Fête de la Chanson 17: Osaka

Konnichiwa! Thirty-one acts from around the world have gathered today in Japan to compete in the seventeenth edition of Fête de la Chanson.

Hosts: Dean Fujiokawa, Ayaka Hirahara, and Miyavi


Venue: Namba Hatch


Opening Act: “Strong Fate” – WagakkiBand

Voting: Send your votes to fetedelachanson@gmx.com by Monday 26 December 2016, 23:59 CET.


1. TN Tunisia (Mermaid): “Meen Gallek (مين قلك)” – Aziz Maraka (عزيز مرقة)

2. kenya Kenya (Xello): “Wamiel (Let’s Dance)” – Suzanna Owiyo

3. st20vincent2020the20grenadines St. Vincent & the Grenadines (Alex L.): “Turn Me On” – Kevin Lyttle

4. ZA South Africa (Ellie): “Impossible” – The Soil

5. western20sahara Western Sahara (Lars): “Buscando La Paz” – Aziza Brahim

6. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (Ovidarch): “Tam Net Menya (Там нет меня)” – Sevara Nazarkhan

7. CA Canada (Razvan): “Crier Tout Bas” – Cœur De Pirate

8. gambia Gambia (Anders): “Tama Silo” – Dawda Jobarteh

9. cameroon Cameroon (Dhaibhidh): “Aké” – Blick Bassy

10. MY Malaysia (Rob): “Hey There, Young Sailor” – The Impatient Sisters

11. sri20lanka Sri Lanka (Oxi): “Thicker Than Blood” – Stigmata

12. ethiopia Ethiopia (Arpatilaos): “Biyo” – Saba Anglana

13. AR Argentina (Emmo): Corazón” – Federico Aubele

14. egypt Egypt (Donnie): “Ethbat Makanak (اثبت مكانك)” – Cairokee (كايروكي)

15. Syria Syria (Michos): Badawiya Lovin’ (بدوية لوفن)” – Hello Psychaleppo (هالو سايكلبو)

16. cape20verde Cape Verde (Dino): “As-Agua” – Lura

17. NZ New Zealand (Martin): “Worth the Fight” – Broods

18. bahrain Bahrain (Hjallis): “Al Senfoneya Al Samraa (Bronze Skinned Symphony)” – Mohammad Alhasan & Yousif Al Jabri  (Alternate Link)

19. PR Puerto Rico (Franco): “La Espera” – Cultura Profética

20. AU Australia (Nick): “Between Friends” – Japanese Wallpaper ft. Jesse Davidson

21. samoa Samoa (Bay): “Kingdom Come” – Common Kings

22. CL Chile (Dimitris): “Tu Mamá Te Mató” – Camila Moreno

23. cuba Cuba (Toggie): “Madres” – Daymé Arocena

24. mauritius Mauritius (Tristian): “Inna Dancehall Time” – Laura Beg

25. JP Japan (Patrick): “Please Don’t Stop My Step (僕らの世界にダンスを)” – Prof.Sakamoto (サカモト教授)

26. US United States (Avat): “I Know These Hills” – Kevin Costner & Modern West ft. Sara Beck

27. MZ Mozambique (Shevek): “Sonho” – Deltino Guerreiro

28. united20arab20emirates United Arab Emirates (Tehoe): “Untitled” – Empty Yard Experiment

29. taiwan Taiwan (Andy): “Raining All Night (整夜大雨)” – Chiu Pi

30. lebanon Lebanon (Tecku): “Olive Oil Soul” – Safar

31. Brazil Brazil (Warren): “The Ribbon” – Rodrigo Amarante

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1,362 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 17: Osaka

  1. Btw, I feel so sorry for the songs I ranked 11th to 17th. 😦 I also liked the songs I ranked 18th to 24th (8/12), and then I have 4 songs at 7/12, one at 6/12 and one (that is probably good too) at 5/12 because it simply isn’t Toggie at all. 😦 I desperately need to broaden my musical horizons. 😉 🙂

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      • Same here. I threw the dices … away too. 🙂 It is worse here though. I have a tie from 8th to 17th … FdlC rocks and sucks at the same time. 😉

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  2. And I am finally ready to come here and say that I won’t be able to play the prediction game tonight, because I’ll have to be up at 5 am, tomorrow.

    P.S. – Dimitri, I have heard very few songs from A Dal 17. I do support all 4 you posted above, and, yes, I do love the flowing quiet joy that radiates from ‘Hunyd le szemed’. It’s dead in the water, for sure, but I could not care less. A Dal 17 sounds very promising. Thanks for the links.

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  3. So, here it is:

    Arab World & Middle East (ESH, TUN, EGY, LEB, SYR, BHR, UAE): Despite being normally under-represented songs from the Middle East have done well in the past; Iran in FdlC3, Tunisia in FdlC5 and ETSC5 and Algeria in FdlC6. I strongly believe the Arab World has it in its bag this time. Yes, I do think Egypt will lift the trophy. However, I am not sure about the fate of the rest countries. UAE is the most tricky to predict. Possibly none of them will follow Egypt in the top 10 (Lebanon might do so) but I don’t expect to see them at the end of the scoreboard either. An upper right-hand side (this applies mostly to Bahrain and Syria) or lower left-hand side for all of them is a likely scenario.

