Fête de la Chanson 19: Confirmations

Khosh amadid! This is the official country reservation page for the nineteenth edition of Fête de la Chanson. Country reservation began at 19:00 CET on 4 April 2017 and will continue through 16 April 2017 or until all the slot are full. You can reserve your country through email and email only. The contest email is fetedelachanson@gmx.com. Only submissions sent to the contest email address will be recognized. When sending your entry, please be sure to include at least two alternative country choices in case your top country gets chosen ahead of you.

Below is a list of confirmed countries, which will be updated at least once a day during the submission period:

Taken Countries:

  1. CH Switzerland (Toggie) – Entry Accepted
  2. FR France (Patrick) – Entry Accepted
  3. JP Japan (Nick) – Entry Accepted
  4. IL Israel (Oxi) – Entry Accepted
  5. MX Mexico (Dino) – Entry Accepted
  6. AU Australia (Andy) – 2nd Choice – Entry Accepted
  7. GR Greece (Dimitris) – 2nd Choice – Entry Accepted
  8. IT Italy (Michos) – 2nd Choice – Entry Accepted
  9. PL Poland (Anders) – Entry Accepted
  10. GB United Kingdom (Ellie) – Entry Accepted
  11. morocco Morocco (Ovidarch) – 3rd Choice – Entry Accepted
  12. SE Sweden (Robin) – 3rd Choice – Entry Accepted
  13. IE Ireland (Martin) – Entry Accepted
  14. US United States (Hjallis) – Entry Accepted
  15. South Korea South Korea (Lars) – Entry Accepted
  16. Ukraine Ukraine (Donnie) – Entry Accepted
  17. CY Cyprus (Arpatilaos) – Entry Accepted
  18. MD Moldova (Shevek) – 2nd Choice – Entry Accepted
  19. FI Finland (Tehoe) – 2nd Choice – Entry Accepted
  20. NZ New Zealand (Emmo) – 5th Choice – Entry Accepted
  21. DK Denmark (Rob) – 4th Choice – Entry Accepted
  22. NL Netherlands (Warren) – Entry Accepted
  23. AM Armenia (Avat) – Entry Accepted
  24. GT Guatemala (Tristian) – Entry Accepted
  25. venezuela Venezuela (Franco) – Entry Accepted
  26. RS Serbia (Marko) – Entry Accepted
  27. ID Indonesia (Bay) – Entry Accepted
  28. EE Estonia (Ren) – Entry Accepted
  29. CA Canada (Alex L.) – Entry Accepted
  30. ES Spain (Dhaibhidh) – Entry Accepted

880 thoughts on “Fête de la Chanson 19: Confirmations

  1. The Estonian entry:

    1) Is NOT upbeat.
    2) Is in English.
    3) Has been approved for FdlC participation since last year.
    4) Will probably land me in the Bottom 5 again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. On Switzerland:

    The song is very short by ETSC/FdlC standards
    The song is in French
    The artist is well known for a specific piece of clothing
    I won’t win again


  3. I’m curious what you guys sent this edition, so I’ll try to be here for the revealing of the songs depending on when exactly that will happen. 🙂


  4. Hints about Japan:
    – Our song was a moderate hit when it was first released
    – It reappeared in a movie in 2007
    – There’s a connection to a natural disaster
    – I’m reserving some higher than usual hopes for it

    Also, our delegation’s headquarters will be the Nagasaki Art Museum!

    Liked by 7 people

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