Fête de la Chanson 18: The Songs!

As-salaam alaykum! 48 hours have passed and the songs of the 18th Fête de la Chanson are starting to come in!

Here is a running list of the songs as they are approved. Remember you have 10 days to submit a song!



1,167 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 18: The Songs!

  1. off topic: Legendary rebetiko music composer Vasilis Tsitsanis was born on a day like this in 1915. He died on the very same date in 1984 (doing a William Shakespeare 😛 ). Here he is, playing the bouzouki, with another legend, Sotiria Bellou.
    Goodnight, everyone!

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  2. I have no clue where my entries were in the running order in the past. I think that I’ve been all over the place. LOL


    • #16, #10, #20, #9, #22, #2, #21 (ROM, last in FdlC 11), #32 (POL last in FdlC 12), #6, #20, #23
      Just checked FdlC archives


      • But I am still without a win and with the songs I have lined up I don’t think that this lamentable fact will change anytime soon. 😉 🙂 It’s a travesty. LOL Hello Rob. 🙂


      • Still you have 2 medals. Other HoDs are yet to score a top 5… Besides I doubt you care for results.
        PS : You can always blame Beth and Kovacs. Those bloody Divas took away your trophy !

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      • I was just joking. I am very happy with my very mixed results, and as you have rightly said, at the end of the day I do not care much about results. 🙂

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      • Also, I would like to remind you that victories come when you expect them the least. You can ask Michos too 😛

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  3. I was wondering:
    is it Afrikaans we get to listen to in the South African song and how close is it to Dutch language?
    Stommie, anyone?


    • It is Afrikaans you hear in the song. In terms of its proximity to the Dutch language, most words used in the Dutch language can be transferred and used for speaking Afrikaans, however the spelling for some words and sentences are different. In other words, a Dutch person from The Netherlands can understand Afrikaans and still speak Dutch there to be understood, but isn’t able to “copy” the local language.

      Funny enough the title of the song in Afrikaans ” Toe vind ek jou” is spelt differently in Dutch but sounds the same: “Toen vind ik jouw”. This is translated as “Then I Found You” in English. Afrikaans is a fascinating language! ❤

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  4. Sorry for the hiccup there! Got really busy again, but I’m getting all the stuff set up so that this edition can open tomorrow! The last song will be the South Korean song, and the voting in the NF is tight, so get those votes in while you can within the next hour and 15 minutes!

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  5. As for songs I know about outside of FdlC, I’ve been toying with the idea of sending Norway’s song to contests for years, so I’m a little jealous Donnie got that opportunity ahead of me lol. I’ve also heard Sweden and Iceland, but I’m familiar with the artists from the UK, Chile, and Canada, although these will be new songs for me.

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    • I’ve been trying to claim Norway since last May when Dino was hosting. Initially I had “Running to the sea” in mind. Then Rob’s FdlC 16 entry occured. I already lost the latter 😛


  6. South Africa: It holds the record of Subsaharan nations by being ranked 3rd in FdlC9 – “Club Thing” – Yoav – Stommie. Their debut too was strong claiming the 7th place – “Khona” – Mafikizolo ft. Uhuru. Their other two attempts were ranked in middle and upper-middle placings. As a result RSA possess an average score of 0.38, which ranks it 12th. It is therefore the best performing Subsaharan nation having appeared more often as well.

    Iceland: The small island-nation of Iceland is doing really. They have won once – FdlC10, “So Close” – Ólafur Arnalds ft. Arnór Dan – Alex L; claimed the second place once as well – FdlC4, “Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men- Rob. FdlC11 (“Unravel” – Björk – Ovidarch) offered them another top5 result (5th). Overall they ended up 6 times in top10 out of 9 attempts! This results to an average score of 0.35 and 8th in the overall country-ranking.

    Russia: Like Japan, Russia until very recently was among the least voted FdlC nations. A series of very good results FdlC14 onwards (8th, 10th and 3rd) have moved Russia up to 50th place with an average score of 0.65. Prior to this, Russia enjoyed little success. It might have registered a 3rd place in FdlC1 but things afterwards were not flattering at all – three back-to-back last places and 4 results just above the bottom 5 area.

    That’s all about country facts and stats. Lets see if smth changes soon.

    By the way would you like me to do smth similar about HoDs’ stats facts during the voting period?

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  7. Russia has a great song but some of the nationalistic, pan-Slavic and white supremacist comments made we wanna run for a bucket. 😦 Of course those comments are neither Tehoe’s nor ARKONA’s fault and I read that the band has a decidedly anti-fascist and anti-anti-semitist approach. You rock ARKONA. GOOOO! 🙂 Kick those assholes … well in the ass!

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    • Haha, I actually considered warning you guys against reading the comments on the video. Yeah, it’s full of far right trolls sadly, please disregard them, as you said they don’t speak for the band or anyone other than themselves.

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  8. And there it is! The winner of the South Korean national final is OOHYO with her song “YOUTH (Night)”! OOHYO is a 23 year old synthpop singer from Seoul, who’s had a few releases with XMG. The song “YOUTH” actually has both Night and Day versions. While the Night version will be the entry for South Korea, the delegation would still like to share the Day version with you.

    We wish OOHYO good luck in Palmyra! 😀

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  9. Belgium Calling…….
    Good evening from Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

    In celebration of all the entries having now been submitted and in preparation for the voting opening, the Belgian delegation has convened in the ‘Knights Hall’ for an intimate set from our wonderfully talented entrant Trixie Whitley.

    Trixie is delighted to perform a ‘live’ unaccompanied acoustic version of her entry ‘Hourglass’ for the FDLC audience and to remind the HoDs not to forget her when it comes to voting…. .. cough, cough 😉

    We hope you enjoy 🙂

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