    Anglo-Saxon/West (CAN, USA, AUS, NZL): In my point of view the fate of the four Anglo-Saxon countries will be the opposite. Australia is likely to achieve a bad result, whereas I do not expect to see New Zealand doing better than 15th place. On the other hand, the North American nations are bound to become green again. I expect both to finish in top5 with at least one of them (USA) being among the contenders. Canada might receive a ‘’light boycott’’ for being ‘’too mainstream‘’ in ‘’a supposed non-mainstream edition’’.

    Central Asia (UZB): Central Asia is back with a blast me thinks. A solid classy ballad for a vocal powerhouse will see Uzbekistan clinching a top6 result. Whether FdlC17 becomes the edition when Central Asia achieves its best result remains to be seen.

    Latin America (PRI, CUB, BRA, ARG, CHL): A quite diverse bunch of songs this time from Latin America. From straightforward Latin and Afro-Latin sounds (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina) to more ‘’western approaches’’ (Chile and Brazil). I expect Chile and Brazil to enter top10, especially Brazil. Chile will do well (even top6) however the song reminds me of Ireland FdlC6 which ranked by the way 14th. This might not mean anything though given the editions are completely different from each other. Puerto Rico is either lower top10 or just miss-out case. Cuba and Argentina will most likely miss the train for the top10 but they will not be among the least voted songs either.

    Sub-Saharan Africa (CPV, GMB, CMR, ETH, KEN, MOZ, RSA, MUS): FdlC17 might be the edition when Sub-Saharan Africa breaks its personal record in participations but result-wise I do not see any entry improving Cote d’Ivoire’s FdlC6 or even Gambia’s FdlC13 results (4th and 6th respectively). Cameroon is difficult to predict but the fact it sounds so exotic it might help it achieve a top10 result. This might be the case (for the opposite reasons) with Cape Verde (Chile FdlC14 anyone?) as well although this could still be anywhere from 7th to 15th. The Ethiopian blues will likely achieve a 11th to 15th result while Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius are expected to be around 15th to 20th. Mozambique will be around 25th (or a bit higher), while I can’t see Gambia anywhere outside the bottom5.

    East and Southeast Asia (MYS, TWN, JPN): The Far East is likely to achieve mixed results. Malaysia is a likely top10 contender, while the host country is most likely to find itself in the upper right-hand side of the scoreboard. Taiwan will unfortunately be among the least voted entries.
    Caribbean (VCT): The 2004 hit from lovely St Kitts and Nevis will not do well IMO. The Caribbean music does not seem to be popular at all within the FdlC crowd already (best result 17th place for Jamaica in FdlC9) while the fact the song is already known to some (or even to all) will make things even more difficult.
    Oceania (WSM): In my opinion the sole island of Oceania despite the assistance from California will go nowhere far from the lower right-hand side of the scoreboard.

    South Asia (LKA): Hard rock does not go down well with the FdlC current crowd and therefore I expect to see Sri Lanka doing very bad on their debut – bottom 3.

    Personal top10 (in order starting from 1st)

    Cape Verde

    11-16: PRI, ETH, KEN, TUN, RSA, NZL. Then UAE, ESH, MUS.

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    • Well, that’s most certainly not what Cuba’s votes indicate 🙂 but then I have always been a minor issue around here. 🙂 LOL
      My money is on the USA.

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      • I believe you have voted four of them – EGY, UZB, USA, CMR/CPV. Other countries could be UAE, TWN, LKA, GMB, TUN, ESH, RSA and KEN. Even MOZ.


    • andy
      in an edition that might also be called an ‘africa special’ such an outcome would surprise me. most of the entries mentioned above, classified as success-promising bear unmistakable signs of western musical culture, or they are at least close to western listening habits. a contest like this is changing/developing all the time, last but not least because of a variable composition of participants, among them several new players. thanks to nick’s effort we now have an updated history section which confirms what was said beforehand. we shall wait and see. 🙂

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    • I’m afraid you are right about Sri Lanka. Bottom 3 seems like a plausible scenario. Avoiding it would be a success.

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    • dino, you got me wrong, totally.
      in this edition we have many african countries, more than ever, at least as far as i know. that’s why i said that we could call it an ‘africa special. in your predictions there are hardly any real (black) african songs, except for cameroon. if there are a lot of people representing african countries i do not believe that they are not going to vote for african songs. in your predicted top ten, most songs have a very western flavour.

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      • USA and Cape Verde have too strong local flavour. They do sound less exotic than the Cameroonian song but there is little ”western style” influence.

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  4. I think the result is going to be rather open. I don’t know who’s going to win but I can see, in particular, Canada, Cabo Verde and Cameroon among others faring well.
    Good night and good luck, everyone!

