Fête de la Chanson 18: Info & Dates

As-salaam alaykum! It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Palmyra, Syria ahead of the 18th Fête de la Chanson! After the victory of Hello Psychaleppo in Osaka, the contest is traveling to the Middle East for the first time.

After a transfer of power at FdlC headquarters (in Texas, of all places), the dates for the 18th contest have been determined!

  • 7 January (00:00 CET): Country submissions open
  • 9 January (00:00 CET): Song submissions open
  • 19 January (11:59 CET): All submissions close
  • 20 January (00:00 CET): Running order published, voting opens
  • 2 February (23:59 CET): Voting closes
  • 4 February (20:00 CET): Results

The organizers are also ready to announce the hosts and venue of the 18th edition; our hosts will be Faia Yunan and Jwan Yosef and the contest will be held in the Palmyra Theater!


Panoramic view of the Roman theatre in Palmyra, Syria.

Panoramic view of the Roman theatre in Palmyra, Syria.

The rules for the 18th edition will be the same as all other even numbered editions; songs after 2000 from any country, with all artists following eligibility rules. The list of taken countries is below, and will be updated through the submission process.

  • Michos (Winner of FdlC 17): iq Iraq
  • Nick (Co-host): South Korea South Korea
  • Patrick (Co-host): MX Mexico (NF link)
  • Robin: DE Germany
  • Anders: AR Argentina
  • Dhaibhidh: AU Australia
  • Warren: US United States
  • Rob: GB United Kingdom
  • Stommie: TR Turkey
  • Hjallis: Brazil Brazil
  • Dino: CY Cyprus
  • Donnie: NO Norway
  • Oxi: GR Greece
  • Arpatilaos: mali Mali
  • Dimitris: UA Ukraine
  • Razvan: SE Sweden
  • Martin: BE Belgium (3rd choice)
  • Tehoe: RU Russia
  • Toggie: Iran Iran
  • Tecku: ethiopia Ethiopia (2nd choice)
  • Alex L.: IS Iceland (2nd choice)
  • Oliver: HU Hungary (2nd choice)
  • Andy: taiwan Taiwan
  • Franco: chile Chile
  • Bay: ID Indonesia
  • Tristan: Syria Syria
  • Ellie: CA Canada
  • Emmo: ZA South Africa
  • Lars: JP Japan
  • Avat: AM Armenia (NF link)
  • Sedapsi: EE Estonia
  • Shevek: PT Portugal

Unless otherwise noted, all players received their first choice of country. Songs will be posted here!

UPDATE (2017-1-9): All 32 spots have been filled! No new players will be accepted this edition, but please feel free to join the provisional waiting list.


552 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 18: Info & Dates

  1. The public attitude towards people can be absurd sometimes.

    There were some members of the Danish government attending a New Year’s reception by the Queen, and now there’s a heated debate about the outfit they were wearing. For instance there was someone who said so: “All the lady ministers walked like lazy cows from car to hall without grace, eroticism or stamina. It was downright ugly”. And there have been several other nasty comments.

    I think: Come on, they are politicians. They should be judged by their politics (one which I don’t approve of) and not by what clothes they wear at some galla night. It’s completely irrelevant. It’s their case what they want to wear, it’s none of our business.


    • I wonder whether there were similar comments about male ministers … Sounds like the Trump attitude towards women but alas perceiving of women as male objects of desire first and foremost has become very popular again amongst all those self-rigtheous anti-elitists.

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      • The comment I cited came from an actress who offered to become their ‘attitude coach’.

        I think there were some comments about one of the male ministers not wearing any orders on his shirt. He defended himself by saying that he didn’t have any – as he was not interested in orders.


      • I like that male minister. 🙂 And it is even worse if women have internalised this misogynistic attitude.


      • Indeed yes. Unfortunately I think that a lot of people have wanted to take revenge on some the things that happened in the 70’s, and doing so they have affected the zeitgeist quite a lot.


      • We are living in a conservative backlash atm, at least partly. Because at the same time we have a globalised and liberal segment of society that does not understand what is happening. Those who want to go back to the 1950s dislike the internationalised elite, and the internationals look down onto what they believe are rednecks. That’s what divides Western societies atm imo. 😦

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  2. We have ice rain atm and I seriously worry whether I’ll make it to the airport tomorrow morning. I have just brought the garbage outside and the street was like a bloody skating ring. I felt like Javier Fernández carrying two garbage bags … but looked less elegant of course. 🙂

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  3. Belgium calling…..
    As we wait for the song submission period to open, the Belgian delegation has listened to both the Mexican and Armenian NFs and thoroughly enjoyed them. Our votes have been sent.
    Having internally selected our artist many months ago there was only the issue of finding the best song we felt would work best. There were a few that were being considered but our delegation wasn’t entirely happy. However after doing a little further work last night (early hours to be exact) a new song that may have been overlooked but ticks the right boxes surfaced.
    Belgium is very happy with our choice now and have been listening to it over and over. Good luck to all participants. Quite excited now about this edition:)

    especially for Dino…a black man!

    Good night everyone……

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  4. “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
    You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago.
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.”

    5 years ago?!!! Time goes by very quickly… 🙂

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      • I beg to differ. Skopelos is in the north part of the country. Just a few miles away in Skiathos lived Alexandros Papadiamantis who wrote some of the most beautiful short stories ever written in greek about Christmas, the New Year, the winter and snowy weather in his native island. A very famous one is called “Love in the snow” – it is about an elderly former sailor who dies of drinking, loneliness and unrequited love during a snowstorm in one of the island’s narrow passageways : “And on top of snow, more snow fell. And the snow rose up and reached two yards at its peak. And the snow became a blanket, a shroud. And old Yiannios turned all white and slept there under the snow so as not to appear naked and laid bare in front of Eternal Judgment”.


        Papadiamantis’ novels have been translated into english but it is difficult to appreciate the beauty of his language if you can’t understand the eccentricities of the “purified” tongue, an artificial form of modern greek that borrowed heavily from the ancient language and was used by most of greek officialdom until about 40 years ago. Papadiamantis’ genius was taking this official, non-colloquial idiom that people thought of as “stuffy” and “stiff” and turning it into a literary instrument of amazing power.

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      • It was not meant as any sort of correction obviously 🙂 Just a bit of info on something local I find very soothing to read those dark winter nights, just like the stories of Selma Lagerlöf. And of course, both Ochi and yourself are right – those places don’t get as much snow as they used to due to climate change.

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      • No, no I should have seen this could be taken as a “lesson”, so that’s entirely my bad 🙂 Sometimes I get way too eager to share things I like. The flu is very bad here too and, as we like to wish here, I hope you feel as strong as steel tomorrow!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! I surely hope so too.
        And when I’m back to my normal me, I’ll read your lovely info again. It was actually quite surprising in many ways. Besides, I do like that people share their passions round here 😃


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