Fête de la Chanson 18: The Results

As-salaam alaykum! Now, we will reveal the results of the eighteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Before we begin the results, our host, Faia Yunan will be providing the interval act.

Interval: “Ohebbu Yadayka” – Faia Yunan

The results begin with the delegation from Canada.

CA Canada: Ellie


TR Turkey: Stommie


HU Hungary: Ovidarch


PT Portugal: Shevek


IS Iceland: Alex L.


mali Mali: Arpatilaos


South Korea South Korea: Nick


JP Japan: Lars


DE Germany: Robin


Syria Syria: Tristian


CY Cyprus: Dino


ID Indonesia: Bay


Ukraine Ukraine: Dimitris


BE Belgium: Martin


taiwan Taiwan: Andy


AU Australia: Dhaibhidh


RU Russia: Tehoe


GB United Kingdom: Rob


IR Iran: Toggie


ZA South Africa: Emmo


Brazil Brazil: Hjallis


GR Greece: Oxi


SE Sweden: Razvan


chile Chile: Franco


MX Mexico: Patrick


AM Armenia: Avat


iq Iraq: Michos


US United States: Warren


EE Estonia: Sedapsi


AR Argentina: Anders


ethiopia Ethiopia: Tecku


NO Norway: Donnie


…And that concludes the results of the nineteenth edition. Thank you all for joining us, and if the winner would send their hosting info to the email at their convenience. We’ll see everybody in April for the next edition.






Alternate ways to view the results:

As everybody knows, next edition will be a themed edition, and it is my pleasure to now announce the theme of the next edition. Drum roll please!

Next edition will be the Live Edition. All submissions must be from live performances of the song.


969 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 18: The Results

  1. Vivienne Mort – “Iniy” : It’s not as good as her ETSC entry (thank you Patrick for that one) but she is a classy, very talented performer. She is on the same wavelength with Illaria imo and she stands out in this final semi for sure – 7.5+/10


  2. MF semi final 3

    Robin Bengtsson – I can’t go on : That was very slick and well performed. And the song super catchy. Damn liked it – 8/10


  3. Krista Siegfrids – Snurra min jord : She looks and sounds better than she ever has imo. This has some old school schlager-ish undertones in the chorus that I love as well.I wish the verses were a tad better though. Overall go Krista ! – 7.5/10

    Very strong start for this semi !


  4. Anton Hagman “Kiss You Goodbye” : Cozy little song, I like the lyrics they have something refreshing and honesty as the song and performance as a whole. Very well performed as well. If I could fault it anywhere it would be the projections of the singer in the back. But I can see it in the final for sure – 8/10

    P.S. Cute and sexy af.


  5. Jasmine Kara – “Gravity” : This semi is quite strong damn..Jasmine started a bit shaky vocally and I would prefer a more elaborate dance routine probably but the song is very strong and she performs it convincingly well. This semi seems quite unpredictable till now – 7.5+/10


  6. Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman blues : This is the kind of left field MF act that nobody else understands why it is popular among swedes but it is (like Hasse). I can see it through AC and from there to the final and to a high place there possibly. Can’t fault it though, is a playful rockabilly tune performed very well – 7-/10


  7. Bella & Filippa – Crucified : I will start repeating myself but I liked this a lot as well.Classy, fitting presentation, clear vocals, nice voice blend there and a memorable song.A nice country song for a change of pace Everything is on point..again can’t fault it really..Ok maybe the could drop the road lanes that resembe Netherlands 14 – 8/10


  8. FO&O – Gotta thing about you : wow that was a super slick and well executed dance routine. I expected to hate this tbh but they won me over, loads of on stage charisma. No complains about their vocals either. And the song is catchy. Yeah this go direkt til finalen for sure. – 8-/10


  9. This semi finally reminded I watch MF. Everything was better than most acts in most nfs we’ve see so far. Very tough to predict and a pity 3 songs of this semi have to be left out.

    If I had to make a tough choice :

    Final : FOO, Robin
    AC : Bella & Filippa, Jasmine Kara

    And I feel gutted for leaving Anton and Krista out honestly.


  10. Poland national final :

    Paulla – Chcę tam z tobą być : The live performance was better than the video clip. The chorus is a tad too pitchy though, Llke all her “s” sound annoyingly bold. I don’t feel this is esc material and even for Poland it could fail, it feels quite dated.I liked what was going on with the pictures in the background though, it was tasteful – 5.5/10

    P.S. Those earrings should be illegal.


