Fête de la Chanson 17: The Results

Konnichiwa! Now, we will reveal the results of the seventeenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. However, before we begin, last edition’s victors, Charisma.com, will give everybody a special performance.

Interval: “Sapuriminaru Daietto” – Charisma.com

Check below for the results from the first jury.

TN Tunisia: Mermaid


kenya Kenya: Xello


st20vincent2020the20grenadines St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Alex L.


ZA South Africa: Ellie


western20sahara Western Sahara: Lars


Uzbekistan Uzbekistan: Ovidarch


CA Canada: Razvan


gambia Gambia: Anders


cameroon Cameroon: Dhaibhidh


MY Malaysia: Rob


sri20lanka Sri Lanka: Oxi


ethiopia Ethiopia: Arpatilaos


AR Argentina: Emmo


egypt Egypt: Donnie


Syria Syria: Michos


cape20verde Cape Verde: Dino


NZ New Zealand: Martin


bahrain Bahrain: Hjallis


PR Puerto Rico: Franco


AU Australia: Nick


samoa Samoa: Bay


chile Chile: Dimitris


cuba Cuba: Toggie


mauritius Mauritius: Tristian


JP Japan: Patrick


US United States: Avat


MZ Mozambique: Shevek


united20arab20emirates United Arab Emirates: Tehoe


taiwan Taiwan: Andy


lebanon Lebanon: Tecku


Brazil Brazil: Warren


…And that’s it! The winner can send his/her information for the next edition as soon as they possibly can. Everybody remember that next edition will be a regular edition, and Nick will be hosting the next edition (whew, I get a break). Look forward to seeing what you send in January!







Alternative results:


1,981 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 17: The Results

  1. Winter has finally arrived in Stuttgart. It is snowing (for the first time since 2014 …). It always happens when all my neighbours an on holidays. Thus I’ll have to shovel snow on 4 properties now. I’ll probably look like Popeye by the end of the week …

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      • Shovelling for your neighbours when they are away isn’t a law. It’s just me being the fantastic guy I am. 😉 LOL
        However, in general German law knows no mercy when it comes to snow shovelling. If you don’t do it, you’ll be severly fined, and if someone slips and falls, you might be a ruined man. I have never understood that nonsense because other countries are perfectly fine with simply leaving the snow where it is.

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      • You basically need a degree if you want to deal with those machines correctly. Everytime I am at Stuttgart Airport, I see groups of totally confused visitors standing in front of the machines. What makes it worse is that they are different from city to city. Plus, the rules are different too. F. e. in Stuttgart you only need a ticket if you want to board a metro train but in Munich you need a (cheaper) ticket (called Bordsteinkarte) if you only want to get onto the platform too, f. e. because you want to meet someone visiting …


      • When we were in Duesseldorf for eurovision in 2011 it was very simple. The city railway (or whatever you call it) was free when you had a ticket for the contest. I heard that that applies to all events in the Esprit Arena.

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      • If you have a ticked for the opera or one of the major theatres here in Stuttgart, public transport is free too. 🙂


      • My father’s condition, who was ill almost the entire year, worsened a lot in the first weeks of December. He died the 11th, so we had to cancel.


      • I am so sorry to hear this regarding your father, Stommie. May he rest in peace.


      • I always find it it difficult to say anything to people who have lost loved ones so i hope you will use our crazy little community here as a distraction from bad things happening in the outside world.


      • Thanks everyone. To be honest, his condition was so bad in the end that we could only be happy we live in a country were euthanasia is allowed. Because that is what he wanted. He had a benign tumor in his brains, which caused loss of almost all bodily functions. So it was a huge relief for him to die and my entire family can only be happy the way it all ended.

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      • I am very sorry to hear about your father’s death, Stommie. Sometimes life can get to a condition so bad that death is a blessing. May he rest in peace.


      • I am sorry for your loss, stommie. My father died 5 years ago on the same date. He too had cancer coupled with heart problems and was starting to lose his quality of life. Euthanasia is not legal here,; fortunately he passed away peacefully on a Sunday morning, two weeks before Christmas.


      • Oh dear Stommie, that is sad. I trust he is in a place where he is far more comfortable now. My best wishes to you and yours. x


      • Stommie, I’ve just noticed that my words regarding euthanasia may have been misunderstood; I was not judging anything whatsoever; the fact that both our fathers passed away on the same day of the year made me think about lengthy discussions had with my father about the decisions the family should make in case his quality of life was no longer there, even if his heart kept on beating. We have no legal support here, whereas your country has. The euthanasia debate is still in its very early stages in Portugal, unfortunately. I just wanted to clarify what I wrote yesterday. May your father rest in peace.