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  5. Okay then, here goes.
    New Zealand calling…..
    Time for some hints……
    5 songs are females vocals, 5 are male vocals. 8 songs are foreign language, 2 in English. Only 2 HoDs make a return to the Top 10 from FDLC 16! Although some of our voted songs will make the Top 10 it will not be as in sync this time as with last edition.
    Our Top 10 Prediction – Uzbekistan may well win the whole thing with the rest of the Top 10 including USA, Egypt, Cape Verde, Bahrain, UAE, Canada, Gambia, Cameroon and Western Sahara

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  6. I guess the deadline is over so we can post our predictions. Here are mine:

    Winner: Uzbekistan
    Other contenders: Brazil and Cameroon
    Rest of the top 10 in order: Western Sahara, Chile, Cape Verde, Egypt, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Bahrain
    11th-15th: Tunisia, Samoa, Cuba, New Zealand, Argentina
    16th-20th: Lebanon, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia

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      • We’ll see. I think it’s hard because as many pointed out it it’s a tough edition and it’s also more focused on exotic sounds.

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      • Yes,i have also thought of this when submitting my entry.This edition is heavily ethnic so the western sounding songs may suffer.We’ll see!

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    • After the debacle of our entry submission and with your assertion of the more exotic sounds ranking higher, New Zealand doubts it will make the Top 15 or even Top 20 though either would be more than fine.


    • Brazil is very west-north in flavor yet you predict it very high. Same goes to Chile :p USA on the other hand has ethnic flavor.

      Anyway, I don’t understand your logic to give LEB, CAN, MYS a bad prediction based on my assumption of a possible trend towards ethnic sounds.


      • Well Brazil is not mainstream though and I feel many people will like it. About USA when I first heard it I thought it could do very well, but then after I heard the rest of the songs I thing there are many that will stand out more, maybe I’m wrong. Lebanon and Malaysia are songs that could do well too, but in this edition specifically I think it’s more likely they’ll be somewhere in the middle. As for Canada I think unfortunately it might be too mainstream for this edition and could be overlooked in favour of newer sounds, hopefully I’m wrong. If this was FdlC 10 it would probably be top 5 material, but now I don’t see it cause things have changed a bit recently and this edition is very different too. We could have very surprising results in the end, who knows. 😛


    • I called Brazil very west in style, not mainstream. And of course it will do well. It was in my top5 prediction-wise since day one. I was just comparing it with rest “western sound” songs which you have placed low.


  7. Hm. Gambia is not predicted to do well so far… I like that type of music a lot.

    Who can predict where my points went? There are a couple of surprises, I’d say.


  8. dino, you got me wrong, totally.
    in this edition we have many african countries, more than ever, at least as far as i know. that’s why i said that we could call it an ‘africa special. in your predictions there are hardly any real (black) african songs, exept for cameroon. if there are a lot of people representing african countries i do not believe that they are not going to vote for african songs. in your predicted top ten, most songs have a very western flavour.


  9. On first listening, the songs I thought could do well, were (in order of appearance) :
    Tunisia, S.Africa, Western Sahara, Uzbekistan, Canada, Syria, Cape Verde, Bahrain, Samoa, USA, UAE, Lebanon, Brazil.
    Of course things have changed over several listenings and it will depend on whether people vote on gut instinct or give songs some time to grow. This edition marked several late voters thus I believe more “difficult” songs are within a chance as well.
    It seems by now, all HoDs have finally voted, therefore here’s my prediction. Believe me it has NOTHING to do with my actual voting and I took into consideration some of your comments as well.

    Just missing : S.Africa, Syria, Chile, Tunisia

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  10. The Sri Lankan top5 is divided in two groups:
    Three of the songs are from countries that share cultural and linguistic elements.
    The other two, likewise.


  11. Anything on the left side of the scoreboard would be a huge success for Daymé. After all her song isn’t easily accessible. It’s more ritual than schlager. 😉 🙂


  12. To make myself clear , this is my last participation in FDLC .. Some comments are really annoying and that’s it… No matter what , i will always fight for freedom and respect ! kisses !


    • NO! We need you here. Which comments do you mean? Perhaps people (perhaps even me) are not aware that they are hurting you and just need to know.


    • Oh am quite surprised. I thought that things have been nice on here. I hope you may reconsider too. I try not to allow things to get to me tbh but I know it can be hard if one does’t agree with what’s being discussed or is offended. I hope you are okay though.


    • You’ve brought some very beautiful songs to the contest and i hope you’ve also found some songs you loved and new artists to follow.I hope you’ll find it in you to get past the comments that may have insulted you and reconsider.


    • Your winner from Iceland is still one of my favourite songs I’ve heard in the contest!
      I really hope you reconsider!


      • And am saddened even further because yesterday it was announced we lost Liz Smyth (Nana in Royle Family and Letitia Cropley in Vicar of Dibley and also in one of my favourite films A Private Function) and as if it doesn’t get any worse just announced Richard Adams (author of one of my favourite books Watership Down). Somehow I doubt 2017 will be any better tbh. Horrendous.


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