  11. Olaf Bressa – You look good : This was dire..oh my gosh..And I got no problem with sexy dancers but this seemed unbelievably sexist..The song is mediocre, his vocals very meh..Worst thing I saw and heard tonight really – 2/10


  12. Kasia Moś – Flashlight : She is quite the performer. Impressive vocal delivery.Stage presentation atmospheric and fitting. Very imposing song and performance, really liked it. She may overdo it at some points but this is memorable for sure – 8/10


  13. Aneta Sablik – Ulalala : Did not like this one in studio but live it is competent. The song is super basic but catchy and well performed, her vocals are faultless. Could do a good club tune. I like the colour of her voice in the verses a lot and she really knows how to own the stage.If only the chorus was somewhat better… – 6.5/10


  14. Rafał Brzozowski – Sky over Europe : Very Ireland in the 90s. Classy, atmospheric and well performed even if a tad dated. The lyrics are a tad weird though..What does it mean “welcome to our land of milk and honey” ? I liked it though in a weird way, the classy mood won me over – 7.5/10


  15. Malta final

    Raquela Dalli Gonzi – Ray of light : She knows how to sing for sure and the ballad is not half bad for sure. That dress is very unfortunate. But decent effort overall – 7/10


  16. My first priority atm. is Germany.

    I have a song in mind for Greece, but I think I would rather save the studio version for a coming edition, maybe FdlC20. I found some live versions of it, but tbh. I don’t think they truly do justice to the song.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think it is the original recording has to be from 2000 onwards thus only allowing for the live version to only be also from 2000 onwards, otherwise we could be having songs from the 1990’s f/e still being performed today. That would also be interesting but I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed for this one from what I gather from the rules. Am sure someone more clued up with these things will confirm.

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    • andy
      cool vid, franco! can’t stop myself searching for liver performances, either. it’s all patrick’s fault! why did he reveal the theme for next edition which will take place only in like 2 months. lol 😛

      btw. franco, thanks very much for joining sv-contest. it’s a great pleasure having you, dino and tristian in that contest. i liked your comment for your song a lot.- the current edition is a bit less interesting than usually, though but yeah it’s a surprise time after time. have fun & in bocca al lupo! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hi! I’ve stopped the search but I’m always checking videos 🙂
        You don’t have to say thanks; thank you for the invitation 😀 The comment was copy-pasted from an interview of Warner Music with the artist and it’s his description of the song (it sounds better than saying that I took it from Wikipedia). I’m having fun playing there, there are some good music 😛 Good luck!


      • Andy
        Franco, as of wikipedia – LOL – it’s always ineresting to read those comments and yours was so poetic and it helped me to see that song from a different perspective. fortuately, i do understand italian. 🙂 btw. i am known for being a ‘notorious’ comment writer and i was quite disappointed when someone once said that he would hardly ever read those comments. 😦 i actually wish we could write comments in fdlc as well. maybe people here are more senible in that respect, as long as we don’t write reams of course. lol
        this is e.g. a live performance of a band whose members i know personally, esp. the singer. that info with one or two details might be something that i would write for example. they are a bit trippy/spooky, though. so don’t tell me that i didn’t warn you. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msycbqiOtsA

        Liked by 1 person

      • We can write our comments here, I think I’ve explained my choice for FdlC more than once 🙂 and we are free to ask about something related to the song or the video, at least I am always open to answer that kind of things.
        Thanks for sharing the video, but the style is not my cup of tea 😛


      • andy
        hey Franco, as of that video/song that i’ve posted, it took me also some time to get used to that kind of music. but since i got to know those guys i even ended up really loving their sound. i have sort of a ‘genetic’ predisposition for a bit melancholic music, sometimes with a creepy twist. lol e.g. i appreciate tom waits a lot and also nick cave, etc.but on the other hand i’m also into cheerful latin music and emotional ballads, not pop in the narrower sense, though. there is also electronic and classical music and esp. jazz in my life. well, we will see. the live music theme might however direct me into a slightly different direction.

        so i can ‘promote’ my contest entry in the forum, right? that sounds good. thanks very much for that info, Franco! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Andy,
        Could you give that link to that contest again please? Is it it todo with Facebook?


      • andy
        sorry martin, i forgot to answer your question. actually it’s just like fdlc. you communicate basically via email with the contest manager, alex. country reservation, song submission, etc. fb is just a chat space like this forum.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Andy. I’ll give it a nosey over the next day or so and check it out.


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