drink
    Doesn’t work, my thoughts are running

    Through my head in circles
    The wires are getting hot
    It smells like burnt brain flesh
    I put my head into ice

    I think, think, think too much
    It would be good if my brain fell out of the window
    Pressure in the head, there’s no outlet
    Tried 20.000 scenes

    Thought of 100.000 scenes
    My head is smoking and cracks
    I need a break and I take this d*mn thing
    And screw it off

    The bowl falls over
    Can’t see anything, am without ears
    I stand in the dark
    I lost my head

    The day is dawning, there’s a knock at your door
    You open and there’s me in front of you without my head
    Oh, hold me, otherwise I’m loosing myself
    Only with you I find the way back to me

    The head rolls because it’s circular
    Me after it, knock everything over
    I’m deaf, mute, blind and silly
    A kingdom for a guide dog

    My head has lost me
    I ask myself what I might be thinking right now
    May I call myself, but I can’t hear anything
    How could I destroy myself this way

    Get bruises on every corner
    My head is rolling through the hallway
    I have to save, I don’t give up
    While I race with myself

    I get crazy, I nearly can’t take it
    I stumble, fall, lie in the dust
    The dread reaches out for me
    Oh, wake me from my nightmare


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