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      • Thank you and don’t worry. I didn’t think you were judging. It was very comforting to see how he had peace with the decision he made.

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      • Just popped on here to see your sad news. My deepest condolences to you and your family Stommie.
        At least he doesn’t have to suffer any further.
        May he rest in peace.


      • True,…….south England are babies when it comes to winter. The first sign of snow, they freak out and the whole transport system shuts down, especially London. No, they really dont do Winter very well, they’re just not prepared and dont know what winter really is. Me…….I love the snow 🙂

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      • Very true. People go into panic mode and forget how to drive and buy crap from the shops in case they get ‘snowed in’. Last year proved there are a lot of ignorant people in the UK.

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      • LMAO Rob, that is SO true……..it can be -1 and the threat of snow with one snowflake falling and they’re ready for a blizzard. It’s bizarre to me!

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      • 🙂 In Norfolk I only remember being ‘snowed in’ twice in my lifetime. 1978 and 1986 (if my memory serves me correctly). Even then it was a very loose definition of being ‘snowed in’ 🙂 I try not to go out in my car if it has been snowing – not because of the snow, but because of the drivers….I am sure many of them think that by driving at a negative speed they can go back in time to before the snow fell! 🙂

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      • Last time I recall was 2010 and Christmas 2011. I was due to fly to the US for Christmas with family, they shut Heathrow down and told everyone to go home, it was pandemonium. They just dont know how to deal with these events. Meanwhile I’ve spent Christmas in Chicago and on the airport runway in -20 and driving snow and they still operate a safe service……because they’re prepared.
        I like a good snow in though…….a real one of course 🙂

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    • There are some, almost apocalyptic, forecasts for Friday, Sat, Sun for Greece too. Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures in particular, coming from the arctic zone. I’m sure that they are exaggerating as always 😛

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  2. Britain’s X Factor 2010 runner up Rebecca Ferguson has been approached by Donald Trump to sing at his inauguration later this month……….and she has AGREED to sing for him on one condition.

    On her Twitter account “She wrote:
    “I’ve been asked and this is my answer. If you allow me to sing ‘Strange Fruit’, a song that has huge historical importance, a song that was blacklisted in the United States for being too controversial. A song that speaks to all the disregarded and down trodden black people in the United States. A song that is a reminder of how love is the only thing that will conquer all the hatred in this world, then I will graciously accept your invitation and see you in Washington.””

    Trump has been rejected by every A-list performer so far.

    The lyrics of Strange Fruit may stick in the proverbial craw as Strange Fruit, originally a poem by Abel Meeropol, “takes its title from the lynchings of black people in the American Deep South, and is hailed as one of America’s greatest protest songs.”

    Billie Holiday first recorded Strange Fruit in 1939, and covered by Nina Simone in 1965…..

    Strange Fruit

    Southern trees bear strange fruit
    Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
    Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
    Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

    Pastoral scene of the gallant south
    The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
    Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
    Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

    Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
    For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
    For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
    Here is a strange and bitter crop

    ** It is not known if Trump has agreed to her condition……..but I’ll bet it was a resounding “NO”.


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    • Thanks, Dhaibhidh! What can one say about Billie Holiday! ❤
      Rebecca looks sexy. I hope she is a good singer too.

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      • Rebecca Ferguson imo is stunning……..and yes, she has an amazing voice to go with it but judge for yourself…….and what a great response from her to Trump’s invite. She’s one of the tiny few singers I’ve actually enjoyed from that show.

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      • You’re right, I dont think her voice would be out of place in a gospel choir. I think she sounds great singing old classics though.

        This was from her first album……

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      • I also love Rebecca Ferguson, from the first appearance on the show she oozed a certain amount of class. Hints of Randy Crawford in her vocal me thinks. She’s done very well for herself/

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      • Hugely under-rated imo,…….but I think she needs a better record label than Syco, and better composers who can write for her voice style.

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    • I don’t see why he would disagree. If anything, he could use it as proof that he bears no racial animosity. It would be quite the PR coup for him.

      As fo so-called A-list celebrities who have seen the american public turn their back on their preaching and their half-baked political activism, they have every right to disagree with the politics of the president. But disrespecting the office of the presidency and the legitimacy of the election by boycotting the Inauguration en masse will not make their views any more popular. If I was in their shoes, I ‘d do what Rebecca did (if indeed she has been approached): Accept and then trying to make my performance be about democracy and the constitution rather than Trump.

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      • I see your point regarding A-list celebrities and their role during the campaign, Michos, and, tbh, I agree at a certain point. BUT, if there is one person out there that is being disrespectful towards the intitution of presidency, that’s Mr Trump himself with all his sayings and doings.

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      • I doubt that these people would care that much about someone debasing the presidency if he or she actualy agreed with their politics and their viewpoint.


      • Well, to agree to her condition would indeed be a PR coup but tbh to allow her or anyone else to sing such a racially aggravating protest song, I dont think they would allow it given the anti-immigrant rhetoric he and his campaign used throughout. If Rebecca has been approached and they do accept her condition, she could position herself very strongly into the US music market……. provided of course she does make it about democracy, fairness and equality…… all the things the constitution says it holds dear.


      • It is an anti-lynching song, nothing to do with immigration at all. I don’t see why he would have any problem whatsoever with it or that he knows or cares what lynching in the Deep South was. If they tell him it’s good for his perception among black voters, he would probably be sold.


      • I didnt say the song was anti-immigration, but it is a song loaded with racial aggravation. Trumps’ campaign trail left many African American and Latinos bruised and battered by right wing zealots in his audience. Trump did nothing to defuse those attacks but actively engaged in anti-immigrant (read anti-anyone not waspish) rhetoric publicly. His campaigns were marred by violence and the majority was against the non-white minorities.
        Of course if his team say it would be alright, he’d go for it…….he’s an opportunist. I wonder how ethnic minorities would view a mixed race British singer performing for Trump though?


      • “read anti-anyone not waspish”: I don’t make such lectures, some of his opponents who are interested in collecting aggravated groups in fact do. Historically anti-black racism was in fact very prevalent among white european immigrants who needed some “socially inferior” group in their new country, while today there is not much love lost between blacks and latino immigrants due to job competition and gang violence. Trump knows these differences and exploits them, while his opponents insist on putting together disparate coalitions that don’t actually work unless there is some charismatic person like Obama to lead them.


      • Under half of American public to be precise.
        Is this a boycott or just individuals turning down the invitation? If latter, every one has right to do so and not to celebrate half baked (or was it just raw?) victorious political activism of Mr Trump.
        There are many A-list artist in Nashville eagerly waiting the invitation to celebrate new era in American politics. Maybe Trumps aidés should contact them?

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      • When one is just an advocate, it is activism. When one runs as a candidate on the other hand, then it is a campaign.

        As Michael Moore very accurately pointed out, celebrities in the US tend to advocate a lot for what they see as progressive causes but never run for office themselves, even though they have the name recognition every politician craves. So instead of boycotting and pontificating, perhaps some of them should actively engage in politics – especially since they profess to care so much about it?


      • I was thinking more along the lines of a George Clooney or a Matt Damon! Those guardinistas won’t get a candidate anywhere I am afraid 😛

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  3. As usual the snow lasted for less than 24 hours. We expect more snow tomorrow which is expected to melt on Thursday, then snow again on Friday … All that shovelling is a farce. 🙂

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    • Well, Christmas it’s the same…the “regular people” have dinner with their families/friends, the worst part is cooking but if everything starts late you don’t have to worry for the temperature in the kitchen :P. On 25th you see the children playing with their new toys. The heat is a problem when people are buying the presents and it’s hard to walk fast in the streets/stores, and on 26th when you try to change the size of the clothes you have received.
      And New Year = BIg Party. It’s strange for me to watch the people in NY wearing jackets… do they go to a party then? Also, we are usually on vacations (Schools, Universities, some people at work) so people are in festive mood.

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    • “…also couldn’t get friends going to Dubai or Jordan to celebrate New year and Christmas.”

      I can’t get people going to Dubai, regardless.
      It would most probably be the last place on earth I would be visiting, if I had the chance to visit every single place on earth. All that extravagant and pointless exposion of wealth gets on my nerves.

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  4. Hey everybody!

    Sorry for disappearing. Nick has been out of town, though he should have gotten back today, and I’ve been dealing with a boyfriend-related emergency. But everything seems to have calmed down, and I’ll try to convene with him to figured everything out in the coming days.

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    • 🙂
      Btw, just as I thought, the weather forecasters are now reconsidering their own predictions regarding snowing in Thessaloniki on Friday. On Monday there were reports of an upcoming… Snowgeddon in the city. Now they say that there is even a chance that not a single flake will fall.

      I insist: this city is cursed when it comes to snow… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR LOL 😛

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  5. Remember Monika Linkité? She represented Lithuania in FdlC 4, my first time here. Here she is with a song from her 2015 album:

    Enjoy FdlC 18, everyone!

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  6. Myself, I am not following the first NFs of the season but I believe that FdlC18 should kick off as soon as possible otherwise it will clash with some NFs.


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